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    Group settlements

    Looks good too me. good work!
  2. lukaszxe

    BeanZ WAR

  3. lukaszxe

    BeanZ WAR

  4. lukaszxe

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  5. lukaszxe

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Niet Daisy
  6. lukaszxe

    Anime Profile Appeal

    This is just pure suffering please end his misery!
  7. lukaszxe

    BeanZ WAR

  8. lukaszxe

    BeanZ WAR

  9. lukaszxe

    Metagaming rule trial

    I mean the rule is nice and all but enforcing it is gonna be hard. Looking from a roleplay perspective it's a nice change that has been added but I don't think it's gonna work in the long run. We had the old rule when you had to talk in the game if you were around people and if you used a 3rd party program to transmit IC-information. That rule was enough in my eyes. If this is done from a roleplay perspective then why doesn't the radio need batteries? wouldn't the radio die after some time then? But I guess that's the compromise that we are getting, it's a nice change of a rule I'm just confused about how the staff team will enforce all this.
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    • lukaszxe
    • Samti

    Why is ur profile filled with weebery? Disgusting

  11. lukaszxe


    I was way to inactive to still be in staff and as new promotions were recently done I think it was best of me to take my leave right now. Thanks for all the friendly banter in staff chat and such. Good luck to the ones who were promoted and to the new members who recently came in, have fun! 

    1. FalkRP


      You are one of the greats. o7

    2. Randy


      Will miss you dude! Come by to chat shit 

    3. Osku


      You never did anything anyway 😄 inactive ass...

  12. lukaszxe

    Let us wear ruined gear again!

    Yes please this needs to readded into the game, wearing ruined clothing ingame can add to roleplay so 1+ from me
  13. lukaszxe

    Please, Dear God, Increase Whitelist Difficulty.

    Yeah, the old system was way better back when I joined. You had to read the rules and the lore for you to get the answers right. I was never in favor of switching out the whitelist and look what happened it became to simply. It should be made harder as new people should know the rules on their backbones right now that's not the case
  14. lukaszxe

    S1 Green Mountain Possible -invalid kills

    Kill logs: Hit logs: Connection logs: Calling in the following people to post their POVs if anyone else was present please list your allies also. Additionally, if you have any video evidence please post it unedited, thank you. Allies: @BorisRP Posted @lunathecat @BatokOG @PuffDaddyDevin @LegoOG @Hunter Accused: @-CML-NorWayy @G19RP
  15. lukaszxe

    BeanZ WAR

  16. lukaszxe

    S1 - RDM- Pustoshka - 01:35ish 28-04-2019

    Thank you, your temp bans have been removed
  17. lukaszxe

    S1 - Lopatino RDM / KOS / Invaild Kill - 9:20 PM EST

    The staff team has looked over the report and are glad that both parties have talked it out. We have decided that we will honour the wishes of the OP and go ahead and close the report. With that being said /closed by @lukaszxe & @Samti
  18. lukaszxe

    Oh Hey, I'm awake!

    Welcome to dayzrp hope I'll see ya around!
  19. lukaszxe

    S1 - RDM- Pustoshka - 01:35ish 28-04-2019

    @PuffDaddyDevin, @Shroud , @JoeyOG & @JamesCannon WIll now be temp banned and remained so until they provide their POVs.
  20. lukaszxe

    BeanZ WAR

    Haha, thank you, guys. I have joined the dark side again. 142
  21. lukaszxe

    BeanZ WAR

    That's a heartbreak right there tbh 138!
  22. lukaszxe

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  23. lukaszxe

    BeanZ WAR

  24. lukaszxe

    S1 - RDM- Pustoshka - 01:35ish 28-04-2019

    bsKill logs: Hit logs: Connection logs: Calling the following people to post their POVs. additionally, if you have any video evidence please post it unedited. Allies: @Malthis - Posted @Jadeboat - Posted @opticillunitic Posted @Mugin Posted @Bigtoe Posted @Wolfen Posted @yuthee Posted @Batok - Posted @Xehara Posted @HDragon Posted @PuffDaddyDevin Not Involved Posted @zsmith1111 Posted Accused: @Bsigo Posted @BiggsbeOG Posted @Shroud Posted @JoeyOG Posted @tr3ko Posted @JoeyS Posted @JamesCannon @PandaOG Posted
  25. lukaszxe

    Minimum Age Requirement Back to 16.

    It was removed because we could no longer verify someone's age through the old process if I recall correctly. So I'd like it to be reintroduced if we could prove someone's age but right now I don't think that it is possible.
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