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  1. lukaszxe

    S1 - FAIL RP GRISHINO - 7/11/2018 - 15:10

    Verdict: | BadRP/NVFL | Not guilty Explanation: A team of staff members have reviewed the report and have come to a conclusion to it: To give a short summary of the situation, the OPs and his friend is in Grishino and building some bases. The accused then pulls out an M4 and OPs party decides to rob him as they want the gun. The accused then complies at first and follows the demands that are being made. Then the accused pulls a gun and kills @Matt Chillas. After doing so he gets away from the situation alive. The staff team has failed to see any rule breaks being made in this report. @KidSmithstagained defensive kill rights on both of @Richard Fisby & @Matt Chillas after the robbery had occurred. Also because he came out alive of the situation it is also not considered No value for life. Before we decide to close this report we would like to mention some things: @Matt Chillas we would suggest that you take a reread of the rules as there clearly were no rule breaks in this report. You always have the right to put up a report if you feel that a rule has been broken. In this case, it was pretty straightforward that the rules were all followed and the accused had the rights to defend himself. @KidSmithsta when being taken a hostage you always have to show fear for your life as it is being threatened at gunpoint. If they would hit you for an example with a bat you have to show that your character is experiencing pain and such. You should always prioritize roleplay before killing anyone. Killing someone should always be the last resort. Outcome: @KidSmithsta | BadRP/NVFL | Not guilty Signed by @lukaszxe @Jamie & @Dino
  2. lukaszxe

    Hey Everyone! Introduction

    Welcome to the community, I wish you the best of luck on your whitelist!
  3. lukaszxe

    BeanZ WAR

  4. lukaszxe

    How many BeanZ have you given?

  5. lukaszxe

    Dealing with Depression

    Dealt with depression when I was 13 had a pretty rough time in life and managed to get well again after 2 years. For me, the hardest things were to get rid of the habits that created the depression. I kept going back to it and not doing the right things. It's hard and I got it last year for about 8 months and had to go on the antidepressant. I'm gonna be honest they helped but I became like a zombie not feeling negative emotions was weird. Music usually helped me a lot and my friends stood by me to get through it. I know people who have had it for a long time of their life and are still struggling through it. It gets better, trust me even though it might not like it at times it does
  6. lukaszxe

    Hello guys

    Welcome to dayzrp!
  7. lukaszxe

    Rainbow Six: Siege tournament?

    I've done some local casting in the past. Been awhile but I'd be down to do that. Could also fill a spot if anyone needs a 5th member.
  8. Lad

    • Lad
    • lukaszxe

    Yo when the fuck did you get GM? My boy is growing up 


    1. lukaszxe


      Thank you, Lad😁! I got it last week after some promotions were done, I'm glad I got to move up

  9. lukaszxe


    Wouldn't surprise me tbh I haven't checked it yet though
  10. lukaszxe


    Oh, would you look at that the devs managed to screw something up again
  11. lukaszxe

    Base Building Guide

    Good video and really helpful!
  12. lukaszxe


    Welcome to dayzrp!
  13. lukaszxe

    S1 - RDM Bash 7/11/2018 7.10PM approx

    Hit logs: [2018/11/7 19:13:19]: (Sassy Sullivan) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Spine with Bullet_762x39 [2018/11/7 19:13:19]: (Sassy Sullivan) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Head with Bullet_762x39 [2018/11/7 19:13:24]: (Vinny Sullivan) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Torso with Bullet_762x39 [2018/11/7 19:13:24]: (Vinny Sullivan) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Spine with Bullet_762x39 [2018/11/7 19:13:24]: (Vinny Sullivan) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Head with Bullet_762x39 Kill logs: [2018/11/7 19:13:19]: (Sassy Sullivan) killed by (Jamie Sabic) [2018/11/7 19:13:24]: (Vinny Sullivan) killed by (Jamie Sabic) Calling in @JamieSabic and @Vincent Datellofor their detailed POVs, please also upload any video evidence you may have.
  14. lukaszxe

    is this it boys and girls?

    Wait I'm still not sleeping? This is actually real life right now
  15. lukaszxe

    [SZFR] - South Zagorian Free Rangers (Strict IC Recruitment)

    Congrats on the approval good luck!