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  1. Outlast up for free

  2. That awkward moment when you try to start a conversation with your friends about sports but no one is interested in sports so you just sit there quite the whole time.

    1. DerSchnitzler


      Same but for me it's the other way around most of the time. I'm not interested in sports but everyone else is.

    2. lukaszxe

      I mean I grew up with sports so for me it's a regular thing. Meanwhile, my aunt and her daughter hate sports. I guess it's just a thing that is from person to person.

  3. Get out of jail card idea

    Alright, things have been said mostly here but I'll also put my 2 cents into this. Players that are banned are banned for a reason and we wanna bring them back with money? I'm sorry but I'm not up for that idea. It'll just create a negative system. People can change yes but that person did something in the past that got them permabanned. Furthermore, it might create more conflict OOC. With what the person did in the past. I'm sorry but I don't want to see a system where people can come back through money it will create a bad image in my opinion.
  4. Worst Fears

    Big spiders: never really liked them I can handle small ones but bigger ones ugh... Pistanthrophobia (fear of trusting someone): Shit this one, let's just say bad things happened in the past. I've always had a hard time trusting people ever since my teenage years. After being backstabbed I'm always cautious and have a fear of being betrayed after trusting someone if I haven't known them for a very long time. Snakes: Hate them and always will especially when they're on the golf course in the tall grass while you're searching for the ball.
  5. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    Ay thanks for having me!
  6. Theory of the deadman are the best. #Hype their new album on the 27th of October


    1. Max

      nah i think u mean this:


    2. lukaszxe


    3. dimitri

      This is the OG shit


  7. I'm at school need someone to talk to

    Maybe work more on school than on DayzRP then?
  8. Noa Harrison

    Noa Harrison grew up in a city called Halmstad. He was half-Swedish and half-English. His father was an alcoholic, he would often go out and start drinking. He wasn't there during Noa upbringing his mother had to take care of him. His mother worked at a store called ICA. He would his daily life with his father often coming home drunk. He never was abusive towards Noa but was towards his mother. When Sven was 5 all he can remember was that there were a lot of people in his apartment and that his father was in handcuffs. Sven was told that He's father was being arrested for Domestic violence against Noa mother. 2 years later Sven is told that his father was murdered in Jail after a couple of inmates didn't like him. Apparently, my dad started a fight and got killed in the process. I mostly avoided everything about him after he went to jail. I just never really like him. After that, I continued to live with my mom. Fast forward to Noa in his High School life he chooses the medical regular education. He definitely didn't want to work in a store. So he decided to choose the medical education. it would take him three years and then he would be able to choose in which area he wanted to specialized himself in. He went to Halmstad Gymnasium to study there. He still lived with his mother and didn't really think much about his father. He didn't want to really think of past events. His high school life was pretty quiet. Didn't have many friends but wasn't alone too. After his high school education was finished he continued to University. He applied for Gothenburg university Here he studied the doctor education. It would consist of education of 5 and a half year. Noa decided to apply. Luckily he got in he didn't have the best grades in his school but got in. After that, he could move into the campus. He thought why not he thought since he would have to travel really far from Halmstad to Gothenburg. doing so he had to say goodbye to his mother. He moved everything from Halmstad to Gothenburg and decided to start his education here. It would consist 5 hard years. The education was complete! Finally, Noa thought. He already knew what he wanted to do. After some campaign and Information of joining the World Health Organization. was available Noa wanted to do this? His mother, unfortunately, passed away after falling ill. he was distraught over this and sad. This was 2 years ago. Noa had lost both his parents but this didn't stop him he wanted to contribute. The fastest way was to become a general practitioner. He would 3 years of education out in the field while working with some in the field already in Sweden. After this was complete he decided to apply to the W.HO, He immediately got accepted. Apparently, they were looking for a General Practitioner to be sent to Chernarus. Noa immediately accepted the offer. And after that, he got the information that he was gonna be sent to Miroslavi. He arrived here with information that he was gonna work in a team with other doctors. When he had practiced in Sweden he was put in working team with his mentor. Here was taught that he will often work with other doctors which specializes in other areas. If this is not needed he will treat the patient himself. This in itself was really fun for Noa but know he was with himself. After working in Miroslavi for awhile a request to transfer to South Zagoria was issued from Dr.Capella. He didn't know who she was but he was asked if he would want to do this. After thinking for awhile about it he said yes. If he was needed somewhere else he wanted to be there to help people. A transport was set up to move Dr.Harrison. Noa heard this and knew it was time to say goodbye. Noah says goodbye to his old team and is being moved. getting shot at. He didn't know what to do. The UN soldier screams at Noa to run and get out of there they said. They would distract the armed men so he could get away. Noa panicked and ran. He ran and ran and ran.shoot at. He didn't know what to do. The UN soldier screams at Noa to run and get out of there they said: "Get to Capella it is very important that you get to her!". They would distract the armed men so he could get away. Noa panicked and ran. He ran and ran and ran. He didn't know what to do anymore. What now he though?t…
  9. Thanks for everything in this group. I've managed to enjoy Dayzrp again. I truly enjoyed every single moment of it. Thanks everyone for all the time in it with everyone!
    1. dimitri
    2. lukaszxe

      HAHAHAHAHAHA that bring back memories. right @Max?


    3. Max

      Oh no not the fish


  10. Peter Persson

    Peter "Pete" Persson was born on the 26th of April 1992. He grew up with his father who's name is Daniel Persson. in a city called Strömstad close to Gothenburg. His life didn't start out easy, his mum died while giving birth to him. Pete was always told that his mum was out working in another country or simply just gone when he would ask where his mum where. He found out about his mum fate when he was 5 when his father finally told him. He decided to hide it cause he couldn't cope that she was gone. Pete was heartbroken and ran away. He was just a little kid and thought that running into the nearby forest in the backyard was running away for him. He was found 2 hours later by his father. Daniel apologized to him and Pete started crying Daniel hugged Pete and he said he was sorry for everything. He suggested that if Pete wanted they could go out fishing this weekend if he wanted to. Pete thought that was a good idea so when it was finally Friday they went on Daniel's boat and Pete got to try out fishing for the first time. Pete really liked it, he thought it was fun and loved it. Pete would always go out fishing with his dad during the weekend when he could. Pete loved fishing and it became a hobby for him. He was really good at it. When he was 10 years old he had even won some local competitions. Pete continued like this until he got 16. It was now time to select a high school to attend to. Pete tried looking into if there was any high school which provided learning in fishing. There was in a city called Forshaga. The school even provides help with living there. Pete got really excited. His grades weren't the best but he hadn't failed in any so he hoped that would help him. Luckily for Pete similar people wanted to attend the school too. Pete would study economics and fishing at the same time. This would take Pete 3 years but he thought hell let's do it and he got in! Pete instantly became friends with some of his classmates. One of them was named Joe which Pete became very close with over the school years. Another one of his classmates whose name is Oliver. Pete and Oliver became friends but didn't get very close. They were friends in school but not much more than that. There was a lake a little bit outside the city where the students could fish for free. Pete usually spent most of his time here with Joe and Oliver. Sometimes if they wouldn't feel like fishing they would usually attend parties. They only did this from time to time. Time flew by for Pete and as you would know it was the last year for him in school. Pete, Joe, and Oliver were like a trio. They had become really close during these 3 years. Pete finished his education and his grades had improved significantly. Pete decided to move back to his father to try and find a job. Pete and the trio told themselves that they would keep in contact. Pete had managed to find a job and lived in his own apartment in Strömstad. He worked on a fishing boat which would be out to sea for long periods of time. Pete and his coworker got well together. Pete always had an easy way to make friends. Especially when they spend months on these boats they needed to be able to work together. cooperation was crucial in this job and they were pretty good at it. Pete and his father managed to maintain a good relationship and Pete would visit him whenever he was back islands. When Pete turned 20 he was back islands and was celebrating his birthday with his co-worker. They had a good time and drank lots and lots. It wasn't long before Pete would be out on the boat again. This was Pete's life following for 2 years. He and his co-workers got along well and he loved it. It was the dream-life. Pete was now 22 and he decided to take out his first vacation for the summer. He's friends Joe and Oliver had decided to contact him, Apparently, Oliver had an aunt in Chernarus he wanted to visit. He said if Joe and Pete would like to come along, Apparently Chernarus offered some great fish in the green sea. Joe and Pete, of course, said Yes and since they both had semester the legendary trio decided to make a comeback and see each other again. The aunt lived in Novigrad which they would be staying. Apparently, the aunt was very rich and owned a very big apartment. She was more than happy when more guests would arrive. They arrive on the 16th of July in Novigrad. After arriving in Novigrad it was a 1-hour drive to get to the apartment. They arrive safely and meet the grandma. Her name was Jeanette. She had lost her husband 2 years ago and decided to move to Chernarus. Pete introduced himself and everything like that. The most thing that strikes Pete was the differences in culture. They decided they would go shopping the next day since the trio wanted to explore the city as much as possible. Pete loved it and the next day they went exploring. So much was different he thought it was not like Sweden at all. After basically running around and exploring as much as a possible city it was almost close to midnight. They thought of heading home but it was so long they had seen each other they decided to head to a bar instead and get drunk together. They hadn't seen each other for a long time and it was also their vacation so he said why not. The next day they decided to check out the boat that Jeanette owned. Pete couldn't even imagine all the stuff she had. All he knew that she was very rich. Anyway, the boat wasn't that much. Luckily for Pete because he hated if the boat would've been a rich yacht or something like that. It wasn't just an ordinary fishing boat. Anyway, Oliver decided to check the boat beforehand and checked so everything was okay. Everything was fine and they decided to set sail. This continued for about 4 months. They enjoyed their time there so much and Jeanette loved it. They decided to stay there until new years eve. The trio didn't care about heading back. Pete, Joe, and Oliver were finally back together and they wanted to enjoy the time as much as possible. Pete would call his father and tell him, of course, he got mad at first but eventually would understand. If that what Pete would do he knew that he couldn't stop him. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Pete remembers the first days of when this hell hole started. It was in the first days of when the infection spread. The trio had just finished their trip out to sea and daily fishing. They had even started to make some money in Chernarus on the local fish market. They made enough money to support themselves and gave an amount to Jeanette because they could stay there. Pete felt really happy about that because he didn't live for free but instead helped in some way. They decided to head home. Jeannette told them about some flu that is going around right now. Apparently, a man had gotten attacked and was in the hospital. They didn't think much about it and went to sleep. The next day more reports were coming in about some flu and more people being hospitalized. Jeannette said herself that she wasn't feeling well. We got worried and asked her to want she wanted to do. We all decided to stay home that day. She only got worse first she had a cold and the next day a rising fever. Oliver decided that he wanted Jeanette to go to the hospital. We all agreed that this would be the best precaution. Becuase of the flu and her age we didn't wanna risk anything. Oliver decided to drive her to the hospital. We decided to stay in the apartment because of recommendations, and Oliver said he wanted to go alone so we didn't bother to say anything. 1 month later: Joe had disappeared. Some Zombies got him after Joe and Pete tried to get away from them. Pete could hear Joe scream out that he will be fine and that Pete doesn't have to worry. Pete was really scared but decided to run away. All he could do was run. He ran and ran until he could no longer. They just wanted some food and we're gonna check in the supermarket if there were anything left when they got overrun. Pete felt bad over what happened. He was able to spot a lake where he set up a lake to fish. He was lucky to get some for the night. He also made a campfire and was hoping Joe headed in that direction and would be able to spot it. Next morning: Pete woke up only to hear a car engine in the distance, was this Joe? He had to check it out. He immediately went in the direction of it after packing up his camp and his equipment. He wasn't greeted by Joe but some other strange people. He decided to take caution just in case. The problem here is Pete's hiding skill isn't the best and he was immediately spotted. They screamed at him to come out and Pete said he wasn't dangerous. Pete explained himself and they believed him. The people said they had helped someone named Joe over the night and some of their other people and gotten him a lift towards South Zagoria. Pete was overwhelmed when he heard this. Apparently, they had spotted them yesterday and decided to help Joe but couldn't stop Pete because he was so fast when he headed into the forest. Pete was offered a lift to their camp towards South Zagoria. Pete couldn't say no, of course, he had to leave Oliver behind for now but he would try to contact him when this shitstorm is over. He knew he had to meet up with Joe again. 3 weeks later: Pete had settled in at the camp, but for an unknown reason had left the camp before Pete had even arrived. There were rumors that Joe was headed towards Chernogorsk but they didn't know why. The folks wanted to help but Pete but everyone was worried and wanted to stay put for now. Pete couldn't just sit around anymore. Joe wasn't answering his cellphone and everything about was unknown at the time. Pete had to know if Joe was okay. He decided to leave the camp in search for Joe. He said thanks to the people who helped him with everything so far. He owed them and said that he will head straight back if he manages to find Joe until then he will be on his own. Hold on Joe I'm coming!
  11. your profile...... yes.

    1. Max

      hur orkar du

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  12. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    This looks really interesting I think I might apply, we'll see.
  13. This is gonna be good. Looking forward to it!