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  1. I like this. I like this a lot.
  2. The ability to barricade houses and stuff. A real complicated system for boarding up and reinforcing buildings that you'd have to put a lot of time into in order to secure.
  3. I haven't played that much of it yet, but I gotta say it looks amazing. Here's a screenshot that I took:
  4. Ooh, don't even mention Primal X.X
  5. Totally agree with you, Far Cry 4 wasn't that good at all. Hopefully they will pull this one off.
  6. Apparently Far Cry 5 has been confirmed. Feel free to post other Far Cry 5 related content here! Teasers and such:
  7. I'd be down for this, I already try to use the Walkie Talkie as much as I can IC. TeamSpeak should still be allowed for OOC communication, though.
  8. Shadowplay is okay enough to use, but there's something messed up with the gamma on each DayZ recording with it. Dunno' why, guessing it's just a bug.
  9. My boy Max is always on the run, he's been hunting a lot previously, even when not necessary. This meaning that he has certainly killed off some mammals for no obvious reason other than amusement. I think some herd of agile animals, probably wolves, would eventually "get their revenge" by injuring him and chasing him down at sunset until he either lets himself be torn apart by them or manages to hide, but quickly bleeds to death alone in some hideout cabin. This is what he goes out with:
  10. Haha, loving that profile picture mate. Never met ya, but I'm glad you decided to come back
  11. Lee Chang

    Chang was first born in China. His kin had contacts all over the world, and were often doing good businesses with many countries. As a boy he was part of an organization run by his family, where they mass produced and sold rice from their very own fields. With time, however, Chang had enough of the rice. He wanted a change; something new. So he moved around to start his new own business. The Chang's had contacts down in the Middle East, so that's where he headed to make a new start on his own. Along his way he met some new people, and together they started their own little fishing business down in Turkey. Years passed by, and little Chang was now known as the young Mr. Chang. Although he was a man with a reputation, his business wasn't as fortunate however. The people there didn't want fish no more, they wanted something bigger. Clever as always, Chang tracked down some of his old friends and got back together with them down in Turkey. He was introduced to the new market: cellphones. Day in and day out, the boys would smuggle cellphones from the outskirts of Ankara to the Turkish mob. Another few years passed by, and dealing cellphones started to become too repetitive for Chang and his boys. They became sloppy, and eventually caught. Surprisingly, some dudes from the mob gave Chang a promotion for managing to get out and away from the police. He now had a choice between joining the dudes to make the big stacks, or staying with the boys. Of course, Chang wasn't fucking around, he picked the dudes. Now, he was in a higher position - but he was still fuckin' around with cellphones, just not in the same way. IED: Improvised Explosive Device. That's what the dramatic amount of cellphones was for, and now, Mr. Chang was in control of them. He was digging it, the loud bangs and fancy explosions got to him. Unfortunately, so did the police. Chang couldn't stay around, he had to bail. Some phone calls later he had an escape route ready for him. His one ticket out from the country, away from his position on the wanted-list. Chang ran all the way from his little crib in Ankara, to the closest airport to catch the last plane out for the day. He obviously had to leave everything behind because of Airport Security, but he knew a place where he could gain, big time. Chernarus, that's what his Chinese accomplices had him set up for. That's where he was going. The boys down in the East had heard the rumors of Chang, and they wanted him to finish his previous work in Turkey over there. The ride wasn't gonna' be easy, though. Chang had to switch planes multiple times, go from bus stop to bus stop, all until he got to the ship: his one way ticket into the country. It still was not going to be a pleasant experience, he'd be stuck out-seas for weeks on an old cruiser ship. Luckily for him, the Chinese had left him with whatever he needed to please the Chernarussians, meaning that he had plenty of time to build and blow up. When the young man finally arrived, however, things weren't as expected.. Nowadays, Chang tries to make a living by doing what he does best - building the best shit. The 'real' shit, as he refers to it. He likes to refer to himself as the realest business man around there is, and there's nothing that'll stop him from making the finest deals. Well, except for a bullet. Which he'd much like to avoid. So please don't, just don't.
  12. Boi...
  13. Lit af
  14. First time making contact with someone in-game over my Walkie-Talkie. We met up and became friends, even OOC. I was so amazed by how I had managed to actually met up with someone through my radio. This may not be THE coolest thing that I've ever done, but it was not bad. Since that day I always try to carry one of them on me, and to this day I still meet awesome people thanks to it.