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  1. Max

    Youtube Rewind 2018

    i mean i just don't even care about it at this point, it's just nothing more than some random video
  2. Max

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I personally don't like HostileRP because there's not often (or rather less of a guarantee) that it will be good. Hostile RP right now is very mixed, I have had both amazing and shitty experiences with it, but the difference with HostileRP and CampfireRP is that while both can be done poorly, we are only really affected by the hostile encounters. In general I have nothing against it, if anything, I think hostilities makes the "apocalyptic" world more living and breathing.
  3. Max

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Yes, sorry, this is essentially what I meant
  4. Max

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Very understandable, I have never once had a file been corrupted just using Shadowplay in my years playing DayZ but you never know. I just think that if you have enough responsibility to go throw initiations as an official group, you might as well take it upon urself to record as well. In the long run, I think that this would limit Hostile RP, but I think that there can be some good in that. People won't do silly gear robberies and instead maybe try to get some of that sweet RP in it as well, maybe it could keep us on alert to never let robberies turn into a few stale minutes of inventory-searching?
  5. Max

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Hello Lukaszxe what do you mean by limiting hostile RP even more? Do you feel there is a lack of it right now in the server? I personally think it would balance things out a good bit. also I realize that some can't record, but if there's a whole official group involved in an initiation, shouldn't that statistically mean that some of them also can record? Best regards, ya boi, Max.
  6. Max

    The Purge Night

    Idk man.. I'd rather have a more purposeful game mode then, like battle royale or something where a winner (or winning team??) could get a prize
  7. Max

    Still Alive, Somehow (Open Frequency)

    *Holds down the PTT* "Hey man, I don't think I know you, but I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you rest up well, and if you need anyone to talk to in the meantime I might be on here every now and then. Best of luck to ya." *He puts his radio down*
  8. Max

    VDM Rulebreak Punishment Suggestion

    I was in this situation a while ago. We were driving down a road and a guy decided to get out in the middle of the road as our car came at full speed down the road. I hit the brakes ASAP but our car lagged like 50m forward after slowing down ending in this dudes death. Would the driver be to blame for this? Or should it be the guy running out in front of a car (supposedly expecting it to stop)? Luckily, my situation could quickly be RP:ed out with the bystanders and everyone left it behind. But in a situation where a report would come out from it, who would actually be punished in this specific example (say if there was recording/evidence)? I agree with what @Jamie says, there is a big difference between precisely shooting with intent and trying to manage a laggy ass vehicle. Everyone should remember that a system like this can be abused both ways. If someone wants another person banned, they could just wait for them to get in their car and jump right in front of it -- instant 7 day ban for the driver.
  9. Max

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    i am truly jealous of your astounding amounts of FPS my good sir
  10. Max

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    I demand logs for everyone to see who killed who
  11. Max

    Two Mod Suggestions

    Managing my inventory while travelling is a great way to save time. As long as it doesn't come with more bugs or server issues then I would like to have this back
  12. Max

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    yoo pls clip it if he does mate!
  13. Max

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    So, you deserve 75 beanz. Thanks and enjoy the feast OK I cant stop watching this without laughing to death each time, FUCKIN HELL
  14. Max

    Emotional match

    It was either this or Living in the sunlight. Gotta stay on that deranged grind Feelin tired, something to fall asleep to?
  15. Max

    Feed me shirt, jacket, trouser design ideas people !!!!

    1. Brief design/logo description: Throw in some brands from the game, like these ( ) logos onto shirts and jackets. (Kinda similar to my last suggestion ik but might as well add it up). 2. Why this should be added: Increases variety in clothing, adds some personalization and detail to apparel instead of just plain colours. 3. How will it help Campfire RP? Provide immersion, in the sense that this is already a made up 'brand' (/rifle name) that exists in DayZ. Also, about my previous suggestion where I mentioned the OOC meme thingy (got 5.56?) - I do see how this would become a problem with immersion, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't add silly lines onto shirts. There are still goofy texts like my previously mentioned "Can I axe you a question?" and many others that are already very common IRL, to not interfere with immersion.