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  1. Max

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Stary was mad tonight. Props to everyone there
  2. Max

    Stary medical (89.5)

    *Elliot tunes into the frequency* "Hey doc, thank you for letting me know. Also, thanks for doing what you're doing. Yesterday I got a check-up for free which was nice. I might come by and bring a doctor of my own with me. --" *He puts his radio aside*
  3. Max

    Solo roleplay - Ideas

    I do most of this all the time when I solo RP, I can go alone for probably an hour or two like this without getting bored Great list!
  4. Max

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Ya damn right boi. Sleepy?
  5. Max


    So hostile RP today is shouting insults at disarmed innocent people and taking their shit before sending them off? Good to be back 🙂❤️ 

    1. Eagle


      Hey, at least you escaped with your life right?

    2. MrPanda



    3. Max


      @MrPanda That's correct. I just thought we could provide some higher standards of it by now. Guess I'm wrong.

    4. LouieRP


      It seems like IC has slipped OOC. 

    5. Eagle


      You were told take what you want of the bodies but you insisted that the backpack I took was your life and you wanted nothing. you then started to backtalk us so I told you to fk off or you would get shot.

    6. gElmo


      It’s a shame people don’t record

    7. Eagle


      I do 😄 but I have nothing to prove.

    8. gElmo


      He said, she said, yadayada. 

    9. Max


      @gElmo Don't worry about recordings mate, I got the whole 3 minutes of it.

    10. gElmo


      Can’t wait to see it posted so we can all be friends again 

    11. Max


      Now why would I do that? I think there are better ways to solve things. Each to their own I guess....

    12. gElmo


      Like bickering on a status update?

    13. Max


      That might be what you think is ideal, it seems. Then we also have Private Messaging, that's where people whom it concerns are discussing. 🙂

    14. gElmo


      You made it public my guy, not me. Lesson learned I hope 😄

    15. Max


      I think you misunderstood my point there. While you seem to think this revolves around you I have already discussed the situation with those involved. Privately. Thank you for your efforts and good night. 

    16. gElmo


      Nah I got your snark just fine thanks, I won’t reciprocate with a tasteless stab at sass of my own.

  6. Max

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    You have *1* new message -- Friday, 11.31 PM: 10/10
  7. Max

    Hello Everyone

    From what I know, the Mod server is not completed yet. Still being set-up
  8. Max

    First time playing here. Hello!

    Welcome around! hmm.. >:I
  9. Max


    I'm not sure that paying will attract a lot of banned players, but I guess it's nice for those who are dedicated enough.
  10. Max

    Is DayZRP Mod back!?

    It's not stable .63, but the playercount is def much better than before.
  11. Max

    Make status updates editable?

    It would be nice, yeah. But there are reasons (mentioned above) why it's not a thing.
  12. Max

    Make Dayzrp great again!

    Yeah something like that, either a white-listed member could recommend someone or they could apply on their own.
  13. Max

    Make Dayzrp great again!

    Look, I like your proposal, but I think that the "voting" part should be handled internally by those in charge here, not just anybodies in the community. People would still get unbanned.
  14. Max

    Make Dayzrp great again!

    Letting the whole community vote for a single person to be unbanned is completely wrong IMO. This should be handled by staff, and staff only.
  15. Max

    • Max
    • lukaszxe

    rip mentor wtf?

    1. lukaszxe


      Nah fam it's coming soon

    2. EndeavourRP


      Teach those whitenames. Reminds me of someone 🤔