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  1. Hebirura

    The Dollars

    > approved 3 days later Well that lasted long didn't it?
  2. Hebirura

    Staff Feedback: Saunders

    Link to situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: While I am happy that the two parties involved resolved their issues and managed to find some common ground, I am fairly confused why the report itself is closed like this. There is no closing thesis or warnings for such a clear violation of rule 4.1. The initiator just softly said "hands bro" several times with no clear hostile intent until the last 2 seconds of the clip where he was intentionally hiding what he was doing and then gave him no time to comply. I would've personally fought to keep a report such as this open, as this is a clear and disgusting form of the rule break, but I'm not everyone else. It's fine to close reports such as this, but a very clearly written warning from the verdicting GM/admin about this sort of behaviour is needed. Especially with such a clear violations of one of the most basic rules of the server. Suggestions for improvement: See above it is all there.
  3. Hebirura

    World of Warcraft Classic Thread

    Will be playing on EU-Shazzrah: - Hebirura : undead priest Will also be starting a guild on there for the horde if anyone wishes to join.
  4. Hebirura

    Increase AR spawn.

    Hoarding is the issue, you can tackle it by raiding peoples bases and taking their shit.
  5. Hebirura

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    Let people play the game the way they like in this case. It's a no from me, if you want to do it, fine, but others won't. We already have no crosshairs on the server.
  6. Hebirura

    Salvation - Open Recruitment

    @Skeeterbolt The entire point of this RP server is to RP in a post-apocalyptic server, shit happens that you don't like. I was robbed the other day, do I like it? Not especially, but did I leave the community? No. RPing with people in a way they do not like (while not breaking the rules) is not report worthy, so do not act like it is. If anything, he is acting like an adult, he spoke with you in many ways which obviously did not work. Do not sit here and accuse him of flaming because he said something you dislike, want to call someone a child? Fine, at least place some substance before you call someone a child.
  7. Hebirura

    The Dollars

    That moment when you still are not on the group page and been there since a few days ago.
  8. Hebirura

    Interview With A Community Member: StagsviewRB

    What's well done? Do you have the chart to show us?
  9. Hebirura

    Interview With A Community Member: StagsviewRB

    Believe me, only way to have it. Fuck me, I remember that verdict like it was yesterday.
  10. Hebirura

    Interview With A Community Member: StagsviewRB

    @StagsviewRB please don't put me at the steak of this verdict.
  11. Hebirura

    *Whistles in chernarussian*

    1 year isn't bad though, is it?
  12. My story begins in 2008. The first 19 years were relatively irrelevant to who I am now. I just left Sixth Form having a relatively normal life. I went on to work in an apprenticeship to become an accountant and moved in with my new girlfriend in a new flat we brought in St Dunstan's, Canterbury. Eventually, his girlfriend bought a new item for us. See, for a long time, my girlfriend has been pretty unsatisfied with the time we spent in bed, the item she brought was a pair of handcuffs. She introduced me to the world of BDSM, each time she brought something else relating to it, and I fucking loved it. I was being thrown down a well due to it, the further I went into this "world", the more I couldn't help myself. I ended up being called Switch because of it. Shortly after those events, I started visiting my grandmother, who was Chernarussian, as she was on her deathbed. She died when I was 25. After her death, I found out that I inherited her estate in Chernarus so I left with my girlfriend until the apocalypse happened where she died of the infection. Her death, especially to something so inhumane, drove me crazy as well as the thought of all my other relatives that could be close to death. I've been using drugs for a long time, but when this happened, I started using weed and coke more often than not.
  13. Hebirura

    Coloured military gear?

    Not what he means, let's look at his previous post beforehand: Because everything in a RP game needs to be tactical where everyone has to learn camouflage and concealment, or it is not playing RP properly.
  14. Hebirura

    Coloured military gear?

    Is this what playing on an RP server is to you? In all honesty, I'm not a big fan of reskinning military gear like this. Ducky is right where he says that the gorka jacket is a significant symbol of eastern European militias and military. However, I am for it if its spawn is controlled to civilian areas. They do look like general civilian outdoor wear when skinned like this.
  15. Hebirura


    O' ello there
  16. Hebirura

    Posting GIFs on #anime channel

    Arigatou Rolle-senpai!
  17. Hebirura

    Posting GIFs on #anime channel

    It is absolutely vital for the quality of mine, and others, sanity. No one's forcing you to look at them.
  18. Hebirura

    Posting GIFs on #anime channel

    Hello all, I'm seriously disturbed by the lack of gif posting abilities on the #anime channel on discord. How am I supposed to share my waifus and husbandos to my fellow weebs in the channel. Can we talk about allowing GIFs on the channel please, this would help us by improving our insanity. Thank you in advance, A concerned weeb #FreeTheWaifu
  19. Hebirura

    *Whistles in chernarussian*

    Hello everybody! I'm new here, can someone teach me the ropes of RP? In all seriousness, I'm back. It's been a while. I'm looking forward to getting back in game. I make this promise every time, but I somehow keep on breaking it: I'll try not to be a cunt
  20. Hebirura


    If I RP on a steam chat or on a discord server (regardless of the type of RP) with some people using my characters on DayZRP, does that count as Bad RP (specifically avoiding RP).

    1. JimRP


      No, it just can not be transfered back to DayZRP and does not count.

    2. Hebirura


      Hmmm. ?

    3. Oisin


      Makes complete sense.. ?

    4. Hebirura


      Sure, lets go with that @Oisin. ?

    5. JimRP


      Yeah makes sense to have to RP with others in DayZRP's environment and not in a controlled bubble.

  21. Hebirura

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    That being said, some changes were good and were needed, somewere definitely not worth it, considering I was involved in making the new rules, I can say that some of the intended consequences of changing the rules were achieved, while others were not. Dynamics were not a pressing issue, there are a lot on the other hand which is too me. Instead of reverting, I would say compromise and see what we should scrap and should not.
  22. Hebirura


    If I posted a report where I got kosed on a pub server by someone in this community, would I get a false report punishment? 

    1. Flapjack


      Hebi, a man who asks the real questions ?

    2. Eagle



    3. Hebirura


      Hmm, interesting... Somethings have leaded me to believe otherwise recently. 

    4. Eagle


      All cases are different.

    5. Hebirura


      Not all cases. 

    6. APositiveJade


      Ban him Eagle ban him

    7. Eagle



  23. Hebirura

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    What qualifies as the old rules, technically dynamics are the old rules as dynamics existed from about mid 2016 to the last major rule change? :^) I think we need false reports back!
  24. Hebirura

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Hahahahahahahaha This ain't happening mate, there's no reversal at all going to happen. And they will never unban someone, let alone mass unban, that broke a lot of the rules without an appeal.
  25. Hebirura

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    You should stop using the my memes. But you are right, the issues within staff are just avoided and never actually fixed, no one ever takes anything to heart nor do they say anything to help actual improvement until it is way too late. The term team died a long time ago, and I am sad that it as gone.
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