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"All losses in this world are due to a lack of ability."

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  1. Hebirura

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    You get me in a tracksuit, I will kill you before the day is over. Thank you. I ain't no chav.
  2. Hebirura

    RP language

    I'm aware of that much. I was more thinking the case that the country ended up like Mongolia and others with their language that ended up just switching completely to the Cyrillic alphabet. But, the more you know.
  3. Hebirura

    RP language

    I've always been under the impression that this was the case, that's the way I've always had it laid out to me when I asked the question.
  4. Hebirura

    RP language

    The Chernarussian language is a form of Czech that uses the Cyrillic alphabet. It is perfectly fine to speak it in game, but please do keep in mind that this is an English server and it is important that you prioritize the use of English over the use of any form of Czech. Especially in larger situations.
  5. Hebirura

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Just remember, keep a bag full of hand cuffs ready for CJ when you next see him
  6. Hebirura

    Staff Feedback: Peril

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: This is a pretty fair verdict, you hit pretty much all the heads of the nails there can be on this one ^_^. However, "Aggrevation" of a ban is a powerful tool that you, as the GM, have at your disposal. It can really set those people who really take the piss on their merry way for a while. You can chose to give them more points, give them more ban time or simply both (dependant on the situation). You can use them when someone breaks more than one big rule or when they break one rule so egregiously that the standard punishment seems too light for the circumstance (always better to converse with an admin or as many GMs possible if you are going to try to do the latter). But, you cannot just slap them on the verdict without explaining what you are doing. Suggestions for improvement: Add a clause to the end of your explanation explaining on what is happening with his ban when it is aggravated, something as simple as this (for this particular report):
  7. Hebirura

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Pretty self explanatory no?
  8. Hebirura

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Hey, I live in a BR postcode zone, I know this believe me. 5.0.3. is meant to be a area code of gangs, nothing like a postcode.
  9. Hebirura


    This was the rule about execution rights in 2016, when I joined. Here, the rule states that it requires a history between both parties (or individuals) to even gain any form of execution rights. This is quite a step up in terms of strictness compared to what we have now. With something such as this it could be completely feasible at allow a PK with a recorded execution (sent to staff). As long as the use of execution rights is valid and the execution is role played out properly. With these rules, an execution should be far rarer than they are now making a forced PK still rare, but a reality. Now a note to other people: Your character is your story, but do remember, all stories must come to an end. Some of these characters have long drawn out grudges and a history of spite with each other and will continue to be eternal because nothing will happen about it. It's boring. It's plain. And nothing will change, unless the attitude towards each other changes. This may be a step forward. I've suggested a different system before to at least create the atmosphere that no character is invincible: And I also believe they trialed something similar just after I was permed last year.
  10. Hebirura


    I've always been a fan of making execution rights far harder to get like they were before. If we were to have the two changes together, an execution can actually mean something. You are looking at execution rights as this very simple thing to obtain whereas before it was very different. Sure you could get it for shooting a groups leader, but a firefight, no.
  11. Hebirura


    For an execution, I have no problem with. It makes complete sense. Everything else wouldn't work if you ask me.
  12. Hebirura

    Current State of Rule(s)

    When it comes to rulesets, they should be as black and white as they possibly can be. However, there will always be some grey area so it is important to limit what we actually have as much as we can. some grey area is fine, a lot isn't
  13. Hebirura

    Current State of Rule(s)

    I personally believe that the rules should be as close to black and white as we can make it. Stuff like "recently role played" in the defensive rights category go left completely undefined, outside of select reports no doubt, which leave both the community members and returning members quite confused. Sometimes, I wish we had no defensive rights (or defensive dynamic) capabilities due to this (tbh, I am still quite a fan of no dynamics but I'm always open to suitable middle ground). At least defining very basic things in these circumstances would make the rules 10x clearer as they are. Do they need a revamp? I think so, get rid of the ones that don't work and then replace with solutions we think might. This has, and should, always been the case with a lot of stuff here. But, there are a lot of rules such as kill rights and NLR (I know we tried this before but still, didn't really work both ways in my opinion). Maybe a return to a simpler rule set might be beneficial as a whole and then we add on from there. I can also agree with Rolle here, a lot of the bans that occur is because people do not respect the ideals of fair play. I remember as a GM all those times that I wrote combat logging, KOS, RDM and powergaming verdicts for people that completely know the rules (and people who didn't give a fuck to read) but simply just do not care. But there are always exceptions to this, for example, punching someone is not, and never has been, an initiation. To start a hostile encounter, you do not need to initiate. An initiation is when I want to take the people captive to do what I want. When you hostile RP it does come with a certain risk, something might go wrong. This risk here is not worth mitigating from a rules standpoint, this is to hands on. This isn't a daycare, I do not need a hand guiding me through every situation, I need to be told what must not happen and work from there. Some grey are might be fine, but not so much it causes so much confusion in the playerbase.
  14. Hebirura

    Client contains PBO which is not part of server data??

    @thespoontoad We're not using summer chernarus anymore, please make sure it is disabled. Summer is over.
  15. Hebirura

    DayZRP 19.9.1

    Fuck the pudding, I'm after the caviar
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