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  1. It''s been done before if I remember correctly. All it leads to is cancerous RP similarly to what happens in Kavala in Altis Life. Make a safe zone yourself with your group, don't expect the staff team to enforce it for you.
  2. Changed OS, not playing DayZ anymore. o/ See ya guys, I'll still be around.
  3. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: This verdict kind of left me disappointed. I feel as if I could copy and paste this onto several TrollRP other TrollRP reports. I understand that you don't want to write an essay, but at the same time, a verdict is there to show them what they did wrong and help them improve. For this, you need to break down the situation. Don't just say as seen in the evidence provided. Show everyone that you know the situation. For example: That's a very basic rundown of what has happened, but that is all you need, it encompasses all you're going to talk about in the verdict. Furthermore, you should go on to tell him why this is bad, show him the rule that he has broken. What you did in your next paragraph was basically just wagging a finger at them. That helps no one. I believe that you, the staff team, do have a high standard for role play. However, not everyone is amazing at RP and do read reports to see more or less what they can or cannot do in terms of badRP. Like these guys, clearly weren't mature about their roleplay, probably thought it was acceptable. Do them a favour and link them to the guides section or something. We used to link people to the mentor program (I know it's dead now) every time we dealt out a badRP verdict. It's also your job to try and help them improve (I am aware that the other dude is permed, but it does not excuse it). Suggestions for improvement: Recap the situation in your verdict. Explain to them what they did wrong, and why. Provides ways they can improve that is different to "Don't do this specifically again", it'll just cause them to break more rules finding out what is acceptable RP This could literally just add a few sentences to your verdict and I hope it does help you improve.
  4. Could you imagine a DayZ Contact mod like they have for arma 3. What more could we hope for zombies & aliens. A match made in heaven.
  5. Hebirura

    BeanZ WAR

    72 I need to be able to add one again, why do I do stupid stuff?
  6. I'm wholeheartedly against it being available to only premium members or it costing any form of RL currency for it, only in game items in return of fast travel. The reason having it might genuinely just be useful for the players to have once a day.
  7. Just wanna suggest a different way to do things for the fast travel mod. I do, in fact, see that there is a lot of issues with having such a mod enabled, however, there is some benefit to adding such a mod. We can limit the abuse of this mod by making it really expensive to travel on these hiking trails and making it so it can only be used every 24 hours might really solve all those issues.
  8. You get me in a tracksuit, I will kill you before the day is over. Thank you. I ain't no chav.
  9. I'm aware of that much. I was more thinking the case that the country ended up like Mongolia and others with their language that ended up just switching completely to the Cyrillic alphabet. But, the more you know.
  10. I've always been under the impression that this was the case, that's the way I've always had it laid out to me when I asked the question.
  11. The Chernarussian language is a form of Czech that uses the Cyrillic alphabet. It is perfectly fine to speak it in game, but please do keep in mind that this is an English server and it is important that you prioritize the use of English over the use of any form of Czech. Especially in larger situations.
  12. Just remember, keep a bag full of hand cuffs ready for CJ when you next see him
  13. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: This is a pretty fair verdict, you hit pretty much all the heads of the nails there can be on this one ^_^. However, "Aggrevation" of a ban is a powerful tool that you, as the GM, have at your disposal. It can really set those people who really take the piss on their merry way for a while. You can chose to give them more points, give them more ban time or simply both (dependant on the situation). You can use them when someone breaks more than one big rule or when they break one rule so egregiously that the standard punishment seems too light for the circumstance (always better to converse with an admin or as many GMs possible if you are going to try to do the latter). But, you cannot just slap them on the verdict without explaining what you are doing. Suggestions for improvement: Add a clause to the end of your explanation explaining on what is happening with his ban when it is aggravated, something as simple as this (for this particular report):
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