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  1. I'm just asking a simple question, nothing rude about it at all. Just spotting trends, that's all.
  2. How many iterations of the clowns has there been thus far?
  3. Hebi


    Ça roule?
  4. Right and the other 2 questions? Also, the temps you describe could be triggering extreme throttling if the bios settings are set to incorrectly. So I would recommend checking that out.
  5. Hebi

    DayZRP 20.9.3

    It doesn't really make it that much longer/harder. Just gotta make sure you keep hitting them so that they flinch.
  6. This is a very old gun. GeneralSam on Bohemia Interactive: This revolver would probably be released broken only for a modder to fix later.
  7. You could also try launching the game directly to the server using: http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/home
  8. What's the specs on your laptop, or its model? Do you have anti-virus installed? Have you verified game cache?
  9. Thank you very much, I came out of my year long hibernation to make this as well. I need more weaboo soldiers to join my army.
  10. Just waiting for most of us to be able to hop in game, @Dom should have some fun playing this.
  11. Halving the cooldown, or reducing it by a quarter might be useful, but anything lower than that and I would have to disagree. Allowing a crazy amount of items into circulation will harm the servers performance in the end of the day.
  12. We'll trade you A naruto box sets for 100 556. You'll also hear us coming with the unstoppable waves of "UwU" in the distance.
  13. Sadly, I'm a unviersity Physics student and I still want to create the most degenerative weeb out there. I need to cleanse my eyes out with some bleach after this day.
  14. Thanks for the idea, my next group will be a group of furries, so that you have to say in game "We lost a firefight to furries"
  15. There is, /shrug. Also, under suggestion of @Stagsview, the font has been changed to match some of my original work.
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