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"Never trust anyone too much, the devil was once an angel"

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  1. Hebi Kotei

    This actually hurts my eyes

  2. Anti - telepathic communication rule

    Can we just wait until DayZ modding is released so that we can make a TFAR like add-on for DayZ so we could not have to make rules in which could be very difficult to enforce? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Shall we change the map?

    I have complied a list of some maps that I personally enjoy: Tanoa Esseker Bornholm Malden Chernobyl Zone Namalsk Lingor Feel free to respond with more maps and also point out what maps you'll enjoy the most. I will be playing around with the mission file and attempting to port it over to some other maps to see how it works, just got to get past this work week.
  4. Shall we change the map?

    Vortorsk might also be a shout, in development now by one of the Desolation Redux Devs.
  5. Hebi Kotei

    Long work hours and week have me like


  6. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    You literally listed them. Chernarus and Tanoa Apparently it is supposed to work on all maps you just need to port it over right, I'll probably take a look at porting the mission file to other maps as soon as I am back from work if I can.
  7. They're both pretty easy tbh
  8. The End.

    RIP, see you in a bit lad, good luck for anything else you do
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  9. Desolation Bugs

    Give it time, the mod just went into Alpha. Lets just hope the progress is faster than DayZ.
  10. Hebi Kotei


  11. Desolation Redux Release

    Never had a single issue with TFR other than the occasional crash. FPS wise, never really experienced a drop in it. This as well for your last part. (Sorry for the 2012 meme)
  12. Take what my friend @Will said seriously. What you are suggesting makes no sense under the lore, I thought you learnt your lesson the first time: I think you'll find that the criticism in the previous thread also applies here. Plus group threads are posted here now: https://www.dayzrp.com/gc/cat/2-dayz-standalone-groups/ There is no more WIP.
  13. Task Force Radio, should we add it?

    The guide showing you all how to install desolation and join our server has now been updated with instructions on how to install TFAR. If anyone wants a guide on how to use TFAR once in game, let me know.
  14. Hebi's Desolation Media Thread

    Hebi Kotei's Desolation Media Thread(Fresh GFX will be added at some point) This is the thread where I will post all my Desolation Redux related media. I will start with 2 screenshots. Round 1: