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  1. Probably the best route, would be nice to be able to get some DayZRP custom content within desolation made by the community (contest?) or developers to make the delay worth it.
  2. Great, now click the check mark on the top right hand side of the answer that you thought was the most helpful. This guide can help you.
  3. If you read the rules out loud to yourself word by word, you'll be hitting yourself when you notice it. Also understand what you are reading, rumour has it that works.
  4. While it is not against the rules to have hostages fight, it is against the rules for the hostages to die as a result of the initiators commands, like you described. If he wanted this to take place, ask permission OOCly by using the "//" prefix. Since there is no proof on the actual report and the conflicting POVs they could not punish for such an action because you cannot take one members word over another, that's standard, next time try recording while playing. The combat logging is self-explanatory. For the NVFL, the person who died in this situation knew that he was going to die unless he killed his friend, the order still stands regardless of the fact that the initiator was breaking the rules. He went willingly towards his initiators with a knife while they were holding assault rifles, if you thought your character wasn't going to die here then you're not the brightest bulb on the chandelier, last time I checked is that what he did is NVFL, plain and simple. While I agree that the rules are too strict in some cases and in some places, I do not agree in any shape or form that this situation that the verdict is not fair because it is. If your friend disagrees with the ban, tell him to post an appeal. tl;dr It is NVFL // could've solved all of the issues on the hostage takers side Record all in-game situations like this and maybe it will not end up in a WvW situation Verdict is fair
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  5. pls, I miss the old system +1
  6. Lets not forget that a lot of character development (unexpected and unplanned character development) comes from hostile situations as well. Limiting hostile interactions could just limit what we have now into a even bigger fuck fest.
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      Imagine if I reported that entire status update for flaming, the whole staff team would then have to click on the link.


  8. Hello there
  9. That is the power gaming rule though tbh. not a bad example either though because that is how the majority of people do their shit from what I know. I must say, sorry for not putting much effort in a 2 sec example to display why it is a bad idea. Now I must honour this:
  10. You were the one that said lets emote fights out in these areas. Lets see how that goes then: Person one: "Attempts to put the guy into a head lock" //Do I succeed? Person two: //no There we go, and before you say anything for this, I have seen people get salty over the smallest shit IC and deny permission for everything anyway. This is just another cloak. And a 1 km^2 for people to hide from and have rule armour against hostile RPers. I'm done here, I've expressed my 2 cents.
  11. There is a thing called fists in game, you could use them. :^) There is also a thing called NLR meant to stop the notion that you were practically resurrected, but urite, we should enforce permadeaths ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It's not realistic to see that you have a 3-day ban for doing a bit of RP with someone in an aggressive/malicious way that would otherwise be acceptable elsewhere on the map. It is also a game, I do not want to be reading a bunch of emotes of a fight either, especially when we can just have a fist fight with the mechanics of the game. There would also be a lot of powergaming doing it through emotes that sort of stuff, according to the latest definition of it anyway: This means putting a person into a headlock via emotes could be technically powergaming due to the fact that it is forcing the idea that they cannot move very much now outside the game mechanics, it would lead to a lot of spermission asking while fighting.
  12. Well, it is already supposed managed by factions, therefore, I would rather not see any "rule armour relating to this". And gladly, I will accept the consequences of my, or others, hostile behaviour through any RP route. Not saying it doesn't, but acting like a little piece of shit in a certain area is not grounds for a ban regardless of length, rather just accept the IC consequences of going against that settlement particular rules, not preventing people from performing a certain type of RP in that area. Realism in RP =/= ban from server Realism in RP = RP consequences This:
  13. I don't like the idea of it being kind of a ruleplay zone if it was all enforced IC via initiations rather than a 3 to 7-day ban. Realism where you get banned from the server for doing something IC in a certain area? No. it is realism to have consequences happen in game to you via the route of RP. There are rules that are needed, this is not one of them.