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  1. Gaylaxy

    • Gaylaxy
    • Ghost of Hebi

    @Darion *Tuts*

    1. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi


    2. Gaylaxy


      You need a gif atleast :3

    3. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      My background is good enough. Rather not go through the effort of a gif + prefer static images or only slightly animated


    4. Gaylaxy


      Still better than all this lit shit!

    5. Darion


      pshed he copied me ... @Galaxy

    6. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      Please you all copied me, had tokyo ghoul on and off since I joined the community ;P

    7. Darion


      on and off hah! ive had it for months straight 

    8. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      Used to have it for months straight, on and off in your usage. Your just crazy if you think I copied you. :P 

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