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"Keep the past, for all intents and purposes, where it is."

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  1. Ghost of Hebi

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Hahahahahahahaha This ain't happening mate, there's no reversal at all going to happen. And they will never unban someone, let alone mass unban, that broke a lot of the rules without an appeal.
  2. Ghost of Hebi

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    You should stop using the my memes. But you are right, the issues within staff are just avoided and never actually fixed, no one ever takes anything to heart nor do they say anything to help actual improvement until it is way too late. The term team died a long time ago, and I am sad that it as gone.
  3. Ghost of Hebi

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    This is probably the 300000th time such a thing in the past 2 years, keep your chin up girl, you did fine.
  4. Ghost of Hebi

    Ghost of Hebi

    18 hours of work in less than 36 hours, fucking kill me already.

  5. Ghost of Hebi

    Ghost of Hebi

    How does Germany lose against South Korea and get knocked out at the group stages.

    1. Major


      Germany can't even win in Russia during the Summer. 😂

    2. Malet


      Old tradition to lose close to moscow. 😉 

  6. Ghost of Hebi

    New payment method - crypto currencies

    Damn, I only mine porn backed cryptocurrencies such as AVC
  7. Ghost of Hebi

    Ghost of Hebi

    One year closer to death, the sweet, sweet release.

    1. Watchman

      Congratz on the Mortal Year Lost!

  8. Ghost of Hebi

    Ghost of Hebi

    Just played experimental branches, my hopes are actually somewhat decent now for some reason.

  9. Ghost of Hebi

    Real life picture Thread

  10. Ghost of Hebi

    Ghost of Hebi

    I should start a group at some point where it requires that the character you are playing on is red (rule 6.1 and 6.2 are nullified and there is permadeath). The RP would be lit.

    1. Whitename


      would be great to see a concept like that pop up again

    2. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      I'd just have to hope the group doesn't end up like all my plates did about an hour ago.

  11. Ghost of Hebi

    Ghost of Hebi

    When the box containing all your crockery decides to break open and it all breaks, rip all dem plates.

  12. Ghost of Hebi

    Ghost of Hebi

    Cleaning and packing everything to be ready to move out of uni on Saturday for the summer, it's a pain, but considering the year I just had, completely worth it.

  13. Ghost of Hebi

    Adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages

    Hmmmmmm In all honesty, this is something I've wanted for a long time. Thank you, thank you. No, this does not affect the powergaming rule, only 6.1 and 6.2.
  14. Ghost of Hebi

    hostile role play question

    Not, you require a valid in character reason, hence the term "Role Play".
  15. Ghost of Hebi

    hostile role play question

    It used to be, but not really anymore. You ARE allowed to rob someone for a piece of gear that you are in dire need of, for example, you are starving and are in need of food. You still need to provide a decent amount of roleplay before you run off. //edit -read the post wrong. In all honesty the rule as is need to be reverted, it is fairly subjective this way.