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Ghost of Hebi


"Keep the past, for all intents and purposes, where it is."

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  1. Ghost of Hebi

    Ghost of Hebi

    I'm probably gonna go back into the darkness, enjoy.

    1. Oliv



      Pretty sure somewhere in there it says we aren't supposed to see you

    2. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      There's one way to do that! 30 points!

    3. SpaceCowboy



    4. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi


  2. Ghost of Hebi

    Staff level system

    Right, I went through the effort of getting posting rights back just to post here, because this is something I couldn't believe upon being told about and reading it. So here it goes; If you need these special little stars to keep track of who is there on the team and who is actually up for a promotion then chances are nobody is worth the promotion as they have not stuck out amongst the rest and tried to go the extra mile for you to seriously consider them. This also creates an immense amount of competition within the team and will most likely create infighting amongst those at the same level, leading them to be working with an atmosphere which they should not be. I'm all for a trial, but this is most likely going to be time wasted, if you want to bring back difference between those that know what they are doing, then reintroduce junior and trial ranks. For example, give support some moderator powers and call them trial staff instead. This system creates a whole worm of issues, as well as the possibility that you are essentially enforcing your opinion first, that's not how promotions work, or at least used too, in this team.
  3. Ghost of Hebi

    Ghost of Hebi

    Am I back? No.

    Why am I here? I saw a stupid idea and had to get my thoughts down on it.

    What have I been doing? A fuck ton of scripting, drinking and smoking. Also got an OS change due me not wanting to use windows anymore.

    Thank you @Raptor for being so quick to respond. I waited for a while for anything to get done.

    1. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      Welcome home? Kinda? Hi.

    2. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi


    3. Brayces


      Uhm, HELLO?! No thanks to BRAYCES HUH?!

      Aww, well hopefully you'll pop around more maybe? 

    4. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      Maybe @Brayces, thank you

    5. Brayces


      Aww, :D <3 

    6. Raptor


      I mentioned @Brayces did the permissions thingy 😄 but thanks amigo

    7. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      To be fair, you did. I just wanted to get that paragraph down before.

  4. Chewy

    • Chewy
    • Ghost of Hebi

    Haha you can't post on the forums anymore

    1. Whitename


      i lov u hebi, come back soon

  5. Ghost of Hebi


    You've been lied to. It is allowed provided that the other conditions are met.
  6. Ghost of Hebi


    You need strong and valid IC reasoning to do so, they would kinda work in the same way as execution rights to some extent where you need to have a bone to pick with them that is recent and significant enough.
  7. Ghost of Hebi

    About requesting to close reports?

    Depends on the situation, in the end of the day, if a rule is broken, a rule has been broken and then dealt with accordingly. It is not always black and white on this matter.
  8. Ghost of Hebi

    About requesting to close reports?

    The GM team has always had the decision regarding the closure of reports when it comes to this. They can choose not to at the end of the day. Regarding who can request the report closed, only the OP has to request closed unless the other side requests it to be remained open and the GM team wishes to honour that request.
  9. Ghost of Hebi

    Hearts Of Iron IV MP Game This Saturday

    Road to 56 is the only mod that really matters as well.
  10. Ghost of Hebi

    Hearts Of Iron IV MP Game This Saturday

    I'm a Ghost, you can't touch me. Just cos HOI4 and Civ are easy games in comparison.
  11. Ghost of Hebi

    Hearts Of Iron IV MP Game This Saturday

    EU4 > HOI4
  12. Ghost of Hebi


    Can't count on one stone when you are not sure if it is gonna hit. See you later man.
  13. Ghost of Hebi


    No I'm not. I'm gonna go and work on ArmA 3 :^)
  14. Ghost of Hebi


    Don't plan on it. But who knows.
  15. Ghost of Hebi


    I'd rather be both.