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  1. Recki

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Looks good and fits perfectly into the color scheme of your posts 10/10
  2. Recki

    Summit1G Appreciation Thread

  3. Recki

    How'd you spend your Halloween?

    At home.
  4. Recki

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Won 2 nice matches yesterday evening, got rekt in the third one
  5. Recki

    im back!

  6. Recki

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    awesome as always 10/10
  7. Recki

    [ACTIVE][SVR] Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki [Recruiting american/australian only]

  8. Recki

    [GAME] Rate the person above's Forum Title

    What exactly makes you a veteran survivor? 05/10
  9. Recki

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Who doesn't know him? 12/10
  10. Recki

    Thanks all.

    Will always remember the clans you made <3
  11. Recki

    [GAME] Linked Words!

    Account Manager
  12. Recki

    Slowly loseing clothes

    "Why am I losing all my clothing?"
  13. Recki

    Time to say goodbye

    Goodbye <3
  14. Recki

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    banned for being Icy?
  15. Recki

    Gaming mouse and headset help

    Agree! Great mouse, got it some month ago and it's working great, no problems at all.