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  1. Recki

    Return of Mod?

    You can just download the DayZ Mod on Steam. Just search for it in the store! That's how I did it.
  2. It's a rainy evening, water masses are flowing into the lake at the Pobeda Dam and the mountains all around are muddy and dirty. Zombies are walking, jumping and crawling next to the dam and the abandoned barn. Lightnings brighten up the whole area from time to time and thunder booms on the ears. Up on the hill in the north of the dam, you can see a small tent between two pine trees. A small light is coming from it and if you would open up the tent, you would see a middle-aged man, slightly grey hair and wearing old clothing he picked up on his way here. His name is Matej Weber, whose grandparents resettled from Russia to Germany some years after the Second World War. The family moved to Germany, but never forgot about their original home country Russia. Matej’s mother later married a German businessman, what provided Matej to visit private schools and to study law. He became a renowned and sought-after lawyer who was righteous, but rarely showed scruples to achieve his goals. It was a long journey for him to come here, but he had a clear goal in mind when he started. He wanted to find his uncle and aunt that moved back to the Soviet Union long before the outbreak started. He had no exact clue where they were because they had no contact for a few years, but he desperately wanted to find the potentially last living members of his family. A big lightning is going off in the distance and Matej awakens from his light sleep. Are those footsteps outside the tent? Not the ones the infected make, careless and stomping, more like a cautious sneak around the tent. A branch breaks at one of the two pine trees and Matej is grabbing for his pistol he received from an old man in Poland. He aims at the entrance, hoping no one would shoot through the cloth of the tent, to hit something or anyone inside. He can't blow out the small candle because whoever was outside there would know he is awake. Then, the zipper slowly opens and a young and scared face is looking into the tent. "He..hello? Do you speak my language?", the young man asks. Matej is tense, wondering if this could be a trap. He hasn't seen a single person for the past few weeks because he tried to stay away from big towns and the streets, wandering through forests and on fields. "Are you alone?", he asks with a serious and vigorous tone, "Who are you?". The young man replies anxiously "I.. I am alone. Can I please come in? I am cold and soaked through and saw your small light from down the hill. My name is Mats, Mats Bergdahl." Wondering why in the world such a young man, maybe in the age of 17 or 18 would be out here alone but with the weapon still pointed at the intruder Matej says, "Okay, come in and warm up but don't dare to come to close", looking at the pistol in his hand to show who is in charge here. Mats comes in and closes the zipper behind him, even turning his back to Matej. The young man who just sneaked around the tent, now looks clumsy and like he would stumble over his one feet. Hours pass and the two men who couldn't look more different from each other, tell each other how they got here and what made them come here. Matej is very suspicious about the behavior and the psyche of the person opposite of him. Way to often he has seen young man turning into criminals for even lesser things than a tent and a gun. Way to often he had to defend young men in front of the court who had commited murder. It gets later and later and Matej feels how his eyelids are slowly closing. Mats stops talking abruptly, grabs for something in his pocket and leans forward. Pew, a loud bang, Mats sinks to the ground. Blood splashes against the tent entrance. Mats is dead. Matej was not ready to take any risk. He felt sleepy and the young man took his chance, so he shot. He just shot the person he talked to for hours in the head. When checking the dead body, he finds a knife in the pocket of Mats. Not a big combat knife or anything, just a small kitchen knife. Matej takes it. Once again his feeling was right. Once again he knew something was not okay, once again he saw a young man turn into a criminal. But does that even count anymore? Who is a criminal these days? Who is actually doing the right thing? Matej thinks he is right. He thinks he is still doing good and even though he has killed a few people, he is still sure that if the world would turn normal again, he would be cleared of everything he did, because he did it in self-defense. Mad about the nice tent being ruined, he packs up his things and leaves the young dead man and the tent behind. Everyone must have heard that shot. Good people, bad people, infected. He doesn't want any more trouble this evening. He just wants to sleep. Zombies start making their way up the muddy hill, tripping and falling, but as ambitious as the dead can be, they try it further. But it is to late, Matej is already on his way east, a few hundred meters away from the tent, without looking back even once. This man, Matej, whose weapons always were words more than rifles, who was forced to learn how to use guns after the outbreak started allover the world, now roams the eastern countries in search for the last living members of his family. Still without scruples and ready to do everything to survive, he has now arrived in Chernarus.
  3. Recki

    Battlefield V

    The beta has some big issues and there are some bugs. All my mates say they hate it and that it's not historically accurate or whatever. I love the game though and I'll most likely buy it. I had so many cool moments and games already, that I just don't want to miss out on the full game ?
  4. Recki

    Battlefield V

    Hello people, preload for the open beta starts today and you can play tomorrow if you pre-ordered the game. People that didn't preorder can play on thursday. I don't know if this still works, but it worked yesterday so you might want to check it out ? It gives you a key for Origin, which allows you to play the Open Beta as if you pre-ordered the game. I don't really know why you do different dates for an Open Beta, but welcome to EA/Dice and their strategies ?
  5. Recki

    Why don't you get in game?

    I haven't been here in ages, but I had one of the greatest times of my gaming life on here on DayZRP. Really sad, that it seems to be dying atleast judging by the player count ?
  6. Looks good and fits perfectly into the color scheme of your posts 10/10
  • Recki

    Summit1G Appreciation Thread

  • Recki

    How'd you spend your Halloween?

    At home.
  • Recki

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Won 2 nice matches yesterday evening, got rekt in the third one
  • Recki

    im back!

  • Recki

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    awesome as always 10/10
  • Recki

    [ACTIVE][SVR] Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki [Recruiting american/australian only]

  • Recki

    [GAME] Rate the person above's Forum Title

    What exactly makes you a veteran survivor? 05/10
  • Recki

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Who doesn't know him? 12/10
  • Recki

    Thanks all.

    Will always remember the clans you made <3
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