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  1. little update taken from reddit Dam near myshkino : New castle South of lopatino now 6months for 'new trees'. as stated by @Alex they only have a small workforce working on .62 the rest is doing whatever to get .63 out. People always complain 'DayZ devs are shit, 4 years in alpha, blablabla.' Untill they bring me evidence of other games that are as complex and openworld as DayZ that have faster dev'ing, I'm not conviced about DayZ devs being that bad...
  2. I think he's talking about the report where @Eagle's video is used and where someone mentions 'I'm dead' then some more talks about 'blablabla where is he/No can't say that, it would be metagaming'. Now considering @Eagle is a staff member he thinks there's someform of bias obviously. There is absolutely no need to go on the passive agressive from both sides. Pretty clear this is a case of misinformation and non understanding of how things work in this community.
  3. You can always emote / RP it out. Nothing prevents you from having a piece of cow, deer, wolf steak in your inventory. Now say you capture someone you could emote out *cuts a piece of flesh from his thigh* (you would have to ask for permission) and put the steak in your hands and continue RP from there. you don't have to kill someone to perform a cannibalistic act. I'd say make sure to take your time when RP'ing something like this, don't rush it. A cannibal is someone who has somesort of mental illness/trouble. Most cannibals would enjoy hurting and mentally breaking their victim. What I would do is look up former cannibals and try and find psyc analyses, could give you a pretty accurate idea on how to simulate a cannibal.
  4. I mean from this to what we have now, in 4 years? I haven't seen any other game so complex and openworld as DayZ. I understand it looks like the Devs don't give a fuck but still. I've seen other games be in development for far longer without the ability to amaze me. Most time the devs bring out an update to DayZ (especially this one) I'm like 'damn' this game is nice.
  5. fuck all you whiney cunts. I'm just gonna live with the trees now *packs his shit and runs into the woods*
  6. https://forums.dayz.com/topic/236800-exp-update-062139507/ first random streamer that I looked up! I must say it looks gorgeous AF
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    Lesson of the day kids, don't be a keyboard warrior in radiochatter...

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  8. If you need any advice or help with making a plausible disease (virus, bacteria, parasite, mutation). I'll gladly help (I'm a veterinary student about to finish my bachelors degree)
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  9. The lore is more of a life raft you can hold on to when creating your character and when getting involved in RP with other people. No one expects you to know the whole lore by heart and down to the smallest details. Not knowing general knowledge about Chernarus and the whole outbreak can lead to some very very weird RP situations. I'll give some examples - Chernarus is an island apparantly - Chernogorsk is the capital (it is not fyi) -... Not knowing the current general lore leads to pretty weird encounters and causes quite akward encounters...
  10. *Aleksei picks up a new radio out of his pack and presses the PTT* 'So tomas or Adrien or whoever you claim to be, let's take tomas because that is the name you have given me. What kind of CDF soldier would fool a fellow countryman? But even more what kind of CDF soldier would claim he is from Russia? I think you just try to be someone you are not and you failed miserably at it...' *Aleksei takes a moment before continuing* 'You're not a CDF soldier, you're not who you claim to be and I have a massive suspicion you're not even Chernarussian. It's just another lie of yours. Now tomas let me be very clear, If I find out you're pretending to be a CDF soldier and using that as a cover to hurt fellow Chernarussians or even good, innocent foreigners. I swear on Hrob mé matky I will personaly hunt you down. I will hunt you down all the way to Novigrad If I have to. I will make you pay for pretending to be one of us and in the process give us, the people of Chernarus, a bad name.' *Aleksei takes a moment to breath* 'For anyone on this frequency listening in, do not trust what this self proclaimed and vile CDF soldier claims. He is nothing but a scam and a disgrace to our people. A true vlastenec would not lie, insult or even disrespect a fellow krajan. Evenmore a true CDF soldier would not even come up with a lie about being a plumber from Russia, he'd rather take a bullet than spew out such nonsense...' *Aleksei briefly releases the PTT to take in another breath of fresh air* 'Tomas, let this be a warning, do not try to be someone you are not. You're making a joke of yourself' *Aleksei smashes his radio under the heel of his boot and continues his journey to the north*
  11. *Aleksei is lying under an apple tree enjoying a freshly plucked chernarussian apple and reading through his notes he's been taking the past couple of days. As soon as he hears the man's voice on the radio he nearly chokes on a piece of apple. He picks up his radio and presses the PTT button* 'Kurva, you foreign Fena!' *he spews out before getting a hold of his breath* 'Who ever is sending this message don't listen to this man. He's an imposter...' *he takes a big breath* 'Do not go to Stary Sobor, this man is not CDF, he's not even chernarussian...' *Aleksei takes a bite out of his apple* 'Even more this man is, I believe associated or even part of the Rebels, do not trust him.' *Aleksei takes another bite out of the apple, this time he finishes eating before speaking* 'Victor consider this as a gesture from a concerned citizen, if you follow my advise It will most definetly save your life' *Aleksei throws away the core of the apple and gather his notes* 'Dobre den, Victor and in the future think twice, especially when people openly announce they're CDF over the radio' *Aleksei releases the PTT button and throws his radio in the pond to his left, before standing up and walking back towards the northern hills*
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  12. @Don @Ghoozovich @DeeBlack @Bulgarian Bombshell @Spooky88 @Jetwells @cannon @Harlow @marianosvc @sgt khan and the others I've really been enjoying the RP past couple of days. The firefight yesterday was the cherry on top. Great job lads.