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  1. Fair enough and I'm pretty sure we dealt with that internally as we wanted to create something solid. Not mad at all about the whole situation, more dissapointed that two experienced community members handled a situation like this without putting any effort in pursuing a storyline that started a couple hours earlier. we tried something with Narodniks, it didn't work. Most important thing is we had fun during it and other people enjoyed it to. A lot of people did not enjoy this because it upset their "routine" and to them, I say: 'suce my croissant'
  2. Thats really ironic. Back when you were in CLF I tried roleplaying with you at Altar but only got stalling RP until one of your groupmembers came up and ruleplayed @Hennessy and myself. Could have been better because we literally just let one of your guys we had hostage go in good faith after spending almost 2-3 hours roleplaying with them. Guess text RP'ers are exempt of radio rules If you sit in a glass house, do not throw rocks at people. The main problem I see is that people take stuff ic -ooc and vice versa. Sure you can ignore whats beeing said oocly about you bu
  3. I make the best guns, I know! thanks blizzers
  4. Some solid RP from @Hofer and @Hanro. Looking forward for more!
  5. Time to put the Groove back in Groovy
  6. Kadyr was born at the foot of the tebulosmta mountain range in the small town of Bashkoy. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a baker. he had a rough childhood growing up in a war torn country under russian opression. His parents were very strict muslims and he was forced into their religion although he didn't agree with most of the religions core beliefs. At 16 he tried to join the chechen army to fight against their russian opressor, but he got rejected for being to young. He fled home and ended up in Grozny. For 2 years he was stuck in the Chechen capital, tagging along with a
  7. Jean-Pierre was born in Paris on the 14th of december in 1960. His parents were upperclass jurists and his family were straight descendants of the notary of Louis the 14th. His father was an art collector and had modern art dealing as a hobby. His mother was also a major share holder in an luxury real estate agency. JP learned both crafts from his parents and discovered he had a talent for business. After completing his mandatory service in the french military he started his own fine and modern arts gallery and became a renowned art dealer. His focus was mainly in Middle eastern and slavic fin
  8. @Roland I've noticed that wolves (mostly limited to 1 or 2 wolves) now appear out of nowhere without any previous howling. Is this some sort of bug or just a coincidence? kind regards a fellow terrified roleplayer
  9. Sergey was born in Volgograd, his parents were upperclass citizens, running a logistics company that was specialised in medical materials, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. From a young age Sergey was passionate about biology and medicine. He often sneaked out of the house to the library to read anatomy and medicine books and tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible. After finishing his middle school education he took a shot at the doctors exam but failed. After a botched year of studying and working at his parents' logistics company. He decided to join the the russian army in 1
  10. really nice guide, just such a shame BI dev's think you can treat an influenza infection with antibiotics ?
  11. Willsky POV : So I get word over Radio from @Greener161 that there is a guy at tents that yelled at him so I walk over there with @groovy vulf, @groovy PatZ . -SERVER DIES/RESTARTS- I start chitchatting with OP and I direct the conversation towards his M4. During this conversation OP also tells me he's waiting for a friend/friends (server did crash/restarted but only OP showed up). I talk with OP a bit more and I tell him I'd like to try his gun. OP drops his weapon (off his free will) and I pick it up. I decide to keep it and he stays around me telling me he would like his gun back. I tell hi
  12. groovy willsky POV: I decided to hop on and check whats up with the outpost we have. As soon as I log on I have a visual glitch (black screen) and decided to relog to try and fix it (turning antialiasing off does fix it apparantly) At no point did I hear anyone talk/yell or initiate on me. Once I log back in (As fast as I could) I move out of the barrack and get hit a bear trap (some cheecky boi placed a bear trap right at the exit of the barrack and put me at red flashing health, which is not allowed). I notice people are snooping through our storage and approach them . I get initiated on and
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