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  1. really nice guide, just such a shame BI dev's think you can treat an influenza infection with antibiotics
  2. Willsky POV : So I get word over Radio from @Greener161 that there is a guy at tents that yelled at him so I walk over there with @groovy vulf, @groovy PatZ . -SERVER DIES/RESTARTS- I start chitchatting with OP and I direct the conversation towards his M4. During this conversation OP also tells me he's waiting for a friend/friends (server did crash/restarted but only OP showed up). I talk with OP a bit more and I tell him I'd like to try his gun. OP drops his weapon (off his free will) and I pick it up. I decide to keep it and he stays around me telling me he would like his gun back. I tell him multiple times I want to keep it and that today is my lucky day and I consider it a gift for my birthday. Op keeps telling me that he would like his gun back so I start telling him he needs to leave me alone. After a few words back an forth and OP nearly begging for his gun back I tell him a first time to leave or he would get killed (I did raise my tone in a hostile manner). OP stays in front of me and asks again to get his gun back. I then say the same thing a second time and OP is still standing in front of me. I move back and decide I gave him more than enough time to comply with my demands. I then shoot him down for not complying with my demands that were clearly stated.
  3. groovy willsky POV: I decided to hop on and check whats up with the outpost we have. As soon as I log on I have a visual glitch (black screen) and decided to relog to try and fix it (turning antialiasing off does fix it apparantly) At no point did I hear anyone talk/yell or initiate on me. Once I log back in (As fast as I could) I move out of the barrack and get hit a bear trap (some cheecky boi placed a bear trap right at the exit of the barrack and put me at red flashing health, which is not allowed). I notice people are snooping through our storage and approach them . I get initiated on and double mic over radio and "say that my hands are going up" and mute. The OP and his crew make me drop my radio. During the hostile encounter the RP they provided there was little to no interaction, nothing but myself being told to shut up while the OP and his friend loot through our stocks. Meanwhile the other CDF guys start logging on, they initiate and we manage to wipe their 4 man raiding party without any casualties (I acquired a gun and a radio from one of the dead guys). I'd like to know why OP dropped a beartrap nearly under my feet without any previous interaction?
  4. I'm fine with closing the report. If they have any questions they're always free to PM me.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Hello, I have bean issued five points for so called flame baiting due a to an honest, clear and unambiguous flowchart. This flow chart isn't targetting anyone specifically. I think staff member saunders might have felt like this was aimed at people who prefer a more passive and friendly stlye of RP but this is absolutely not the case. It's a represenation of how the mindset has changed compared to a couple of years ago. Keep IC matters IC and don't bring the OOC'ly and visce versa. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: see above, also the flowchart is not directed towards anyone specific, it's an informal way to represent what currently is going on when people are forced to RP a certain way that they do not like. RP is a give and take interaction between people and groups of people, some people have to accept that sometimes RP won't go their way and that using rules to prevent that is utterly ridiculous and non productive. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: warning points removed. What could you have done better?: Make a boring ass proza text that is boring to read and less productive/representative than my flowchart
  6. I think people in this community tend to take stuff a pit to seriously. They bring IC shit OOC'ly and OOC shit IC'ly which makes zero sense. I remember a time when you would discuss issues in room 4 and come to a compromise instead of being snaky AF and stabbing people with 2.3 or what ever rule behind their back. RP is something that comes from both sides and yes ,sometimes you will have to do things you don't like. You will have to RP out things you don't like but that doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that you play your character as realisticly as possible and value his/her life as you would value your own life in real life.
  7. To be fair he wasn't completely behind a wall, if you bring actual proof of nades killing people through a wall fair enough.
  8. The OeDEVal complex, also known as the OeDEVus complex, is a term used by Sigmund Freud in his theory of psychosexual stages of development to describe a DayZRP DEV's feelings of desire for his or her recognision and jealousy and anger towards pleb roleplayers. Essentially, a DayZRP DEV feels that he is competing with BI DEVs for possession of his development work, while a BI Devs is competing for his job. According to Freud, DEVs view their same-DEV parent as a rival for the opposite-DEV parent's possesions and creations. get me some RP items and I'll fix the problem
  9. YEs plzzz; Geiger counter, ultrasound machine, RX machine, deployable surgery table (with corresponding patient animations for laying down.) I got a shit load more medical items in mind...
  10. Pergernarant lady, vadim and doc looking at a map- colourized circa 2019
  11. tried to RP with the map and do some dank tourist rp. didn't work because you cant look at the map anymore while running please fix this, it was probably the best addition to the game.
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