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    What economics are you?

    1. Methias




    2. Sylva


      Austrian School.

      Fuck the Keynesians and their fake currency ;)

    3. Methias
    4. Sylva


    5. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      @Sylva most of us study/studied something that gets us/got us  a job other than flippin burgers, that's why we don't understand.

      calling in @Spartan

    6. Spartan


      What do you want?

    7. Sylva


      See that's why you do better than most people.

      That's why you graduate salutatorian of your high school and finish HS with an associate's degree and then double major in history and education, while joining the national guard to a) pay for college and b) get your way into teaching in a service academy once you have your doctorate.

    8. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      or you come and study in europe where education is basically free ;)

    9. Joules


      Or you can get an equally useless degree like I did. Bachelors in Political Science and an Associates in Criminal Justice. Fuckin' useless. Also I'd like a volvo too.


    10. Sylva


      @Joules you could always become a police officer. Or a court secretary. 

      And yeah don't we all :<

    11. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      you can always start you own dayz Roleplay community :/

    12. Methias


      I wont have any Anti-DayZRP propaganda on my profile young Willsky!!!

    13. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      sorry dad, I'll have to buy a 50k volvo now...

    • Dr Willsky
    • Spartan

    this friday or saturday we're gonna play the shit out of SIEGE cause I'll have my pc back

    -I'm still alive btw- 

    Onkruid vergaat niet ;)

    @Slash fuck you, I have to reach my 'fuckslashquota' 

    1. Slash


      Fuck you tooo!

    2. Spartan


      Rozen zijn rood, viooltjes zijn blauw

      De lucht van het toilet doet me denken aan jou

  1. The Game

    • Dr Willsky
    • Rolle

    When is dayZRP getting more than two genders? This is a direct violation of Human rights...




    1. Rolle


      There are only two genders. 

    2. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky


    • Spartan
    • Dr Willsky

    Gefeliciteerd flapdrol! 22 huh?

  2. Character damage system

    that is actually not completely true. There are loads of way to get out of glitched terrain. If it ever happens again, I'll make a clip about it
  3. @jason hunter @Irish @Saradomin great RP from you lads @Terra you obviously need to open up a bit more to strangers confessing their love for you @Ron Team Putin is best putin! @Dan Backslide tu est stupide, I died from laugther. Great day with the dudes and our mountain goat
  4. Jánská - Media

    When Chedaki take care of infected for you!
    • Dr Willsky
    • Ron

    Ron : There's two things that smell like fish

    1. Ron
    2. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky


    3. Ron
    4. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      let's stay on topic we we're talking about that fish

    • Dr Willsky
    • Terra

    Off to work are you?

    1. Terra


      I truly hate you

    2. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      no you don't, not yet...


  5. this looks good boys!! Russian Nasinec Kappa //
  6. [Game] GIF Response

  7. Pavel Slava Andreevich

    Pavel was born in Novodmitrovsk on the eleventh of September 1992. His father worked in the quarry of Severograd and his mom was forced to stay home due to sickness. A sickness which would unfortunately kill her after Pavel’s birth. Motherless Pavel was raised by His Aunt, Asia. She was a cruel woman, she had a daughter of her own but She loathed her. Asia was disgusted by her own daughter because she had a disability. For Pavel, this meant that he grew up getting beaten and mistreated during the 10 years of his life up until he broke. Pavel would frequently be covered in bruises and small cuts because of the beatings he took from his Aunt. His father was never home to protect Pavel because the hours and work in the quarry were hard and direly needed to feed his family. On a cold winter night, the Stove ran out of wood, Pavel’s Aunt went over to Pavel’s room and gave him the beating of his life. Pavel was supposed to bring back the firewood and cut it into smaller pieces that would fit into the stove. Beaten to a pulp Pavel scurried outside and cut pieces of firewood. Once back inside he saw his chance to escape this torture of a life. He crept up behind his Aunt and hit her in the back of the head with all his force. Her Aunt got thrown forward and hit her head on the stove. Her Aunt’s weight caused the stove to waver and the stove fell over on his Aunt. The stove started leaking coals like a gutted pig would be losing his entrails. Almost instantly the carpet caught fire, Pavel didn’t get the chance to run up the stairs to gather some clothing and a small amount of money he had put aside or the whole living room was set ablaze. Pavel ran out and kept running. He bought a bus ticket towards Russia. Considering what he’d done he knew that he couldn’t come back to Novodmitrovsk. After spending over 12 hours on the bus Pavel was exhausted. He fell asleep to be woken up by the bus driver when the Terminus was reached. As soon as Pavel left the bus a cold feeling reached him and he felt this cold that wasn’t Chernarussian in his bones. The place where he was dropped was ugly, grey flat buildings that looked like they could collapse at any moment filled the whole horizon. He had arrived in Solntsevo a neighborhood northwest of Moscow. Pavel had used most of his left-over money on the bus trip and some food during his trip. Pavel was starving and had no money, no roof and most importantly nothing to warm himself up. He stumbled through the ghetto on his own. A lot of the locals stared at him, a little 10-year-old boy covered with scabs and bruising on his own without a warm coat in the streets of the ghetto. His faith was sealed, Pavel wouldn’t survive two nights. Maybe if he’s lucky he’d make it to three nights. After his first night Pavel hadn’t slept for a second. He had found some pieces of cardboard and place where he could keep himself from dying from the cold. It was behind a metal factory. They used water to cool down the metal which made it turn to steam and luckily for Pavel they reused the steam. In this factory, they turned the steam back into water to reuse but mostly they would pump it into the waterpipes and provide ‘clean’ water to the whole of Solntsevo. Pavel found a little corner next to one of the big tanks where boiling water would be stored, he setup a small cardboard shelter next to it and attempted to sleep. What Pavel didn’t expect was that not even 5 minutes after falling asleep a pack of street dogs appeared. They had their den next to another waste water tank. Pavel had to hurry and run for his life, once again. The next day Pavel was exhausted and starving he tried to steal some food from a small little grocery store, but he got caught by the owner of the business. This is where things took an unexpected turn in Pavel’s life and for once it wouldn’t be a disappointment or would it? --WIP--
  8. Jánská (recruitment: OPEN)

    Aw yis let's make (E)RP great again
  9. @Otter @JDoberman and the other Ruski boys big up to their RP ,spicing things up a little bit at the UN camp @Banks and your boys thx for the security @Lemons you're a top bartender