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  1. Dr Willsky

    Return both servers to 80 pop.

    Saw mills spawn plank stacks of 80 (if my memory seves right) and you can use saws to get planks from them.
  2. Dr Willsky

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Abo monky lost but never forgotten
  3. Gustav was born in Miroslavl, his parents were upperclass citizens. His dad was a well known Surgeon in the Military hospital and his mother was a pediatrician. From a young age Gustav was passionate about biology and medicine. He often tried to read his dad's anatomy and medicine books and tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible. After finishing his middle school education he took a shot at the doctors exam but failed. After a year of studying and working as a paper pusher in the hospital where his father worked he tried another time but failed again. He decided to join the CDF in 1993 and wanted to start out as a combat medic. After a two year formation he got deployed in a CDF camp at the Chernarussian-Takistani border. The daily routine consisted of assisting the doctors and taking care of CDF soldiers and locals. The CDF outpost was regularly attack by takistani rebels and Gustav gained a lot of knowledge on gunshot wound treatments due to the frequent raids and skirmished CDF patrols had to endure. 29th of April in 2000 was the moment everything changed. The CDF outpost was attacked by Takistani rebels and Gustav was heavely wounded. Luckily he managed to survive and got hospitalised at the Military hospital in Miroslavl. That's where he decided to take a last shot at the doctors exam, he had a lot of time to study whilst recovering. The third time was the cham and he passed it. He followed the 6 year course and graduated in 2006. After obtaining his Doctor's degree he decided to follow a two year course in emergency trauma care and specialised in field surgery. Gustav also followed an extensive courses in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) patient care and treatment. He first got deployed in Takistan in 2012 after a chemical attack by the Pro Aziz Takistani Army. In 2014 He came back to Miroslavl and after three months he got deployed to South Zagoria. He frequently travelled between military outposts, border outposts and military bases throughout South Zagoria to train, educate and help out CDF forces. Gustav was also part of a CDF research team that did extensive research on long wave radio frequencies at the radio facility in Tisy military base. The research team managed to discover a more efficient way of utilizing a mix of low and high frequency waves to their advantage. They performed extensive tests on animals and plants. They also discovered that these waves had an effect on high proton elements (HPE). It made the HPE particles a lot more unstable and caused them to react in ways that were still unknown to scientists. In 2016 the project was suspended, a handfull of scientist and CDF soldiers started showing symptoms similar to radiation sickness. The isssue was that not a single Radioactive element was used in the tests that the scientific team performed, or so they claimed. Gustav and his team were dispatched to a compound north of the North-Western Airfield to treat and investigate the people struck by this mysterious radiation sickness. They were close to a scientific breakthrough when this mysterious outbreak took place and they were forced to set aside their research and help out the 93rd CDF brigade with evacuation. -WIP-
  4. Dr Willsky

    Territory map

    -I made a dead meme- In all honesty Find out Ic'ly who owns what part of the map. No need for OOC maps
  5. Dr Willsky

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    YEEEEES SPAGHOOTER HANDS ARE ALREADY BACK! Let's all take a moment to enjoy 20man queus
  6. Dr Willsky

    To my fellow Vape Lords...

    that's not the only thing you gag at
  7. Dr Willsky

    was there an event on the servers last night?

    Hello fellow community UI bug roleplayer Yes, every two weeks there is an event that takes place on S2 Here is a link to the event OP : Next event will take place on sunday 23/06 if I'm not mistaken xoxo Kind regards, Fellow community Event roleplayer Willsky
  8. Dr Willsky

    Dr Willsky

    Another day, another shitty meme



    Yes I suck at video editing.

    Also big thanks to @Osku, without you this wouldn't be possible

    1. Osku


      That's not me thats @Eagle, but you are still welcome😉

    2. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      you didn't even listen to the end 😕

    3. Osku


      Thats me? 😄

  9. Dr Willsky

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Sorry we don't associate with Shishkebab and unibrows
  10. Dr Willsky

    Failed Robberies Thread

    The zucchini at the end makes complete sense it's some sort of plug to hold everything in 10/10 RP right there
  11. Dr Willsky

    Failed Robberies Thread

    How big is your characters prison wallet, the amount of guns you pull out of em is amazing? Picture is an attempt to recreate it...
  12. Dr Willsky

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    to knock down one part of a wall. keep in mind a wall is build of 4 parts : lower and upper frame and then lower and upper wall surface
  13. Dr Willsky

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    I'm gonna have to recruit some child soldiers and give them pickaxes again
  14. Dr Willsky

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    Hello fellow community psychologist LIME, I thank you for this profound pshychological evaluation of my mental health. But I will have to dissapoint, I haven't been base raiding to much. I have come across some bases that were nicely designed by not impossible to get into. But it's just the main idea that taking down a wall literally takes an eternity. As long as there's no dedicated breaching items, the playing field is not even and the current overly excessive breakdown time is ridiculous. I think 30mins or something in that region is more than fair with current 'in game' mechanics. kind regards, Fellow community mentally in need member willsky
  15. Dr Willsky

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    It is indeed not supposed to be fair, but it's should also not be impossible.
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