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  1. After the massacre of Port Arthur, where Winston lived. All the military grade and most hunting rifles were confiscated throughout Australia, making hunting with-in Australias borders naut. A big win for Winston. You see, Winston is a vegan & his sole mission in life is to promote veganism, he started by chopping down hunting stands around his state of New South Whales. After the gun ban, his job became very easy, through his good word of saving the environment others joined in. Now Winston had set his sights on a new land, far from Australias shores, a hunting, and killing battleground. The next place he could spread his ideals was Chernarus, which is where he headed next. His goal was to infiltrate a hunting expo, protesting out the front of the convention with his cult like followers; while eating fruit. Unfortunetly for Winston he arrived at a very, very bad time in the Chernarussians history.. and this is where his story begins.
  2. Born in the foothills in northern Democratic Republic of Congo, Solomon had a close affinity with assault rifles from a young age. Solomon was born into one of the largest guerrilla groups in central Africa, run by his father. Throughout the 1960s desperate refugees fled fighting in southern Sudan only to find themselves captured across the border. With these slaves Solomon's father and later Solomon after he was born; were able to manufacture and grow drugs and expand an already thriving diamond trade. The larger their group expanded the more bodies they left in their wake. No one was safe. Solomon first killed a man at the age of 2; as his dad pushed his hand on the trigger. After the Congolese government began a crack down on crime in the hill with assistance from the UN Solomon's father and many in his family were killed. Using connections established for the trade of blood diamonds, Solomon was able to escape Congo to Chernarus. Solomon was employed by Russian owned criminal enterprises to run their business within Chernarus. Unfortunately not long after Solomon was able to establish himself in this new land a great disease broke out consuming all before it. Seeing this as a clear sign that the land was possessed by evil he now seeks to end the lives of all those he deems to be cursed, taking their ears to wear as protection from the spirits.
  3. apocalypticllama

    RP1: BadRP + Combat Logging 08/05/2016

    Admittedly we didn't speak as much as you may have preferred but it is a robbery, not a social event. You were asked your name, what your armband meant etc to which you responded with abuse rather than an answer. Obviously we shouldn't have attempted a robbery so late, especially when we were limited to whispering. That being said, we followed you prior for about 10 minutes, you had seen us but continued running. You also stopped to observe us after we stopped following you and spoke to another group (as I have said). Also unless you edited that clip you seem to have waited far less than 200 seconds and run all but 40 meters. After taking the sack off your head you don't leave or continue running but start to scan for us and pause. Is it really likely that someone having shortly prior been robbed, hand cuffed, punched and sacked by three armed assailants, being unarmed, and lacking on food would really risk being spotted disobeying demands?
  4. apocalypticllama

    RP1: BadRP + Combat Logging 08/05/2016

    Do any of you have video evidence of the situation? I have video of the whole thing, though most of it is from a distance so you cant hear half of the conversation. Ill try my best to get it uploaded though I will need to download compressing software etc.
  5. apocalypticllama

    RP1: BadRP + Combat Logging 08/05/2016

    In our defense we had been trying to rob you for about 30 minutes, you saw us following but continued to run. When we spoke to another group you stopped and watched us. About 5 minutes later you went up the same road which is where we robbed you. It was 1:30AM on a Sunday night, we did not intend log off that close to an interaction but when you have work/ school in 6 hours it was a little pressing. As for the bad rp I must admit I didn't use as much effort as I probably should have, though I would have been limited to a whisper. We also would have stayed and tortured you and continued to interact but as it was getting late and we began seeing people nearby we decided to leave. Before we logged off we checked we were not being followed several times and waited as long as we possibly could. Not planning on doing something like this again, though I wasn't planning on doing this in the first place.
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