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  1. Should be the Queen really shouldn't she? ?


    1. Grey


      Stupid betch

    2. Para


      Fuck no.

  2. 4134-1Mjbbj1518229620.jpg


    1. fletcho1


      What is wrong with you?

    2. Spartan



  3. dd074e761dfde56e2082e9962a99fff6fa271fc0

    1. Dino



    2. Grimnir


      This is disgusting.

    3. fletcho1
    4. Taryn


      What the fuck is that...

    5. Whitename


      corn and orange jui-- wait a fucking second thats butter isnt it

    6. Taryn


      No... It's corn milk. I just googled it. 

      It's fucking corn milk. 

    7. Whitename


      thats fucking gross

      spartan you should be ashamed

  4. Us yesterday...


  5. Born in the Athens, Georgia. Uly grew up under normal conditions. His parents were both devout Christians. He tried his best in school but he just never could keep his grades high enough. In 2009 Uly trying to find some purpose in life joined the U.S. Army and was sent to Afghanistan. During his time in Afghanistan Uly was attached to a DEA unit and saw firsthand the Opium trade in the Middle East. Uly and some other members of the security unit started to steal some of the Opium and sell it back to the Afghanis. One of the locals tipped the DEA off to what we were doing and Uly and some other members of the unit were arrested by the MPs for the selling of illegal drugs. They were Court Marshaled and dishonorably discharged then sentenced to three years in a Correctional Facility. After his time in jail Uly went home for a bit. Some of his former unit had put together a plan to make some cash when they got out of jail. The plan was to get some Opium in Takistan and take it to Chernarus to transport back to the states to sell. Uly was asked to join them and naturally seeing a way to make some money and to get a chance to work with his old unit again he joined. But it all went to shit in a matter of weeks when the infection hit and he and his unit were stuck in Takistan. Hoping to find a way out he and his unit made their way to Chernarus most of them didn’t make it, near the end it was only Uly and Chris.
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