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  1. .308 round from a M1A from approx 300 meters down hill. Wind slightly blowing South East
  2. I was born in New York City. Growing up i wasn't the best kid on the block. Constantly staying out late with friends and getting into trouble with the law. My parents sought to seek me help but it just pushed my further and further away from them. The only family I cared about was my brother Marcus Moreno. He had his head on straight unlike me. He talked of going onto college and having a good job, but for me... I had other plans. I had plans of getting away as far as possible. out of high school I got a job and left everything behind with a few friends. We went to Asia and were finally free to do what we wanted. We were visiting South Zigoria when everything went down hill. The city went into lock down. My friends panicked and ran. I was alone now... No one but me surrounded by the chaos that is now my own personal hell on earth.
  3. Keving is a biologist. Kevin was touring Chernarus for a tour to see all the land and wildlife of the area. The outbreak happened and things happened very quickly. Kevin saw a man later known as Kenji kill a family of four. Kevin ran but Kenji caught him and spared his life because he saw potential in his survival skills. Now Kevin and Kenji roam the lands together barely surviving.Through the encounters the two's mental state has had a terrible beating from the things they had to do. This has shaped them into the survivalist they are today. They fight to survive and thrive and they show respect until they have reason not too.
  4. MrMaha

    Im trying

    seems just about the other way around buddy.
  5. MrMaha

    Life is mask [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    *Grabs an old tape recorder as soon as he hears the sad tone of Dominic's Voice* *Clicks record on the recorder* *When the broadcast ends, he stops recording* *presses the eject button on the recorder and puts the tape in his backpack* *puts recorder away* *grabs radio and broadcasts to the frequency* "may this pore bastard rest in peace, and to the world, let this be a lesson to never forget who you once were. before things hit the fan." *Takes finger off the push to talk button* *shuts off radio*
  6. MrMaha

    RDM/Gear RP

    We got word over radio from a guy in our group that he saw some guys near airfield. he didn't feel safe so we went to back him up. Me and a few other of my guys went to back him up. we were north of VMC across the road in a field. we saw some guys down by the road and we started talking then when all of my group met, up the hill from the road connecting vybor and kabanino. we saw one of the 4 guys in black by the road watching us behind a stone wall so we ran to question him. That is when his 3 other buddies ran up the hill to us and were acting a little sketchy. From the radio earlier he said they sounded hostile. They started getting sketched out and started running away. we followed and agreed to initiate on them. One of us text initiated the one running in the back that was close enough to see the message. We stopped and started shooting. we dropped one of them in the field and he went unconscious. we went to go tie him up and stop the bleeding when i heard over the radio that he was already dead. We continues to chase. we got to a house in the middle of the field north of stary (Lonely house) when we saw one of them running. one of us shot him and he went unconscious. We healed him and tied him up. when he woke up he started yelling at us in voice chat OOC that we were breaking the rules and that it was gear rp. I feel like this is Fail RP. we took him in the woods and he was still yelling at us when i gave my pickax to luke and he killed the guy with the pickax.
  7. MrMaha

    Interview with a community member: Roach

    Great to see others opinions on the community and see it from another perspective! Great job @Roach
  8. MrMaha


    So... am i the only one that sees that Puncture is confessing he is a pedo?
  9. MrMaha

    S1 Sexual/BadRP Kabanino 22/05/2016

    PoV: While is was in Kab i was chilling in the streets talking and having normal rp. Next, i hear there is a fight going on and watch it. when the female loses someone took her gun and ran. We ran to the church and then we saw Dr.hope and we all just walked into town. Then, I hear that two people are making a porno. then i go up into the house and ask to see the director because i know people own houses in Kab and i wanted to see if they had a permit (for rp purposes) no one answers me so i just walk out. then we all get together outside and start chanting "the power of christ compels you" then most of us put up our middle fingers at them. then we went into the house and then one of them points a gun at us and tells us to leave, while the other two are still making the porno. we do then later we go back in and they say that the blocked the door with a wardrobe closet. then i go outside and i believe that is when charlie threatened to throw the flashbang at them if they didnt stop. then they did and then they came out and we basically just had a mexican stand off for a while. then we all went our separate ways.
  10. For the past few days I have taken part in Hanz and Chuck's market. I have had a great time trading. recently we have been getting robbed. i am not an owner but i do help from time to time. Usually the French Legion help protect it, but lately they haven't to well. I was wondering what you guys think about it so far, and your thoughts. If you have the time please tell us your experiences. ~ Jason Maha
  11. so do i still reply with my side or what is going on. i'm very confused.
  12. I enjoyed Jacks. When he held me up. Well done and with great detail.
  13. hey guys im pretty new to dayzrp and I am pretty interested in peoples backstories. so if you would like to share your just put it down below
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