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  1. Luka Begovic

    A work in progress and all such nonsense, stuff will be written here at some point. To give a few pointers to far. -Luka was born in Hambarine in early spring/late winter, a year before a terrible incident in his home town known as the Hambarine massacre several hundred people would lose their lives. His father would be one of the few hundred that passed away in the summer of 1992, where himself, his mother and 400 other people would flee the town and region, trying to escape the mess they got dragged in.
  2. Field notes of Maj. Kristian Holmen

    I do have some personal notes about the people around him and the current state of things in the working, it's just more slow coming. And yes, everything is written in Norwegian
  3. Field notes of Maj. Kristian Holmen

    Missing Personnel Update
  4. When the server starts to desync, a zombie starts killing you and you can't kill it and then the server goes down


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  5. *After not hearing much after the incident at Kamenka and him being not able to sleep by the constant worrying, he picks up his radio in the dead of night* ''Andersson? Dimitri? Noa? Johansson? Pekka? Does anyone of you read me?'' ''Jeg vet at vi hadde noen uenigheter da vi var i Kamenka og jeg vet at dere har et bedre bånd mellom dere enn det dere har med de andre, men jeg har ikke hørt noe fra dere på to uker nå.'' ''Jeg er rett og slett bekymret....'' ''Jeg har også fått rapporter at du Johansson har lusket rundt omkring oss i skogen etter vi dro fra Kamenka.'' ''Jeg vet ikke om dere planlegger noe, men jeg håper virkelig ikke det'' ''Jeg ønsker bare å vite at dere har det bra.'' ''Vennligst svar meg.'' *The line would return to static as Holmen would be sitting in his bed throughout most of the night, holding his radio waiting for a response*
  6. Field notes of Maj. Kristian Holmen

    Radio Relay Repairs thanks to @Malet for the graphics
  7. The Last Light Media Thread

    @Brayces @Faith @Spartan @Faith @Iso @Lemons @Razareth @derNils @Irish @VodkaWolf @Brayces @HarveyJ @Kinks @Demaabd @Malet @HarveyJ @Iso
  8. 105.7 [secure frequency] UN High Command Secure Frequency

    *Holmen is relieved getting a response so quickly, picking up his radio and presses the button* Falcon-Actual, solid copy on your last transmission, we'll be awaiting your next message.'' ''Sandman-1, out'' *Holmen places his radio back in his pocket, getting ready for today's event*
  9. 105.7 [secure frequency] UN High Command Secure Frequency

    *After finishing the repairs on the relay, Holmen takes a seat and attempts to hail command again* ''Falcon-Actual, this is Sandman-1.'' ''Your last transmission was unreadable, but with work from us here in South Zagoria the signal should be better.'' ''Repeating last transmission with added information'' ''We currently have multiple wounded personnel, but all of us is recovering at a steady pace.'' ''I'm requesting an update on the situation in Miroslavl and with the research with the documentation and samples we have provided.'' ''I also request a possible supply drop for us and the people we're still able aid...'' *Takes a moment before finding his notes* ''...We are in need of the same medical supplies that we arrived with, if you're able to provide with any of the supplies we first came with, it would be greatly appreciated.'' ''I still wish to find a way for the people with me to have the opportunity to contact their loved ones at home, with the medical supplies, I wish for equipment so people can contact their families. We also need new SATCOM phones as we only have one left and is not functioning properly anymore.'' ''The repairs we made will not last for too long, a response is needed ASAP.'' ''Over.'' *Holmen takes a short break before speaking again, being a little surprised hearing Ripley's voice * ''Sandman-Actual?'' ''...This is Sandman-1, connection is poor, but should be slightly improved after these repairs we just finished.'' ''Confirming message received, large force of Greys moving towards our region, advised finding a position to defend against the coming threat.'' ''Confirm message, over.'' *Holmen would release the PTT, turning the line back to static, waiting for a response*
  10. Me after a certain TS conversation
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  11. Nordic Battlegroup

    Good luck with the group boys, looking forwards to our next encounter
  12. Sorry, can't confirm a promotion with high command
  13. Right, a 7,5 hours play session is done and so much fun happened. @Lyca and @Brayces great meeting up with you again, excited to see what happens next. @Lemons and @Faith quite a lot happened today between us, excited for what we have planned @jonas and @Pontito Sorry for yelling at you guys, pls no hate @Razareth When you shouted into the radio after all the shooting in town, I've not laughed so much in such a long time. @Shanoby Great having you back, the info you provided is definitely going to cause some shit. @Malet Stop being drunk. @Spartan Stop shooting shit with your bow ffs. @derNils, @HarveyJ and @Ramon Always a joy to see you guys even if I didn't get the chance to RP too much with you today. @Iso You ruined the plans Elizabeth and I had planned to slowly bring Phelan and Dolores to us and just dropped the bomb at us, creating some nice tensions, screw you. (love you) @RogueSolace I'm not sure how long we talked inside the house at the end, an hour, possibly longer, but it was so much fun and I enjoyed every bit of it. Top notch. I've probably forgotten someone, so a last thank you to everyone that was around us today