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  1. Wait 45 mins in queue, play for 15 mins and crash. GG

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      Gets to 2nd place in the queue after waiting for 20+ mins, only to lose connection. GG

  2. Great read, it definitely cleared up some questions others and myself had about the outside world. Looking forwards for the next to come!
  3. Dino's media thread

    First meeting between the United Nations and Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska
  4. Was a great with some amazing development all around. Thanks to @Joffrey and the rest of the VDV for the meeting. @Static for the radio contact, looking forwards for more contact. And course to all the UN personnel that were on tonight and everyone else that ran into the UN base of operation. Really fun night!
  5. Sorry if we spooked you -Major Kristian Holmen
  6. Dino's media thread

    Leading survivors back to camp Everyone getting check up by WHO personnel
  7. Dino's media thread

    these pictures were taken of my recording so quality is more shit. On our first patrol. Securing the area and assisting a civilian Mr. Fraiser leading us to and giving us a V3S truck
  8. Dino's media thread

    Thanks We also got that truck with seats in the back, so we can pretty much transport everybody
  9. Dino's media thread

    [Welcome to my wonderful thread of average looking pictures] Will upload pictures of as many UN adventures as possible All pictures will be compiled in the spoiler and new ones will also be posted as comments Wheels on the UN bus goes round and round, round and round, round and round, Wheels on the UN bus goes round and round, all through the town.
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    *mercilessly steals your idea*


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      Not many girls say that tbh

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    Looks great so far, good luck on the group. Looking forwards to run into you guys ingame.
  12. Kristian Holmen

    (The background is written as bullet points and is still WIP) Born in Oslo, lived there his whole life. Lived quite a normal life. Beginning of his 3rd year of high school he get's a letter from the government telling him to go through the selection process, to see if he's suited to go through the mandatory military service in Norway. Since Kristian had played quite a bit of football for several years the running test went well without any problems, he also passed the strength tests, but not by a huge margin. The theoretical test went by really swimmingly and there was no issues during the medical checkup. Kristian was now just sitting in the waiting room waiting for the last stage of the selection, all there was left to do was to speak to an officer on how the process went and what the outcome would be Before Kristian was even called in for the process he was already really interested in doing his 1 year service, he had already several friends that were confirmed that going into the service and a few older friends that had already gone through the service and just had positive experience after their service. Because of this and after reading some pamphlets that were in the waiting room about the service he might be put into has gotten him really motivated to go through his service. Finally his name gets called up and he heads for a small office room, greats the officer and closes the door behind him. After a quick chat about how the process went and what his feelings were for going through the service, Kristian gets the choice between two branches of the military where he could do his service: The navy or the Royal Guards. As he wasn't fond of spending most of his service at sea and since the Royal Guards are based in Oslo, where he grew up, he chooses the Royal Guards. His last year of high school goes by, and then there is a half a year break before the start of his service. The recruit period last for 2,5 months and for the remainder of the time he'll be standing guard at different royal or important locations around Oslo. Kristian would describe the service at the most fun and exciting part of his life so far, meeting new friends and gaining great inspiration from the his officers, leading to him wanting to study and working within the military. A year passes and his service is over, and as soon he's able to he applies to join 'Krigsskolen' (Norwegian Military Academy), goes through another selection process and then starts a 4 years study to become an officer, by the time he has finished he has gotten the rank of Fenrik. He would spend a couple of years stay stationed in Norway in the northern part of Norway, training and commanding new recruits doing their own mandatory service. After those years passes and for Kristians hard work he's given the rank of Lieutenant, but quite shortly after he's given this rank he would no longer work up in northern Norway as he would apply to work with the United Nations. His application went through and he would get his first mission for the UN, for the first time in his life he would travel outside of Europe. Instead of traveling for vacation he would travel for the face of the UN to Chad as an UN observer. He would spend his time traveling unarmed, creating relations, getting to know the local population and more about the situation there. The people in Chad seemed quite welcome for the UN person ell as they helped manning the hospitals and helped the population with getting basic necessities like food and water. His time spent Chad provided him with some great experience which would help him further down the road with working for the UN, he would later work in Afghanistan as a part of an international security force and then again later as an observer in Syria. (To be completed)
  13. DayZRP Community Lore - Post-Wipe

    I like it so far, and going to be great when we get to see the extended part comes out. Also thanks @Joules for reading out the lore for us