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  1. *After his wounds had been tended by Elisabeth, Ella and Reed, Holmen discusses our current state with Hawk before taking the SATCOM and hails command* ''Falcon-Actual this is Sandman-1, by this time the Colonel and the people that went with him should have arrived to Miroslavl and I hope they are all doing well.'' ''I do hope all the samples that were brought back is all intact and usable for the researcher that are still in Miroslavl.'' *Holmen takes a moment, taking a few deep breaths, holding his wounds before he continues* ''Our situation here is still somewhat dire, we were recently at the NATO compound before it got attacked, ending with Letter, Hughes and myself getting injured. I haven't had any contact with Hughes so I can't comment on his situation, Letter currently has a broken arm and I suffered 3 bullet wounds, but with the caring hands of some civilians that has been aiding United Nations personnel for a long time I do believe we'll be fine with time.'' ''Sir, I still wish for a response from my last broadcast, I also want an update on our orders and what you're able to assist with for the personnel that are still in South Zagoria, there is 15 personnel that I still have contact with and multiple others I no longer know where are.'' *Coughing is heard, before the transmit is cut and only static would be heard for a little while* *With a shattered voice you would hear* ''Please help us...'' *The line would return to static*
  2. Worst Fears

    After almost getting squashed by a massive truck on the highway while we were driving 100 km/h, I always feel unsafe now driving next to them.
  3. The Last Light Media Thread

    Well, I was alone for almost 2 days.... That was a secret!
  4. The Last Light Media Thread

    Me waiting for these guys ^^
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  6. The Last Light

    Here we go!
  7. Thanks to everyone that attended the event, I hope you all enjoyed it, I certainly did. I would @ people, but I'm unsure who was who Was a first for me planning an event and being a part of such a group, so thank you all for the RP <3
  8. Hope you all enjoyed the event, some things that happened was really quite unplanned so even for us that 'lead' the event even got some surprises. Wonderful job for everyone!
  9. The time has come, I want to thank everyone that has been a part of the group. This was my first time leading any group, and I certainly did not expect to be a part of the lead of a lore faction. Hopefully I didn't do too terrible It has been quite the learning experience doing this and I've had a lot of fun and enjoyable RP moments. Also made a bunch of wonderful new friends in the process and I'm excited for the RP to come! So thank you all again, for playing, helping and doing everything we did. o7
  10. Greetings from Norway!

    Welcome to the community! Greetings from Oslo!
  11. Apologizes for not updating it for a while, will do so in a moment
  12. *After the briefing with Ripley, Holmen would go inside of the hospital, laying down reports on the table before picking up the radio* ''Falcon-Actual, this is is Sandman-1.'' ''I regret to inform that we've been unable to try and restore the relay stations, due to other missions taking priorities. Break'' ''Recently I've conducted a patrol to Kamensk Military Base, known as 'Ground Zero', the people that joined me was, Dr.Capella, Dr. Abakouv , Capt. Hawk, Sgt. Klein, Cpl. Letter, LCpl. Levi, LCpl. Dijk, Officer Nedved and Officer Saunders. Break'' ''We conducted recon of the area and research on the bodies that were found in a enclosed pit. We prepared ourselves for any biological and chemical dangers. Break'' ''We conducted research on the bodies, where there were missing limbs, shrapnel and blast damage on their bodies.'' ''After the patrol to the compound myself and my personnel started to fall ill within a day, my only guess at the time was the possibility of radiation being emitted from the area. Break'' ''I ordered everyone else to stay at an encampment south east of Ground Zero, where Hawk, Capella and I found any protective equipment in the nearby medical facilities, and went back inside of the encampment. Break'' ''The three of us went inside and made measurements of the radiation. Break'' ''Most parts of the compound had a reading of 0,2-0,4 Gy, where the western walls of the compound had a reading up to 1,5 Gy. Break'' ''The enclosed pit is located on the south eastern part of the compound with piles of bodies inside of it. Break'' ''Inside that same pit, there is a pipe that has been welded shut, when we conducted a reading on it, we got a reading for 2 Gy before we aborted. Break.'' ''We were unable to find the source of the radiation, but whatever that has been the pipe could be of an explanation. Break'' ''Currently all personnel that went inside the compound suffered from slight radiation poisoning, where Hawk and myself got a higher dosage since we entered the compound twice and Capella is feeling the worst effects as she was the one closest to the highest radiation areas. Break'' ''As of right now, most of us have recovered from the radiation, expect for Hawk, Capella and myself. Break'' ''Our encampment has been under attack multiple times the last week, resulting in multiple injured UN personnel, we're still holding on, but it gets more difficult to do our duties as the days go by. Break'' *Holmen would take a short break, taking a deep breath before continuing* ''Sir, I've something personal to ask for my personnel and myself, none of us have had any contact with our families for almost two months now. Would it be possible to set up an up-link so people are able to contact their loved ones?'' ''I would also ask for an update on the current state of the rest of the world, most specifically I wish to know about the state of Scandinavia, United Kingdom, United States and the Baltic states.'' ''Over.'' *Holmen would attach the radio back onto his vest, resting and waiting for a response*
  13. *Holmen would sit by his bed, leaning against the wall while listening on the responses from his broadcast* ''Ma'am, unfortunately we were not able to find the source of the radiation, however clues suggestion that the welded pipe has something to do with it, which is located inside of the pit.'' ''We did conduct a scan of the entire military base and measured the radiation levels, the levels we measured were 0,2-0,4 Gy around the majority part of the compound, where the levels increased to 1-1,5 Gy towards the western part of the compound.'' ''We also conducted a scan inside of the pit, but as soon as the levels started to spike towards 2 Gy, we aborted the scan'' ''To give comparison on the levels measured, a chest x-ray gives off 0,0001 Gy, this is how serious this is. Avoid this area at all costs.'' *He puts the radio down on the floor, resting for a few moments before getting up*