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  1. Dino

    Amber Eyes

    *Listening on the broadcast, a confused and worried look comes over his face as he reaches for his radio and speaks in a direct manner.* "I'm sorry but this isn't Jaro, I wouldn't lie about what I said, I don't joke about these things." *A small break in the transmission occurs as he ponders for a moment before speaking again* "What is it you want?"
  2. Dino

    Once on the field, always on the field

    Big o7 to "Jaro" Ever since we first meet in camp Hope and us then running around almost everyday for the last months have been extremely fun and enjoyable. Definitely a character that had a lot of impact on a lot of people and will be remembered by them for a long time in the future. He will definitely be missed
  3. Dino

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Congratulation boys, well deserved!
  4. Dino

    Polaroids and other media

    First lesson from @Malet's art of shit talking @Dino - "Give me 5!" speech bubble @Brayces - Fancy mustache @Ouromov - His colourful drawings on the book and hand @Scarlett - "Alkohol! IS A SOLUTION" @DrMax - Molotov cocktail @Revie - Making the shot into a cocktail
  5. Dino

    Polaroids and other media

    @Ouromov trying to fit into his new pants given to him by @Lyca
  6. Dino

    Brayces Clippy Clips - [Videos and Whatnot]

    Finally it comes to the public view the abuse you do to me
  7. Dino

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    This is the best emote I've ever gotten IG:
  8. Dino

    VSS sound glitch.

    A bug with the DayZ base game, it's fixed in the current experimental branch: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/244609-experimental-update-103151625/
  9. Dino

    Dead Batteries [Selective Recruitment]

    I've had the pleasure to meet the people from the group a couple of times now and each encounter has been really enjoyable. The amount of story building and character progression I've gotten from the few encounters with you guys have been remarkable, I want to especially commend everyone that was at the Elektro church today, the mood, environment and RP that you guys set and put forth was nothing short of amazing, truly as unique hostileRP experience! Keep up the wonderful job so far!
  10. Dino

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thank you to; @Malet & @Revie, always fun to stroll around with you guys. Hopefully we get to meet again. @Brayces & @Ouromov, was really fun to run around with you and resolve that issue between the randoms we meet and thanks for dragging 'unconscious' body somewhere safe and being kind to endure my painRP
  11. Dino


    wtf, I'm purple now? Did I suddenly become GM again 😄

    1. DrMax


      Yes. New MVP colour 

    2. Aisling


      Whens Orion/Jupiter making his return?

    3. Voodoo


      yep... lets get the MVP's together and riot for our green back!


  12. Dino

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    Hey, we're still out and about! We just haven't had the chance to play as much as we did before when the group first came up. As a side note to that, Aristo won't have access to his PC for about two weeks so he won't be on for a little while.
  13. Dino

    United Nations and World Health Organization Timeline

    Changelog + Added new section: 6th-16th of January, 2019: Temporary F.O.B established + Added new section: 16th-18th of January, 2019: New F.O.B established with difficulties + Added new section: 19th of January, 2019: Aid, relations and fighting at a fortified checkpoint + Added new section: 22nd-23rd of January, 2019: Diplomatic talks with PAMYATI + Added new section: 27th-28th of January, 2019: Lt. Palladino goes M.I.A and Lt. Watson takes over + Added new officer to Key notes regarding the 2nd Response unit: Richard Watson + Credited @Chernon in the Key notes regarding the 2nd Response unit for the information he has provided + Added new sources: Radio chatter, group pages and @Chernon x Fixed some small errors here and there in the timeline as a whole Big thanks to @Chernon for providing info for all of these sections and writing out majority of the text. These segments wouldn't have been possible without his help.
  14. Dino

    United Nations and World Health Organization Timeline

    You mean in terms that there should be more on the timeline from the current UN group with what you guys have been doing? If so, I did inform BreadERP to keep me updated with stuff that I can add into this timeline with stuff that you guys do with this iteration of the UN since I'm not playing with you guys, but I've yet to receive anything.
  15. Dino

    • Dino
    • Spartan

    Happy Birthday Spartan!!!


    1. Spartan



  16. Dino

    When will the winter mod be removed ?

    End of January
  17. Dino

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thank you very much for the RP today @Aristocrat & @Credidred, always nice to stroll around with you. And to @HighlanderLass, the RP session we had all the way from Grishino to Tisy to cooking the steaks and back to Novaya was really fun and enjoyable, hopefully we meet again!
  18. Dino

    • Dino
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    Have a productive day

    1. Spartan


      I knew it

    2. DrMax


      He got you back!

  19. Dino

    United Nations and World Health Organization Timeline

    Changelog + Added new section: 6th of January, 2019: New task force sent to South Zagoria + Added year to each section + Added splitters between each section and fixed some formatting + Added information section regarding the 2nd Response Unit + Added one new source: Group page
  20. Dino

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    My UN beret has been left in the locker and it's going to stay there ? I did help him a bit with setting this up though.
  21. Dino

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Good to finally see it up, best of luck!
  22. Dino

    Anyone mind making an outline on my gif?

    The file size was quite big so the overall quality of the gif has dropped a bit to fit the file size limit for a profile picture
  23. Dino

    Anyone mind making an outline on my gif?

  24. Dino

    Take in-game time into account when delivering permaban verdicts

    I don't agree with game time being a factor on how long punishments should last for or anything like that. I think the system that is in place works fine. Almost all points that you gather lasts for one month, unless an exception is made due to severe rule breaks or something. This means that a person (most of the time) needs to acquire 30 points in the span of one singular month. If a person continuously break rules over a 10 month period (but is never permabanned due to the points disappearing after a month) then what could be suggested is a final warning where they only have one chance left. A person that plays 100 hours in the span of 1 month could be actively providing RP to people and the server in general, but you still have to abide by the rules and in my opinion it isn't that difficult to do. Wrapping up 30 points in a month is honestly a difficult thing do to unless you're clueless on the rules on the server. I can take myself as an example for this, since lorewipe, I'm one of the people in the community that has over 1000 hours played and even though I've been in hostile encounters, I've initiated on people and I've killed people IG and despite all of this, I've yet to be reported or gotten any points from forum related rule breaks. In the scenario that you described, player B isn't being punished for the sole purpose of the person being more active, there are plenty of players that are really active (new and old) that never receive any points at all. Player B is being punished because they broke so many rules that they went over 30 points in a short amount of time. It either being rule breaks IG or breaking rules on the forums. Also I suggest adding a poll, polls are always nice in suggestion threads.
  25. Dino

    S1- NVFL, North-West Airfield, Approximately 00:50am

    Verdict @Eagle NVFL | Not Guilty Explanation During this encounter we have HWrightt and Holy talking to Eagle before they initiate on him. Eagle ends up killing both of them, but dies in the process. In this situation, we've two people fighting against one person where both people from the hostile side have their weapons lowered when the initiation is said and with Eagle having some hard cover between you, gives him a fair chance of fighting back and surviving, which he almost succeeds in. One can be seen guilty of No Value for Life if they were completely out numbered, outgunned or surrounded which is not the case in this situation. If it wasn't for DayZ have a bit of delays and it being a bit buggy, there would have been a chance of Eagle surviving this encounter with only some injuries. Therefore we've deemed that Eagle is not guilty of No Value for Life. We also wish to mention something that was said during this encounter. Eagle said that he was from Russia and was then answered with "ah, so you're from here are you, yeah?". Chernarus is not a part of Russia, as Chernarus is its own fictional country that was created with Arma 2 where it has its own regions, capital and borders and a full backstory on how the country came to be how it is today. We suggest that you read up on the lore of on our lore page to not get confused regarding this matter in the future. Also, if you are unsure if a rule was broken to begin with or are confused regarding any rules, it's better to contact a staff member and ask if you have any question rather than opening up a report. This way, the staff members(s) opinion(s) are able to enlighten you a lot faster than a report would and it will take less time out of everyone's day with having to deal with a report when it was possibly not needed. Outcome @Eagle NVFL | No action taken Signed by @Dino, @Jamie & @Sleepyhead
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