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  1. Dino

    Staff Feedback: Dino

    Thank you for the feedback Bounty! Have fun IG!
  2. Dino

    Staff Feedback: Dino

    Thank you for the positive feedback Samti!
  3. Dino

    Character creation in 0.63

    It's is a bit tricky how you how to do it due to how the launcher works and 0.63. - First you need to join the server through the launcher. - Then kill your character in game. - You then have to press EXIT (DON'T PRESS RESPAWN) and go back to the main menu of DayZ, never close down the game. - While in the main menu, you then need to set your character. - After that you join the server through the in game browser that is in DayZ. If you ever close down the game, the character you've set will be reset and it will be put to something random. So if you die in the future, make sure to go back to the main menu and set the character and then join the server and respawn. With naming your character, you've to do that through the DayZ SA Launcher. It's all explained here:
  4. Dino

    Bad version?

    Correct, as well among other small things that have been added and tweaked. This is all listed in the Q&A section of that thread. We do have some admin tools that the GM and Admin team already have used to do small scale and larger scale events. More of these will come in the future.
  5. Dino

    Bad version?

    This is due to the fact that you need to use the DayZ SA Launcher to join the server to get the mods we've implemented in it Have a look here to see where to download it and how to use it:
  6. Dino

    The Radio Woes

    //closed upon request by OP
  7. Dino

    When will tents / Persistent items be added to the game?

    They will most likely be added in with the next content patch from the Dev team. Currently on the Stress Test you have barrels and tents back in the loots spawns by default and possibly some better persistence, so we're hoping for that. We don't know sadly when that content patch will come out for experimental though.
  8. Dino

    Dumb Question

    As of thing we've modded in, there isn't too much as of yet, but this is what we've changed and added: VoIP range & quality have both been significantly increased. We've also changed spawn points. There are now 92 spawn points, all of which are either in or surrounding the Black Forest. You will spawn with a working radio & rags. There are now also 100 slots to our server. There are now a few more items, including different medications. These currently have no benefits or downsides, they are purely cosmetic however you can still consume them.
  9. Dino

    Dumb Question

    He forgot to link it
  10. Dino

    Can't hear VOIP

    Just posting here just in case more people get the issue. We went through the audio settings of Windows and the audio software (Realtek) he was using and just tried to reset as much as possible back to default and it seems to have worked for now.
  11. Dino

    Another Newcomer

    Hello and welcome to the community!
  12. Dino

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    Made a drawing of us

    1. Chewy


      You forgot my tiddies and thicc thighs but it's okay everyone makes mistakes

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      My skills only go so far in paint

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      ummm you're forgetting @OskuRP

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      This is the discord #help room quick response force

  13. Dino

    "kicked for not using active character"

    You need to set your character name in the DayZ SA launcher before you join the server, as the server checks if a player is using the name of the character they have set as active Look in this guide to see how you set your IG name in the launcher:
  14. Dino

    Hello, im HelloRyanHolmes

    Welcome, best of luck with your whitelist!
  15. Dino

    Playing on my own

    Hello and welcome to us!