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  1. I've been experiencing the issue with not being able to perform actions or being able to hit infected and such. Copy-pasting from what I wrote in discord: "In regards of what I wrote before, it seems to be something with Vorkuta. Whenever I get close to the town or am in it, it seems that my perspective of my character (my screen) and the server's perspective of my characters gets fucked up and since these two things gets dragged so far from each other I am not able to interact with anything that I see on my screen (infected don't even aggro on me). Suspicion of this is because whenver I log off the server and log back in, I am put back X amount of time, especially when I am around Vorkuta and sometimes I get 'stuck' there and need to relog 1-4 times to get outside of this-'zone'(edited) So not sure if it is Vorkuta, the server, the map or me doing this, but there seems to be some kind of hiccup appearing" This has also started to happen to me outside of Vorkuta with infected being able to aggro on me and me not being able to hit back at them, so for me it makes it unplayble at the moment as you're not able to interect with most items or I have a long delay with being able to act with items and with the fact that it can also become impossible to defend yourself from infected. Some sort of desync is happening and it gets amplified when I'm in/around Vorkuta at least. This is the first time I played on Nalamsk and the issue started to happened right away. Has anyone else been having these issues and did you managed to somehow fix it?
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  3. don't you dare put us together in the lore

    1. DrMax


      Dr River and Nikolai were like sooooo hawwtt and a power couple who saved the world! 

  4. If I'm not mistaken either the model or the texture of the knife sheath is hard-coded in the game which makes it either not possible to change it or modders are not allowed to retexture it per Bohemia rules. I could be mistaken though.
  5. @CLF, was great fun getting the chance to be a part of the meeting, will be interesting where it leads to. @Burak Thanks for the chat we had, glad to get some more development going on. @Miamomoh Thank you for chilling out with me, always a pleasure to meet you. @DrMax Always a pleasure to experience your medicalRP, next time I'll try to not be a day late for our appointment ?
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    Nice profile

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      Thank you, same back at cha!

  7. There was a short time where the DayZ devs made it so that your character would come to a complete stop (like in Arma 2 DayZ mod) when you would be accessing your inventory (before you were able to jog and run) and when the change was made the general DayZ community did not like this change whatsoever and was changed quite quickly. The current system in place where you are forced to walk while accessing the inventory is good compromise between all of them in my opinion. I understand and I like the idea overall of this mod as I like the realistic approach to it, but with DayZ and how the game works, I just find it tedious that you would have to do something like this every time to access something from your backpack and as such makes it less fun to play for me at least. Also knowing how DayZ can be, having to move an item or container in this case so often I can see that it can suddenly be DayZ'd eventually. -1 for me.
  8. Absolutely amazing drawing! Keep it up!
  9. Amazing stuff as always, keep up the good work!
  10. Charater is WIP and is not to be played for a good while.
  11. GPU: AMD R9-290. CPU: Intel i5-4690. Location: Severograd, on the train tracks on the south side of the town. Error message: 0xC0000005, see picture below. Nvidia control panel: Not applicable. What I was doing: I was walking along the train tracks, overlooking the town, watching a truck drive through the town.
  12. The hunting scope itself is not able to fit on the Mosin anymore, but I know that one of the scopes from one of the mod packs does, where that scope spawns in the same places as the hunting scope so it is currently possible to use a scoped Mosin. If the developers are able to change the vanilla hunting scope to fit then I say go for it! But for the time being until something is possibly changed, you've a workaround it for now.
  13. Wonderful guide! I am looking forwards to (hopefully) TextRP more again in the future.
  14. Wonderful stuff, keep up the good work!
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