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  1. I personally think it is find during evenings Im seeing between 55 - 75 players on Both servers. I personally play mainly on S2 as I got fed up of always queing on S1. I like the mixed groups on the servers. Also in response to say having S2 only open when S1 is above 70 Players what happens when it drops to say 65 for an hour all what is going to happen is everyone will be kicked from S2 and be moved to S1 (Hassle for players) and then instantly as everyone switches S2 will open again causing a endless loop of open/close/open/close.....
  2. Max was an lonely child who always want a family with his dad Harry then entered Theo with his mum Anna who had recently moved to London. The Winthrop family became close friends to Theo and Anna, and later Anna and Harry married. Theo and Max became fast friends and went to college together. Theo went to college for Business, Max went to College for film making. Over summer break they both decided to go to Chernarus for different reasons Theo wanted to see the area, while also asking about the areas commerce and business practices. While Max's reasons are more of the photography reasons wanting to see the beautiful country side, this is when the outbreak started he and his brother got split up and later met up in Stary Sobor. Over the 2 years stuck in chernarus they had to defend themselves multiple times from infected and other people wishing to do them harm. Now it's time to setup a camp!
  3. Well it was unfortunately not us that took it all if this is the case But i don't think it did ever "all disappear". I'm sure if the logs go far enough back it will show we did nothing with stashes or destroying gear ect. We were there either Monday / Tuesday Night as there is a big gap in time. As you guys were playing new characters for a few days.
  4. This is false information we took 12 Boxes of nails, and we had not emptied all of your chests or emptied everything out of the tents or barrels infact we left them all with loads of gear in. So here's some of the items we took (From Memory) m14 / SVD / VSS / Tundra / 12 Boxes Nails / Ammo for guns we took (You are a large group with many members these are nothing really) I know for a fact we left you with atleast a m249 , m16, 2 x ump and ammo for these guns also you had loads of lower tier weapons like Shotguns / CZ / FNX /thats just the weapons This is false again we raided no stashes what so ever! We also left Clothes / Military Gear (Vest / Plate Carriers) / Food loads and loads of food / medical supply's / Loads of building supplies except Nails. You had tones of stuff left in your base absolute loads. As I stated above I made sure to make sure not to screw you guy completely over. As it's a game and we are here to have fun not destroy everything someone has been working on for a week! I feel the main point is we also did not damage ANYTHING we did not throw stuff on the ground we did not destroy walls we left nothing empty we only took a small portion from your base. Also when did Paul tell you about this . He was not with us at all and we NEVER told him IC about the Raid we told him OOC on Thursday but only that we took a couple of weapons. Can we please get Paul @EdgyNova PoV as he is keep being mentioned! Once again false I built a couple of walls I always played different time to you Nathan for a reason......
  5. Hello this is untrue, Paul was not actually with us he was not in game when we went near your base. And we only took what belonged to us, in which I asked william and Dex for permission if I can take my gear from when I was in the group. If possible I would like it if we could get Paul POV in this report. I made sure to only take what was ours I never have wanted to destroy what I also built... If possible I would like it if we could get Paul, Dex, William POV in this [email protected] @EdgyNova @SgtNuggz This incorrect and everyone I have requested can confirm this we only started working as a group for a month max! I never said it to her nore would I, This was after she join my personal discord, and said she would not talk to me so I move to another channel waited for about 15mins then added it. You tour down over 10 full walls, even when there were clear paths through. That you could of made with breaking 2 walls. This was way more than a proportionate amount. You emptied all our chests except for some medical supplies. And left them all empty.
  6. "Luke Presses PTT" - Hello there was just listening in, I own a trading post on the coast and recently all are walls got torn down and one of my traders got taken Prisoner, by a so called queen. If you want to find some thiefs and murderers look no further than the tyrant queen. "Luke Releases PTT"
  7. Server and location: S2 - Rifty Cargo Ship Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13/06/2019 - Kill around 22:50 (Did not really log it) 14/06/2019 - Around this time for griefing Your in game name: Luke Stem Names of allies involved: Paul Nguyen / Sergey Vasil Petrovich Name of suspect/s: Nathan River / Quinn Grey Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Item 1 - Kill Item 2 - Griefing Item 3 - Threat for Nathan Detailed description of the events: Intro - So we were currently in the process of creating a trading base after leaving a group called the kingdom as we felt the group was not for us anymore. Quinn was leader and Nathan was her second. We had been working on a base for the last week, so had invested alot of time into this with double height walls combo locks, and even triple thick walls in some parts. It was a glorious base! Kill Events - "Item 1" So placing down a fence kit while talking OOC to Sergey in radio chilling. Then heard some say "Hey Dude" I instantly looked up and saw his gun pointing at me. He then said "I want you to put your hands up". So I then shot him in the face and started to talk IC on Radio. I then carried on building into the night and went to bed. (I agree I could of rp'ed this abit more as he had the drop but on the other side my character has been in the wasteland for years now and take no shit) The Next Morning - Item 2 I woke to loads of discord MSG's saying we have been griefed and based was all destroyed, and that the people griefing had taken Sergey hostage while they empty all the chests and dump items into the ocean so we could not use it. They were also purposely destroying walls this therefore is the greifing. This is where Quinn enters as she is leading the attack and destroying of gear. Later in the morning - Item 3 I then received a msg from Nathan which was a threat and proved he told his group (metagame) I killed him and this therefore lead to the events above. Conclusion - I have a feeling alot of this is OOC Hate as we left the group they were leaders of, and to the fact nathan tried to come and rob me earlier in the day to which it backfired.
  8. I have seen mods aoournd where radiation is added in servers and makes a radiation bar appears next to health and it fills up with the more Protective clothing you wear.
  9. Came on with a pin pad tried the generic 1234 / 0000/ 4321 ect ect and nope...
  10. Fair, but how do yo uuse a safe... i belive mine is a spawn but can't unlock ect.... any info on them?
  11. Hello, Not sure where to put this but was on S2 at 20:25 Server Time, and found a safe this could be completely unrelated so tried entering a code hit enter nothing happen then around 30seconds later server crash, could this be related to the safe? Thanks Sheep
  12. Hello, Apologies for spelling / grammar! I have been with the server for a very long time, and in that time my most enjoyable part was when we went with epoch back in the mod days. As I feel it created a new dynamic and goal within the game to be rich and have money ect. It also increased the amount of trades that happened and friendly player interactions but even gave slaves more value. So my idea is to add some form of currency in the game (i've heard money is in but I have never seen it). In the past groups have tried to make 5.56 ammunition some form of currency but unfortunately these will never succeed as you have nothing to really gain as only a select few player will agree to the value of 5.56 . How do we make it stick and make people want to save some form of money, well you as a server have to create it's value be that making a Trader/NPC not a powerful one maybe only that only sells food/drinks or car parts no weapons or clothing ect ect. If this area is protected or not is up for discussion I don't think it should be as that will just increase campers in my opinion. Lets Break it all down Choices of Currency - Option 1 - Notes - With notes it's pretty standard you can loot them in say residential buildings or on the infected (gives you a reason to actually go clear areas off the infected and makes them worth looting). Option 2 - Copper Coins - This is my preferred option for a currency as the same with notes it can be looted but not as often. Also I think it would be really cool to find copper ore in some of the mining buildings or in streams with the small rocks. Maybe even give the picaxe a role and have it be able to mine in the quarry but I reckon being able to mine will be difficult..... But with the ore you put it in a fire barrel and then create the coin OR you have it turn into copper Bar and then you can use the Hammer and turn it into the coins. (this could in the future be expanded by crafting ammo with mold ect but thats dreaming) Choices of Trader Locations - I personally feel these should NOT be safe areas. Option 1 - So the most ideal option but I feel it is currently impossible in the game, in my opinion is to have a couple of NPC walking around the map be that through hiking paths on main roads all over the place and each server reset their path is different this in away is to reduce camping on the trader and make it feel immersive. But I don't think this is possible as it requires alot of work to make happen! Option 2 - Kinda like the first option but without the roaming around, so we design different stalls in locations be that at, camp sites or general stores ect and then say only have 2 out of say 20 appear each reset kinda similar to how helicopter crashes work. Again this will hopefully reduce camping and make it fun to go and find the traders. I feel this is slightly more possible but never really looked into it. Option 3 - This is the most common which is to create a 1 or 2 hubs (Maybe one South and one North) for trading these are good and bad as it increases camping and ambushes, but it does create good locations for RP as all players will flock to them. Choices of Trader Merch - First off this would take a long time in setting prices on items to be balanced, I know im happy to sit with spread sheets and CVS to match it all up. So when it comes to loot it can be very difficult as you do not want lots of high end loot ect. So maybe im thinking you allow the trader to sell food / drinks / car parts / building supplies / maybe abit of ammo and possibly some tools ect. The reason why I think these items will work is everyone finds cars that need that one part and having a trader somewhere in the map that will have say 2 spark plugs (Oh yes I feel that should have a limited stock) until server restarts and have there merch be random within a selection of items. As for weapons I don't feel they should sell them maybe weapon accessories ect. BUT I think it would be cool to have a barrel where a player can put items in and sell to the trader that will then appear for sale in the shop at a higher cost so a player could for example sell a M4 get 100 Copper Coins but then the trader will resell that m4 at 150 copper coins for another player to buy but will disappear at restart. And say have a engine spark plug worth 400 copper coins ect ect. There is probably alot I have missed and not thought about please discus below and I will attempt to add options and disadvantages to the text above
  13. Im sorry again this might of been due to me having the volume low, and also being over 25m away, and having the car engines running in first person. I Apologise I did not see bodies on the road...? i was jsut happy to be in a car how ever short lived it was......
  14. Amazing thankyou as you see it's been a while....
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