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  1. Well here goes personally i saw all videos on those reports. And since i couldn't get involved there i couldn't post a POV. So here is some facts from my side of how i see RP and how things work in life in general 1st) I know there are rules. I know people are pumped to go into an action without any hesitation. It happened to me in the past when i raised my weapon to saw a lot of my mood and how i felt in that moment and i got shot at in an instant without any chance to RP. It was my choice to do so and i paid for it 2ond) It's RP and unfortunately its not all here examples regarding the event - A trade embargo happens. This is hostile RP . It happens on wars when a nation is trying to defeat its enemies in war by reducing its economy its the finest Strategy to use in war. A modern example . Russia with ukraine . The european union did want to strike in Russia's economy with denying trade. Now about the Group that had the settlement they had many choices * Stay inside the settlement and try not to engage in combat . Probably call allies in and help them push Black skull back. * Risk an initiation to attack Black Skull in order to protect their settlement *Comply to the demands of Black skull and offer them something in order for our guys (Black skull) to go off instead what happened was respond to the punch with a gunfight and the reasson was they crossed the line. Come on really a line in Dayz . They crossed the line. The punch was an act of hostile but still IMO not enough to start a gunfight considering the rules of DAYZRP . But still its complicated 3rd) Well shit happens in real life so on RP shit can happen as well Now about the verdict Well the initial evidence where false . The intention was bad, and maybe it will happen again and no one will notice a thing in the future . And if it happens probably someone will get banned and points. IMO that was to be punished a bit harder . About Ryans punishment . Well idk if it was bait or good hostile rp. as i said above trade embargo happened in the past will happen nowdays and will happen on the future. Especially if you re playing video games like civilizations , Total war series etc. you will see how blocking trade hurts. So from this thing i can say it was an initiation from the start. Why? because quiet literally that was an attack on the settlement itself, and i already told 3 choice before so ... So that's a good reason to consider this not a bait attempt . In real life if someone tries to steal your house how do you respond? you either call the police or try to defend your property yourself either by attacking the thief yourself or by catching him of guard Now that was about the verdict i wont bother talking about the guys that had no affliction to either groups
  2. I can only hope that it will lead us to something better than the current situation . Well give it your best shot.
  3. How unlucky you can be? . Made my day! http://plays.tv/video/58b5aaa58b58832997/some-peace-and-quiet-yeah-sure-d
  4. Well here goes some thanks in the last 2 days playing Thanks to Black skull, NM , Pegans and all groups involved in the huge firefight 2 days ago, enjoyed it very much Thanks for the Black skull , Pegans and the people involved in the attack in Novaya @ThatRyanGuy Nice initiation there! truly loved how you initiated there and make everyone scared to death @Steck It was nice seeing you there as well buddy being a long time since i saw you IC . Well about the punch i hope it didn't hurt , for the second punch well it was like a reaction to you vomiting on me after the first one . Loved that moment man keep that RP up!
  5. Point taken yeah it will make it one sided . But form my point of view that can halt the pursuit and make some conversations to happen after the shots : like player 1 : Hey mate why the hell are you following me?! Player 2 : wow there man relax relax! Dont get the wrong idea about this Player 1: Listen man you better leave me alone! You are too weird for my taste! Player 2 holsters his gun : Okay see?! lets keep this civil! that was a possible example of what may have happened but this truly rely on the players and if they want to RP like that my opinion about this tho
  6. Well one thing is certain could had you in staff team terra . Personally thank you for your hard work, and hope everything will turn out well in your RL. best regards
  7. Well i dont know about you guys but lately i 've had some interesting encounters in non military spawn locations. but before 3 weeks ago i really though the exact same thing my meetings where bad overall. Mostly i try to make things look interesting for the guy i am meeting for example i let them know what they may see in the direction i am coming from . Example some suspicious looking people and if they go that way they may get robbed, or if i found if he is a hunter for example i inform him if i saw any wildlife in my direction, little things like that that may increase the duration of the talking in the encounter. Also i might ask for thing that are in my interest.
  8. Well i am also against perma-death. I mean as an experienced DnD player i know how bad it is when you develop a character to a great point ony to loose him/her The funny thing is that i had the same argue about perma-death with a RL friend of my just some hours ago . He insist on the realistic approach (meaning die once then you perma) and then create a new character witch he would be blood related with the character that just died and have the same personality. But i strongly believe that this is no character development at all . And i really cannot find myself to ask for permission to perma another player's character cause probably it would piss him off loosing a character he likes to play with . I would get pissed off if my current character died and halted my progress with him. Its a matter of respect in the end at least from my perspective
  9. It would be when first tisy base appeared back in 0.60 . I get up there to explore with 2 friends and in the ramp of those platforms my character started to make sounds like i got hit and then i died between my two friends . That took 3-4 secs
  10. I think the only way to actually see if this works or not is to find some certain people from the community willing to test this idea If it works we can proceed with this idea If it doesn't well we should try to find a way to fix this IG . I strongly believe this would improve the servers PvP element . EDITED: some extra stuf I mean you cant go robing people then playing some hide and seek for 2 hours or even worse login off after the 30 minutes have passed and wait for the time limit. then after the stay chilled next to a campfire without the worry maybe this people got you in their sights Maybe after a 3rd or 4th continued hostile act against a certain individual/group by the same individual or group could grant him perm KoS rights.
  11. I think a clear intention of initiation (example some guys following me example i am walking and i see 2 guys sprinting to my location) Well some warning shots into the air is no attempt to KOS. Its not an attempt to initiate. It's a clear act to protect yourself It clearly says "back off or your dead" If the guys following you shoot you then this is a KOS ,because raising a gun into the air and firing some bullets i threat only bypassing birds nothing more Trust me i died once because i raised my gun and attempted to RP against a hostile robbing my Friend to show him my intentions that "mate your life is in serious danger if you continue what you are doing" What came afterwards was a head shot from a sniper without the single chance to RP. (NOTE if someone from that incident see this those two guys near me i couldn't hear you cause Ryans voice covered everything ) I mean if they manage to initiate and they have you outnumbered in close range its a certain robbery without the defender/s to be able to do something at all Now if they hear the shots and still rushing towards you i believe you should get KOS rights against them cause they weren't able to understand that if they come closer they are dead. I mean if i saw that i would have stopped dead cold on the ground i am standing. I mean this idea is very clever cause it gives the defender a great chance to protect himself . I mean why wouldn't we adopt it. as said before everything we try to do to protect ourselves should lead to avoid RP report etc.
  12. Okay so i was lying in my bet yesterday and for some unclear reason to me i though if i fought in a war, and be on a battle maybe an unlucky shot could take my life and how my psychology would be before heading to fight and to be frank i didn't feel so well considering what i could loose if i died. From my prespective we can have some short better RP regarding groups going to war with each other so here are some rules i have though 1st) If a character dies during a war he will be perm death. -This way we can enforce more VFL (value for life) and a real cause to go and risk your life - A group leaders death can lead to some awesome RP with his companions grieving -Serious Rpers will take into account their morale 2ond) The player who died he may create another character and if he wants to join the group he will have to wait for 8 hours before his new character can join(maybe more) -This way a group leader will value more his companions life before committing them to a firefight -This will make a war more tactical having to deal with a war with a certain amount of men -It will encourage the need for mercenaries With these two rules in mind maybe we can achieve A group leaders death and during a disadvantage players of the loosing team should surrender (reasson VFL) More realistic progression of the war More RP Probably we completely erase NVFL in a war situation So what do you guys think about this. I know it's a bit hardcore , but we cant go with a happy go lucky mood into a war
  13. *Nick lights a cigarette takes a drag and exhales then he puts out his VHF and presses the PTT buttom * Well i'll look for the girls identity. To be frank i don't want to have her involved in any of this. But sadly enough a little while ago,i tried to contact the trader and an unknown man responded to me saying our client Mr.Shasha is dead, killed by the clowns.He didn't give me other info on Shasha *Nick takes another drag and exhales * Well given the circumstances i guess since he is dead i could try and locate the stash again and take as much as we can, last time he mentioned the he moved it. I mean it would be a shame for all this arsenal to go to waste eh? I will begin looking for the stash if i found it i will let you know about it. Now if you want to mess with these so called Preachers then i can still look for information about them. *Takes another drag slowly exhaling the smoke this time* Well raiding the preachers base without bloodshed can also be done and probably with minimum of effort Since Shasha is dead i will leave the choice up to you. *Nick releases the PTT and Continues with his smoke*
  14. *Nick overhears the whole transmission he was reminded of the pain he had when he lost his own wife to the infected . After a while he unconsciously he grabs his VHF and presses the PTT * Hey there ... Will was it? Listen man my sincere sympathies for your loss *He sights * Man i know the pain and burden in your heart. I've lost my wife too. But i cannot imagine the pain of loosing both your wife and unborn child as well... however for their sake you have to stand strong and keep on living eh *He briefly stops and starts transmitting again again* Look to those who don't care that our future is dying or even laugh at these events ... the children is our future and we need to protect them. Will stay strong buddy *Nick releases the PTT and after trying to keep his though in order he resumes on his mission*
  15. * As Nick checks from the forest Stary Yar for movement when he hears a shot coming from the village, he backs of a bit from the village , presses the PTT and speaks with his voice lowered * Well i do not think i will be able to get their names maybe i will let the merchant Shasha to get their names for me. These guys and me know each other so if i actually meet them again the possibilities for gunshots are high *Stops transmitting and releases the PTT while he gets covered a after some minutes he presses the PTT and starts transmitting again but now his voice is even more lower* This is all the info i have for now The one who needs help is a guy named Shasha . From what he told me he spend a lot of time in the woods on northern chenarus thus i come in a conclusion that time he must have been gathering all this arsenal. Now what made him to move out of the woods is beyond me About the girl i really do not know much about her but she appears a bit passionate and no shy at all. She likes teddy bears to the point the guys with her demanding me to find one or else ... As for their leader maybe i can learn his name if i find the right people , as far as i know he was in the brotherhood but i dint get the chance to meet him because he was running with some other members of the group and as i said my stay in the brotherhood was too short Two of his men have heavy ascend i think Russian or Chenarussian and if i am not mistaken one must be crazy as hell The other two he was with they remained silent during my encounter with them Their clothing was black in general. The Russian ascend people wear a black balaclava and the girl was wearing a pink raincoat with jeans i think she was holding a teddy bear i am not so sure *Some more gunshots can be heard from the transmission * The preachers camp is located in Stary Yar and looks big from the distance i cannot afford to try to see the contend of their tends but if i have the chance i will go and... *Growling can be heard in the background * aahh crap ... catch ya later brother * The transmission suddenly stops as Nick is moving away from the village with a some infected after him *
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