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  1. Counter Report 2.3 Be a good sport. Do not focus on PvP aspect of the game and attack everything that moves just because you can or are good at it. Remember that not many players will enjoy being constantly attacked, therefore you should not dominate other groups or players into submission to a point where they can no longer accomplish their regular role play or enjoy the game. You have attacked us two times within twenty four hours, I've also heard your group robs anything that moves, which is unfair as people like to enjoy the game without being attacked. The day before you robbed us, and you've decided to come back because you know we are low in numbers - when ideally, we'd like to get our base setup however you still come back and decide to Rob us again for the second time within twenty four hours. Also lying in a report: In no way did I intmidate you, you're trying to find ways to get me done for harassment, I was compliant as ever and was asking you to explain yourself regarding OOC hate whilst I had you OOCly in a channel where I could talk to you. If you think that is intimidation, wait until you're working and are dealing with tricky clients or whatever you want to do when you're older. I didn't threaten you, I didn't harass you, I answered your questions and the admins questions, then asked you a question. You were also laughing and joking along with @Fae towards the end so you obsiously weren't intimidated. "frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants." in no way did I do this. To be honest it should be the other way around as @Fae was being stern with me and joking around with you, so if anyone should feel intimidated, it should be me. But I was not which I also see as unfair in my opinion but hey-ho. POV My dinner was ready so I went downstairs and grabbed it, I made my way back up and sat down at my computer desk, placed my dinner to the left of me on my L shaped desk, I tucked into my dinner. No one was there so I proceeded to eat my dinner until two guys roll up and I continue eating as my headset was off. I continue eating and watching them as they proceed to interact with me, I don't respond as I am eating my dinner which I consider is a priority over DayZ, I continue eating until I notice my an accomplice stumble across the man. I panic when I see a weapon get raised at the man and proceed to shoot the first man as I'm in a dynamic group with him as we had recently roleplayed before dinner and the man had initiated on me. I kill him and the firefight continues. I die in the process. I don't see how I metagamed as my headset was off whilst eating dinner. And you were using your microphone in game so he possibly could of heard that? People go AFK all the time in corners and spots, I don't see the problem with it and I wouldn't of minded if you killed me for not complying because you did have a gun at me and gave me thirty seconds. (However next time I know to log off to avoid this situation)
  2. Server and location: S2 Stonington Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2AM GMT Your in game name: Josh Day Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: @SullyDat and one other person. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Last night I was watching a stream which was being aired and displayed on the DayZRP forums. The stream was good as they were holding up two of our group members and decent RP was being traded between both parties. During the video at 11:48:55 @SullyDat refers us all as "Shit." as you can hear his voice in the stream. Following his comment he seems to trigger another insult from one of his group members, which is unknown, which our group "Qurantined." then our member gets called an "Annoying fuck" or something along the lines of that. When he is trying his best to put on an RP voice and provide quality roleplay I find these insults personally attacking to myself and the group of us which we refer to as Quarantined because we play seriously and try to provide players with quality roleplay, also trying to set stories along the way. After hearing this on stream, I found it demeaning and hurtful as we had just provided their group with some good roleplay. There was no reason to hate on us at all as two of our members ran away to avoid getting captured. Now here's the next point of you lying to an administrator, after our bundle earlier, I questioned you in the help desk and you stated that you did not flame me, or hate on me and it was infact your friend however you call our whole group "Shit" in the video. @Fae Heard him state that he did not insult us or flame us and it was his friend.
  3. To be honest @Roland poland puddin n pie, lots of me and my friends went on deer isle last night and it was actually very fun. Anyone who hasn't tried it should definitely try it, it's a unique map.
  4. Can this vote close at a reasonable time because some of us finish work soon or have finished work and would like to play without losing progress if the wipe does happen.
  5. More background options for Bronze+ I feel like the background with the helicopter is getting boring, so why not add some chooseable backgrounds which players can pick for the forums, these backgrounds could be competition winners or a selection of winners from screenshot of the month (If that's still a thing) or / and adding a few default ones which could be permanent.
  6. yes im still alive and breathing
  7. Drake

    Ladies Together

    well hello ladies.. anyone want a ride in my bugatti ferrarri
  8. As we now have a minecraft server can we change the forum background to this.
  9. Camera was the wrong way round.
  10. Rate each other's Ink! Got the idea after @JimRP got his arm done Rules are no insulting and please be respectful towards other people's tattoos as they may have a deep personal meaning. All of mine are Drake related.
  11. Ah yes.. the report, I asked you multiple times to be more mature and talk this out with the people involved. You declined and accused myself and another member of the community of threatening you or being aggressive when all we wanted to do was sort out the situation verbally and in a mature manner, so don't acuse me of "begging" and actually grow up pal. Back to the matter at hand I believe it is the hostile groups which are the problem. Myself and 6 other friends have decided to take a break from DayZRP because we can't go a single day without getting initiated on. We don't mind getting into hostile RP, but repeating the same RP everyday and "re-gearing" everyday is tiring and boring. People need to chill with the hostile RP.
  12. Hahaha unemployed atm so I can go to bed at 6AM I think they should have a system where group limits are set.. it will be tricky because so many people would like to create a group. 3/3 bandit groups. 5/5 survivor groups and so on.. this has loop holes in which people who aren't an official groups can still be hostile so it wouldn't work. But IMO we need more survivor type groups as everyone is doing a cliche style of banditry.
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