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  1. Drake

    What do you listen to ?

  2. Drake

    Death = PK

    From feedback so far let's say.. zombies are excluded and it's only player related matters.. but feel free to discuss if zombies also counted in this.
  3. Drake

    Death = PK

    That's a good point, I personally find peoole are running around gunning, initiating Willy nilly and not really taking their characters life seriously.. ie trolling or sprinting into and active gunfight. It will add that element of fear into the server that they could lose their character.
  4. Drake

    Death = PK

    Right.. the title is abit bold but this is just to see what the community thinks of this as there have been constant complaints about people having hostile RP and so on. Okay.. Please don't hate me for this but I just want to hear some opinions on what you think of the thought of the rule below being added. Upon death of your character your character will die and you will not be able to play as them again (PK. Unless you die by a glitch or a game bug.) First point which could be made is that people who PVP, hostile roleplay will think twice before robbing someone as their characters life is at risk. Therefore there will be less PVP and less hostile acts commited in the community as of something bad happens then they could lose everything. My second point is that people will take the game alot more seriously when it comes to infected as infected are pretty scary things.. ie.. people will not sprint towards a zombie and start punching it and people will avoid zombies.. as zombies could potentially kill them and their character for good. Its very early in the morning and I don't know if I've gone crazy thinking about this. Please discuss it below and if you think this should ever be added. Just a thought.
  5. Drake

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Could be worth another try but with stricter rules regulating the above...? Even if it's for 2 days there would be no harm in trying it out.
  6. Drake

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    How about making an allocated camp somewhere on the map which is set up by something for the loremasters to decide where you are not allowed to initiate or is considered a "PVP free zone / safezone" this would give a chance for people from all groups to RP amongst each other with no interferences, we could give this idea a trial run to see how it goes and see how many people actually use this RP zone to communicate amongst each other. It would be hard to draw a line between what counts as hostile but it's worth a try considering the amount of people hiding from the triangle due to the constant robberies and initiations flying around. I have to admit I avoid the triangle because being initiated on 24/7 sucks.
  7. Drake

    What do you listen to ?

    an old classic.
  8. Drake

    Real life picture Thread

    reps up ovo
  9. Drake

    Quick website suggestions

    Venition fool masks and jason masks to be added to store.
  10. Drake

    What do you listen to ?

  11. Drake

    Rainbow Six: Siege tournament?

    i would
  12. Drake


  13. Drake


  14. WIP. Currently sorting out this weekend.
  15. Drake


    Well first time I'm actually going to leave feedback because I was extremely dissapointed with what went down.. first encounter my group has ever had with your group.. there were six of us on the road to Pushtoshka from Vybor travelling along when we are met by three of your members. We were having a nice talk and laugh when one of your members decides to initiate on all six of us. The message dosen't get around to one of your members as he stands there awkwardly and we managed to kill two of you. I know you're supposed to be a bandit group but that encounter was absurd.. We don't know why you wanted to hold us up especially being six of us against yout two that were ready. From all I can see if the two guys wanted to gun us down or just see how quickly they can shot. A little let down from that situation to be honest. Heres a video of what happened, not trying to have a go at your for what happened but maybe just talk to your members before they decide to randomly hold up a large group of people on the road. Hopefully the next encounter will be alot smoother and nicer. EDIT; Following what Mike said, the guy in the red beret provided some good roleplay once we took him after uncon.
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