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"The evil that men do lives after them"

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  1. Frendo

    Reminiscing Childhood TV Shows

    Freakin banger! Also Avatar the last airbender is sick
  2. Frendo

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    • Rory

    i miss u </3

    1. Rory


      Im here <3

    2. Frendo



  3. Frendo


    Welcome. Stay a while! 



  4. Frendo

    Lore Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Part 1 - Operace Orel

    Really really interesting way to bring in some outside lore. Creativity makes this place thrive and you guys in the lore department nail this shit everytime! <3
  5. Frendo

    Remove the 3 character limit

    Wouldn't be too difficult surely. There can't be many cases where thats happening anyway. Please get rid of the limit.
  6. Frendo

    The Potius Cras Corporation Media Thread

    The car is amazing! Miss you GCash, Think about you everytime im in Kab! Keep the photos coming
  7. Frendo

    What would you like to see added to the in game landscape?

    +1 Namalsk map tho... maybe a seriously detailed and large city. Obviously rendering would be a pain for the DayZ devs but a huge urban jungle would be cool.
  8. Frendo

    Official Escape From Tarkov Thread

    Just a gentle reminder in case anyone was curious what the games up to.
  9. Frendo

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    Ah, good ol severograd days! Got any screenshots? blabla
  10. Frendo

    Computer giveaway

    This will CHANGE the Christmas game... I'm in!
  11. *Died from falling off a bridge.* //nice. Born in the Northern Territory of Australia into a busy, hardly legal working family, I spent most of my childhood getting myself out of trouble with law enforcement and dangerous criminals. My Father died in prison when I was 14 and my Mother forfeited her position of head of their dry cleaning business to take on his role in the drug trade. When I turned 19 I was sent to Sydney by my mother to learn about the Sydney branch of the drug company from my uncle. My Uncle Danny had served about 15 years total for different crimes and had a pretty shitty temper. It was around this time I began to build a team of dealers.. We all worked together in expanding the family empire. I thought of the idea of spreading the business to Europe. I believed that the drug trade in Russia had only just begun and the Chernarussian police force would buckle with corruption. After a long journey our small crew of men arrived in Chernarus ready to paint the town red.
  12. Brownie

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    God damn it

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    2. Brownie


      There's no sad crying face emoji on this website so I cannot effectively express my feelings about your name change.

      if there was a sad crying face emoji, know that I would use it.

      *sad crying face emoji*

    3. Frendo


      You embody the sad face emoji. Youre life sums it up.

      hows the page as a whole... Name change aside??


    4. Brownie


      It's good, I like it

  13. Aisling

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    Hello friendo

    1. Frendo


      Howdy Keira, im your frendly neighbourhood frendo. what can i do for you? <4

  14. Frendo

    A plea to bandit RP'rs

    I agree with the post quite a lot. Taking a hostage or multiple hostages is not made to be easy. The rules are stacked against you on purpose. It really forces the hostage takers to step up their game. I was the one filming this and I gotta say that the whole situation just felt like I was being robbed and held while stuff happened around me, AND I was one of the more involved participants. Thats not to say the people involved are 'bad' at their job. They just may have bitten off more than they could chew RP wise. Especially in the middle of Severo when the server is lagging and you keep taking on more and more hostages, WHILST still having to keep your eyes out for hostiles. It was a brave move taking the hostages but was probably more rash than taking a full town of people hostage shouldve been. P.S Thanks Joffrey for boosting my view count. Subscribe guys!