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  1. come rp with me 🙂

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      I thought you were just playing fn these days?

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  2. So I didn't take your stuff... You didn't ask to check my bad, and even if you had and I'd said no that still is no grounds to just shoot me. You could have robbed me etc. Maybe you've pissed off another group... I don't have a team and I don't think you got shot... see below Maybe they did not post your hit logs, but I seriously doubt that. I mean here it looks like you waited 3 minutes after killing me before shooting me 2 more times in the head and logging off... Lastly What does this even mean... The video is up... Watch it, you might start "remembering" the situation a little better... My last response unless called in by Staff.
  3. Love the profile song, was my first Eden song?

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      Thanks. He is the shit... ❤️


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      One day I will see him live ?

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  4. Wellp that just isn't true is it... Unfortunately you have not taken the 5 minutes to go through this report and gather any information. The video shows I did not take anything from the bag... You also wait until I've moved out of the tent (away from your bag) before shooting me... Even though you clearly never told me that being near your bag would have me killed. What you think I was planning makes no difference. A plan in someone else's mind is merely a plan until executed, (I definitely regret not executing) the logs show you weren't shot... You actually could not have been shot by anyone as you filled your pockets with my shit then found the nearest bush and decided S2 tents were likely unlooted... Ahh yes. The man on the hill... The guy that definitely didn't exist... Maybe a chicken or a deer frightened the NATO out of you... Ultimately this response is riddled with bullshit and I only respond to clarify my side and weed out the lies from the truths. Everything he claims I said was pretty accurate. Stop lying about everything and own up to your bloodthirsty NATO plane crash ways. P.s. sorry forgot about the no age restriction... Just used to being confused about immature sounding people on rp.
  5. Server and location: S1 - Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13/11/2018 13:41 Your in game name: Angus Mconnain Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: No Idea Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So I stroll between Kab and VMC before heading back to Stary. I see a man fighting of Infected in the tents so I approach cautiously and ask what he is doing. We get through a bit of chit chat - I begin to get a little hostile when he tells me he is NATO... I begin a line of questioning such as "Where is your crew?" "Why are you being so hostile, very unprofessional for a NATO representative." He tells me to "fuck off" and it escalates further. I tell him I have friends nearby (lying) and that he should watch his tone around strangers. He then tells me he cannot leave as he is "stranded" I say of course you can this is a free and open country, just fuck off... this is when I think my mic started to cut out and he says "out of character I cannot hear you" so I quickly type in //please keep ooc within the //prefix and in chat.. bla bla bla and we move on. I realise now this guy is likely new and is dangerous to me if I remain hostile... So he tells another man who recently arrived to please move away from his bag, I move over to his bag and tell him he should be careful where he leaves his belongings and that it is very un-NATO of him to leave his stuff around. He states it is ruined and says "you better get off" I say "or what" and he says "You wont be happy"... He starts doing the el classico, left right goodnight pvp steps as if someone in the hills is going to nail him with an SVD so I get a little sketched that maybe he is planning an initiation. This is when I get capped... The coward punch taken to a whole new level...
  6. For someone like myself it is scary to jump back into the world on a character I love and hold dear, so I made a new character as a way to figure out how the RP is flowing so a transition back to my old one might be more simple and rewarding. Similarly as the updates roll out more people get back into it, I certainly have been. It is not DayZRP that keeps me from getting back in like I used to, it's simply DayZ. The lack of trust I have for the game now is scary. (I am one of its hardcore defenders, just slowly losing hope) But I am still positive for the return of a good boost to DayZ's community soon.
  7. Unganu, otherwise know as Ooo led a simple life as a child. Aside from mild oppression from dangerous criminals that neighboured his local Village, he was safe growing up. The only real danger he faced through life was the move to a European country like Chernarus. It was bleak in comparison to Africa and far too cold. When he moved to South Zagoria in pursuit of a woman he loved he walked straight into a life he could only have conceived doped out on the village elders mushrooms. He knew the situation had worsened when he was beaten and robbed for his belongings by a group of masked men after 3 long weeks of isolation. He knew he would have to adapt and quickly turned into a character who would not be pushed around. He put his foot down on those who opposed him and found he was quick to make like minded friends. Power... He was soon consumed by the power to pick and choose the fate of those who he spoke to. He knew he could fit in.
  8. Freakin banger! Also Avatar the last airbender is sick
  9. i miss u </3

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      Im here <3

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  10. Welcome. Stay a while! 



  11. Really really interesting way to bring in some outside lore. Creativity makes this place thrive and you guys in the lore department nail this shit everytime! <3
  12. Wouldn't be too difficult surely. There can't be many cases where thats happening anyway. Please get rid of the limit.
  13. The car is amazing! Miss you GCash, Think about you everytime im in Kab! Keep the photos coming
  14. +1 Namalsk map tho... maybe a seriously detailed and large city. Obviously rendering would be a pain for the DayZ devs but a huge urban jungle would be cool.
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