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  1. There's bigger fish to fry right now, forget about this thread. Lie all you want I guess /close pls <3
  2. What We Can Do

    This thread, highlights everything that Is wrong with this community. The OP banned, people starting shit on each other Is is too late for this to be fixed? Probably
  3. I was just genuinely interested tbh. I didn't know that apologising gets you a lower punishment. This wasn't suppose to be aimed at the other party, and if they took it that way I'm sorry. The reason I posted the quote from Rolle about the verdict not being changed is because I don't want it to,, may that be making any punishments more or less severe. I hoped that would avoid any arguments about the verdict in this thread. Verdict is done, like you said I was just looking for a discussion about how lying in a report should be treated, and how other people in the community view its severity as a rulebreak
  4. I mean hey, I'm just biding my time until my IG ban runs out. Discussion threads are fun right? I stated in the OP that the verdict will not be changed, and I don't want it to. I just wanted an explanation, and peoples opinions on how we should move forward with lying in reports. How they should be punished in future, if the ruling needs to be changed about withholding evidence and apologising to the admins as such Just because a couple of people have derailed this thread already, doesn't change what the OP states. The TLDR of it is the few questions I will repeat below is lying in a report okay now if you apologise to the admin team once you get caught? is punching someone in the face to try and roleplay, now much more severe than trying to intentionally get members of the community banned by withholding evidence? If I go on a mass kos spree, then apologise to the admins when they show me the logs, will I only get a 3 day ban for "positive attitude"?
  5. I do not want anyone to be perm banned, unlike some people I don't get kicks from getting people banned from the community. But a lower punishment than what I got? And for me to be done for aggravated invalid initiation... like what? BTR took an extra step to apologise to staff, cool... But not once did he approach me or my friends about the situation On the other hand, me and my guys made multiple attempts to talk out the report. We knew something like this would happen, and we attempted to stop a controversial verdict by talking it out. I apologised, but my punishment was not reduced? What can I say man... Thanks I guess? I kinda understand why you did it but if you had not brought forward that evidence, if I hadn't have called you out for it, the verdict could've gone a lot differently and could've ended in harsh punishments for my friends who did not break any rules
  6. Please make a separate thread, rather than derail mine, Mr Moody
  7. Christ... PM me if you want me to explain more clearly why my entire group didn't get banned, don't get salty on a thread which is referencing a different part of the report
  8. Please do not take this personally, if I wanted the outcome of this discussion to be an extended ban I wouldn't have posted the quote from Rolle above I just have genuine concerns on how apologising to the admin team for an action which is aimed toward the people in the report, is seen as "coming clean" If you get caught out for lying, of course you are going to come clean. Shouldn't reduce the punishment in anyway imo. This isn't a mistake by BTR, its clear intent to get people banned If you see this as me not putting this behind us, sorry... I guess ¯\_(・_・)_/¯
  9. Episode 3, time 0:30 Thats a solid Yeet right there mr Jones Watched the rest of it, good stuff here man. You may get Ryan yet
  10. Right... I was trying to keep the whole verdict out of this discussion, and just focus on the points about lying in a report. I didn't know I made fun of people behind their backs but sure mate Okay, but can we at least have a discussion for 10 minutes before it gets derailed, thanks
  11. I PM'd him, had a long chat which ended with this But hey, if the admin team does not agree with a thread like this you have all the power to close it. I'm just bringing up a genuine concern
  12. Your right, we should never discuss anything... because nothing is wrong, ever jesus christ I am asking for a discussion about why this verdict was made. I am not looking for the verdict to be changed. If you actually read my OP before blinding replying you will see the quote from Rolle that "The verdict will not be changed" @BTR is safe, whether I agree with it or not. I was just asking for a mature discussion about why this has been changed from the norm.