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  1. Not the sort of rap I would normally listen to and not a fan of that violin or whatever but it isn't that bad so.. 4/10. [video=youtube]
  2. I played the Cheshire cat in a performance once, good times. Anyway, welcome to the server. Did it tell you why you failed your application? Can't say much besides check over the rules again and make sure you got it all, been a while since I did it myself. Cool that they reviewed it this quickly though, normally takes forever.
  3. Shot down for riding in Duty airspace.
  4. I came, I saw, I partied. [video=youtube]
  5. All of them are too serious. #NoFunAllowed
  6. Reached Number 1 in the Bulletstorm 360 demo.
  7. Rewatched Resident Evil recently. [video=youtube]
  8. Hi, just need a SteamID reset please. ID Is Bigim. //Pat: Reset, please re-enter your Steam ID on the Donations Tab.
  9. Hope all you nosebones have a good one, and RIP everyone who didn't make it this far, you were all top notch. [video=youtube]
  10. Looks like I was born a century late. #Cut4Stalin
  11. 10. Congratulations guys, officially better at counting than 4chan.
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