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  1. Werewolf

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    Appreciate all the feedback so far, defiantly a work in progress. ?
  2. Werewolf

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    This is the law of the pack: As old and true as the sky; And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that `shall break it must die... For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack… It all started one storming night in Bruce Fletcher’s head, these people he was with were good people, but not his kind. Hell it was the only thing he could do, so fuck it. A couple months of fighting, months of just shit thrown in Bruce’s face, his fuse was dying out. After he left his people, he met a man named Bobby Kalo, and his mercenaries. As dumb as it seemed, he joined and was what they called A Black Rose. Again, the same shit happened, months and months of fighting Anarchy and whoever pissed them off, it wasn’t the thing for Bruce, or as everyone called him, WereWolf. Werewolf fought for the Roses, but it wasn’t for him, None of this fucking shit was, it was a time for a change. "The moon always guides, Just open your eyes and follow." Bruce knew it was him before anyone else, but he wasn’t gonna do it alone. He wasn’t Bruce anymore, he was Werewolf who needed his pack, the people he trusted with his life, the people he knew that would outlast everyone. The people at the end of the day was his family, and nobody else’s. Werewolf was successful, he did find the ones he wanted to call his pack, and they showed much promise. They never left each other’s back, they never went alone, the pack never strayed away. Werewolf had his family, he had his pack. It was time to live, it was time for the pack to thrive. Werewolf was ready, his pack was ready, but the time was not ready, they must tiptoe into this world, as every day is a new world in this hellhole. Every pack needs food, and they were running low, so they took the risk, meeting old and new friends in the same broken world. Werewolf picked up another Kalo, Roy, who seemed to be the smarter of the two, Werewolf took Roy with him, thinking he would be a good addition to his pack. Werewolf, and his pack took shelter in a house one stormy night to make a fire and cook some food. Sitting and eating with his family, he knew this was meant to be, the family he had. Werewolf begin to look for lost wolves who needed a pack, and he found one. A man named Alan ford, a man who lost everything his life lead to be, Werewolf gave him a new beginning, he gave Alan a new life. Werewolf knew this is what the pack was, and was only going to grow. He knew everything happened in the past happened for a reason, and this new Hell on Earth, was the Wolves Den. "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life, freely." Revelations 21:6 IC Goals Goal One: Uphold a sense of justice upon our own beliefs. Goal Two: Establish a sense of fairness between groups and communities we come across. Goal Three: Uphold our moral code above all else. Goal Four: Instill Pack mentality. Goal Five: Follow Pack Hierarchy. Goal Six: Establish ourselves as a Dominant, Respected, and Assertive group. Goal Seven: Establish a Den. (Day 400) OOC Goals Goal One: Present ourselves as a Roleplay first before anything group. Goal Two: Be respectful and take all feedback into consideration. Goal Three: Give everyone the adrenaline filled roleplay they seek from certain encounters. Goal Four: Give the Role-players a new and unique type of group roleplay. Goal Five: Bring both hostile and peaceful roleplay to the table, showing all roleplay is better for the server. Goal Six: Try to obtain only ten-twelve active members. Alpha Bruce Fletcher-Werewolf @Werewolf Beta Alan Ford-Coyote @TehZombyBeard Iosif Mikhaliov-Volk @KSGamingTTM Rico Hernandez-Dingo @Reckless Ben Hayes-Red @Preacher Omega Roy Kalo-Jackal @Anoymouse Joey Thompson @Ryan Carter
  3. Chuck Wilson, a 30 year old man from a small town in the Midwest, Houston Missouri. After grouping up on a farm with father he followed in his footsteps and took over the farm after his father passed on lung cancer in 2006. It was now his responsibility to run the farm and take care of his mother. In 2016 his Mother suffered a heart Attack and was hospitalized he decided it was time for a change, but not sure what to do. In 2017 his mothers health began decreasing everyday so he decided it was time to go for a hail mary to raise the money she needed for treatment. He had been hearing rumors around the bar that a company up in Colombia had been investing in a oil mining project all the way in Chernarus, near Lake Beloe. Knowing that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity he traveled up and sat down with the leader of the expedition. Chuck qualified and was told that he would be rich in no time. Not long after he was on a plane and on his way. On the flight over however the pilots started getting weird radio calls about some sort of attacks throughout Chernarus, so they pilots decided to land in the Balota Airfield, a small runway, but perfect size for a small jet. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. But it didn't take long for the infection to make it there. With his shotgun in tow, he fended off the initial infected, but soon had to retreat. Retreat to the North.
  4. Farin a 22 year old man from Springfield, MO. At the age of 17 he joined the Fire department. After being a part of the force for 4 years he quickly rose up in the ranks becoming a Lieutenant in his department. His dream vacation was always to get to go to Moscow. So after saving up enough money he was able to buy a plane ticket for him and his wife Veronica. They boarded the plane and off they went. After exploring the beautiful city he heard of some weird reports going about of some sort of infection. Not but a couple days later, they woke up to explosions in the city, they looked out their hotel window to see people running around in panic, cars crashing into buildings and just full on chaos. He turned on the TV to see that people were being infected by some kind of virus, killing them and then reanimating them into these things that would attack and eat people. He knew if that was true then it would be too dangerous to try and flee at this people. So they locked their door and hid. After a few days and all the refreshment cooler had be stripped clean, they decided they had to venture to find food. Farin decided it was too dangerous for them both to go, so he decided to have her stay in the room while he went out. He left the room and out of the hotel to see nothing but piles of bodies laying around. With no sight on any infected he began his search. He came across a small market, fortunately it hasn't been ransacked yet, so he gathered what he could and headed back to the hotel. But when he got back the door was open to their room and inside nothing but the ripped apart remains of his wife. In grief he took her wedding ring and his own and put them on a silver chain and then around his neck. He heard over the radio before it fell silent that there was a military outpost to the south on the Russian/Chernarous border. So he packed up what he could and set off.
  5. Werewolf

    S1 - invalid initiation, meta gaming, invalid execution 02/06//2018 21:30

    I was unaware of the poke, my bad. I just don't understand why they were so positive that he was a Rose, even though there was no possible way they could recognize him IC. So even if he had a radio with our hidden freq, they initiated on him for no other reason than him wearing black. This is also more so towards the Anarchists then the Familia. Because you were just setting up to have a solid chat with us, but then the Anarchy boys showed up and immediately turned it to shit.
  6. Werewolf

    S1 - invalid initiation, meta gaming, invalid execution 02/06//2018 21:30

    Turtle told you guys 75.5, our private frequency, you entered our open comms (106.3), so of course we would answer you. He told you one freq and you used our other one. We also denied having any knowledge on what you were talking about. Yes you know me IC, but again you entered a different freq than the one he told you. So there should be zero connections there with the Roses.
  7. Werewolf

    S1 - invalid initiation, meta gaming, invalid execution 02/06//2018 21:30

    Werewolf POV: So we get info that the flat cap boys were setting up a base in Lop, so Turtle @DatTurtle, Seth @TehZombyBeard, and myself decide to go there in disguises and with accents, in hopes to get Turtle a weapon and maybe get some actual RP, we all meet up around the piano house and talk to each other as if we don't know one another. Then Mr. Terrano shows up and Turtle starts to speak with him as Seth and I go to the well for some water. 30 seconds later we hear a blue armband guy shows up out of the blue, so Seth and myself leave the area, knowing that there is no possible way they would be able to recognize Turtle because he is usually always wearing a ghillie suit. Mr. Terrano then comes into our radio comes asking us about him, in which we act as if we have no clue what he is going on about. After about 10 minutes we get told that they executed him for being a suspected Black Rose member. On a side note, I would like to add that the Black Roses radio frequency was changed like 2 days ago by Bobby and the frequency we use, other than our open comms, is unknown to anyone that isn't a current Rose, so none of the old Black Roses will know it either.
  8. Werewolf

    A message from Anarchy.

    *Werewolf presses the PTT* "To make this very clear to you, because for some reason you seem to have lost some Chromosomes along the way." "Our leader isn't the fucking Irish guy, it hasn't been for a long time, nobody in the Roses were part of the old Roses." "Our leader is Bobby fucking Kalo and if for some dumbass reason you think we are going to play into your stupid fear tactics you truly are brain dead." *Werewolf would let go of the PTT, inhale, and press it again* "We aren't going to just bow down like the rest of the country has." "You had your chance for peace, we offered it and you couldn't get out of the past." "No matter how many times you were told, we are not the Roses you fought in the war, but you are to stupid to comprehend that." "Your time will come, and I will laugh as I watch you burn to fucking ash." *Werewolf would let go of the PTT, change frequencies, and clip it back to his vest.
  9. Werewolf

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    I am going to go ahead and post my pov and my opinion on this whole matter. Note that this is my opinion and I am entitled to it so don't get salty if you disagree with me. So, we had a sniper on Zub castle who watched our boys get initiated on in Vyshnoe and radios us about it. @KSGamingTTM and myself take a flank around the northern hill where we had already spotted someone in an orange raincoat lurking around earlier. We have conformation that it is Anarchy so we know IC what they wear as armbands. We run into one with the armband and I open fire as he is in the immediate area of the firefight with his gun out. This is where things go dumb and here is why. This server's main focus is about IC RP. You want to play as if it was yourself in the in game situation. So even if you are a dynamic group, if you look at it IC, you guys call yourself the Anarchists, everyone knows you as such, a group. So IC people are going to treat you as a group, not as a bunch of individuals. From what I see this is a Ruleplay report. You guys damn well know of the firefight you are participating in. Everyone knows you as a group IC, you consider yourselves a group IC, you initiated being a group IC. If anyone needs anything else from me, just let me know. I don't have any recordings of the situation.
  10. Werewolf

    2018-04-03 approx 19:10 Avoiding RP

    Werewolf POV: So this is what happened, @Dovin disconnected to take use the restroom (A #2), but anyhow. So a few of us went to the North East airfield to conduct some RP with a few different groups about a coalition we are forming, as soon as the first few of us got there I noticed an individual emerging from a group of bushes, who not knowing I took a closer look through my rifle scope and he did as well, after a brief moment of this my allies arrive and talked to him which then we discovered his name, we then sent him about his business, but in turn telling him specifically not to come to the airfield, he left and the other groups arrived shortly after, we had a little bit of RP, but I went up on a hill about 700m west of the airfield to provide recon for my allies. At this point the two whom arrived via Bus @Sylva and @Ruan were leaving. After they left this man who we met early returned to the airfield even though being told not to, at this point we are concerned why he would have any reason to return. We began to worry that he was a scout for another group as it would seemingly be too dangerous for one individual to return to such a large group after being told not to. So we let him leave again with not repercussions. We then were finished with the meeting and with being concerned about any sort of hostilities we all went our separate ways. I continued to sit in my position. Not but a few moments later I see (If I remember correctly approximately 6-7 individuals). Including the one previously identified sprinting towards the airfield from Krasnostav. Unluckily @Levi Ackerman DC'd in the hanger and was confronted by the group and later released. After the encounter was over others in safe spots having no contact with the Anarchy logged off for IRL reasons.
  11. Bruce Fletcher, a 29 year old, came from Missouri, USA. After serving 4 years for the US army as a 15P in South Korea he got out and became a field service engineer aircraft maintenance. Worked for Boeing and was sent over to North East Airfield to assist in the construction of newer variants of MI-8s. Being forced to leave his pregnant wife Savannah Fletcher at home, 7 months pregnant with a girl, Kinsley. Before he left Savannah took his hand and reminded him, if he is ever in need to just look down at his ring and remember that these times are only temporary. That they will be there when he gets back. He kissed her belly and left for the airport. During the week he was required to stay the outbreak began. Stranded at the airfield he hid in one of the bathrooms when the infected arrived full force, they latched on and tore down aircraft. While some aircraft were able to take off and make it out, others were not so lucky. He could hear the screams of fellow workers being torn to pieces and eaten alive. Gun shots from the nearby local police and rotors spinning and leaving him behind. After the invasion passed he left from his hiding place he saw nothing but destruction before him. Bodies everywhere, planes and helicopters alike crashed and burning. After salvaging what he could, he headed off to another airfield that he thought might still be alive, a military airfield he heard about in the north west. Not long after reaching the north he met a man named Vince Rossi, who soon became his friend, Mr. Rossi poked fun about Bruce's Ghillie Suit calling him a Werewolf. From this day on most everyone he met knows him as such. Very few people even know his real name. Werewolf set off with Vince to start a group of mobsters called The Syndicate. Not long after war broke out against the Anarchists. With numbers in the Anarchists favor, groups decided to form a Coalition. After months of senseless fighting between the Coalition and the Anarchists, The Syndicate disbanded. Werewolf didn't know really what to do, so he wandered around, keeping his head low as he was a target for Anarchy. A few weeks went by with nothing really going on, until he met a man named Bobby Kalo. Werewolf and Bobby quickly became friends. Bobby decided he would take over a group from an Irish fellow named Cullen, The Black Roses. This is where Werewolf met most of his close friends, who he now considers family. Bobby and Roy Kalo, Alan Ford, Iosif, Rico, and a few more. But things weren't all fine and dandy. The Black Roses were an enemy of the Anarchists before Bobby took over and they remand one after. We were constantly in firefights against them, but we tried our best to stay low and get our job done, we were bounty hunters after all. It didn't take long for a full fledge war to break out between us and the Anarchists. Everyday for weeks we were shooting at each other, we were tired of it. So we decided it was better if we dropped the name of Roses. Werewolf was tired of the constant fighting, it was pointless, so he decided to do things his way, he took his most trusted friends and created a group call The Pack, Werewolf had always been a fan of the Pack mentality, so he took it to heart and vowed to follow it. It was his job, no, his duty to protect those who couldn't protect themselves, to take care of the weak and keep things equal between all people of Chernarus. After an extensive hiatus Werewolf returned to the typical day to day life in Chernarus, meeting back up with Bobby and joining his new group of gun slinging mercenaries Legacy.
  12. Werewolf

    S1 - Metagame & Invalid Execution at Starry 6/15/2017 23:00

    POV: Sorry about the wait, wasn't able to get on my computer yesterday. I was the one who was taken captive in the situation, I was in the market next to them, but I was out of range of voip so I was unable to actually hear anything that was going on between them and rat pack, but Coreena was relaying some of the things that was going on. Everything she initially states is true based on what she was saying at the time of the incident. That is about all I have towards evidence of the situation. I was later released with no RP or rule issues with them towards me.
  13. Werewolf

    S1 - RDM - South Vybor / 30/05/2016 06:16

    Myself, Adam Ocelot, and two french men, Dane Royce and Michael Smith.
  14. Werewolf

    S1 - RDM - South Vybor / 30/05/2016 06:16

    Okay, so we were in a hostage situation and I saw a man, whom I did not know, He walked straight into the area, I asked his name and pulled my gun, instead of telling me who he was he pulled his gun on me and in a hostage situation I didn't give him the chance to raise his weapon and shot me. Him pulling his gun out made it very clear why he was there and what his intentions were.
  15. Werewolf

    S1 Just outside Kabanino in an open field - KoS/RDM 17-05-2016 Approx 2:09

    So myself, Jack Morgan, Charlie Weston were sitting in Kab, cooking boar, deer, and unknowingly Human meat, we offered some meat to a man nearby and it happened to be human meat but we did not know the difference by appearance. The man, beinga hunter, somehow reconized that it was human meat and proceeded to hold Jack by gunpoint telling him to get on the ground. Charlie, hearing the commotion, ran out and ordered the man to lower the weapon, he did and we proceeded to finish cooking and eating our meat. Some guy killed himself on the piano in the piano house. A few of us RPed carring his body out and burying him. We walked off, but then eavesdropped on the group of people, hearing them accuse us of killing that man so we could eat him and then began to talk about how they think we are going to kill and eat them. Hearing this we proceeded to leave town, where myself, being a ancual cannibal and being crazy, yelled "I love human meat" then we all sprinted away, they heard and then started to chase us out of town, giving up after we got halfway to Vybor. We then changed our appearance slightly and returned to town. They saw us sneaking around the recognized us, Myself and Jack gave them the slip, but they saw Charlie and chased him into the field by a big brown bar, one of them then told him to stop and they aimed their weapon at him, demanding him to stop. We told this as a threat to his life and seeing this occur we prepared to engage them unless they stopped, but they continued to chase after taking a couple seconds to regroup. They were all in a field when the server went down. After we all relogged and waited for them to relog and moving around, we then shot at them.
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