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  1. sirocco.gif

    Well don`t you look dashing all in red :)

  2. @Terra It is so hard being nasty to you , Thanks for the RP <3
  3. Black skull not A19 , A19 is an old meme You were class though
  4. @Uhka Thank you for the RP Hope you enjoyed
  5. Was fun mate , We should do it again some time
  6. I would like to also add the numerous back entrances which were untouched so there was an easy way in and out , plus we tried to further the RP with emotes which could of been denied easily , We did not blockade the whole compound.
  7. For reference I was not there for the beginning of them being kicked out I rocked up to the gate
  8. Yes can we pull full logs please and the full video @lukzo2024 I have offered once , why don't we al jump on ts and talk this out , if you don't want to that is fine, hey I can't force you yes I was placing tape and stuff I had to do something when 5 people were providing minimal rp , @Steck rp was very good , everyone else was a little meh I had nothing to do with the punch , i was calm and trying to RP with the camp owners , not hostile in anyway , when the punch happend I was 160 meters down the road , when they shot I ran
  9. As a once proud shitposter who managed to turn his life around I would say, People still have fun , just be smart about it Don`t post nasty stuff , keep it for ts or steam Dayzrp can choose who and what content they host , simple
  10. So you shot a random guy on a hill with out having positive ID?
  11. My POV : So I was just chilling out , doing Mr black stuff , set up an embargo , they start shooting people after Ryan furthers RP with his fist`s (not even Ryan just everyone) I run away , Get shot a few times , then ran away. The group uses settlements KOS just as that , a KOS zone. You disagree , they shoot you, The RP at the gate from the people was bad, they stood there talking on TS , not role playing with us , we tried to further it , they resulted to KOSing everyone. PS my game kept on crashing <3
  12. I have always been pro wipe , It will be a good thing I think , The wipe needs to be backed by good lore events or it will revert to the usual running simulator
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