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  1. Finished off upgrading and engineering my combat corvette. In the process of making a new one for exploration though.
  2. Early Life Ilia Zahidolv was born in Moscow, Russia to a poor family with a somewhat loving mother, but a uncaring father. His father was a avid gambler who thought it was better to bet money on the table rather than buy food for the family at home. Ilia's mother, Anna, was seen as a shy and frail woman due to her small and unhealthy physique that she had, mostly due to being malnourished. Six years after Ilia was born his mother was expecting again with another boy, she acted happy, but knew that if the current living environment continued it would likely kill herself and Ilia as his father Viktor became more abusive towards his son, eventually hitting him with a broken glass bottle that cut the lower side of his jaw open. Following this incident Anna left her husband with Ilia and her unborn to the south towards Novorossiysk Новороссийск, to live with her sister ,and Ilia's aunt, Ayosha Penev. Although his mother was in a better living with her sister she still died during childbirth, although Ilia's brother Daniil survived. Growing Up, Not Down Ilia acted as a loner as he grew up and went though school and usual kept to himself unless his brother was around. To Ilia his brother Daniil was most likely the last thing he had from his mother and he cherished his little brother deeply, whether or not he showed it around anyone, so he saw himself as a bodyguard or protector of his brother ever since he was born. During his time in school Ilia was known for picking fights with others who even looked at his brother with annoyance, most notably he broke a students thumbs for trying to steal food from his brother. Over time Daniil difted further and further away from his brother as they continued through school until Daniil decided he would continue school and move off to University, while Ilia continued living in Novorossiysk and worked in the ship yards. Job Hunting During Ilia's time working in the ship yards he came to get involved with smuggling drugs, weapons, and people from Russia to the surrounding countries though cargo on ships or even helping build ships designed to smuggle any commodities that were deemed valuable. Mostly dealing with Turkey where they would sell weapons to factions that were willing to buy. Although it took time and was somewhat of a hassle to complete, Ilia was willing to continue as long as it would benefit him and the others that he worked with in the end. As the operations continued to grow over the next few years it became apparent that Ilia and his group would need to do more on their part to move items on a larger scale. With this Ilia began doing business with the larger cargo ships that would come in and out of the port to see if there was a deal to be stuck to help move commodities though the containers that would be held on the ships, and if a captain was unwilling than he always had 'ways' of making them change their mind. Whether it be bribes, threats, or 'convincing' to get a person on his side. Although he did set boundaries for how far he was willing to go to get a person to work for him, he never wished to kill a person over something that he saw as a 'inconvenience'. The 'Real World' Today After a solid system had been setup in Novorossiysk for movement of commodities Ilia moved on to South Zagoria following the start of the civil war to begin smuggling weapons and ammunition in the Green Sea between Chernogorsk and other port cities past the Black Mountains in Russia. Ilia had come to know of the mafia group 'Bratva' and was slowly beginning to look towards opening up dealings with the group of criminals, although before he could continue anymore with his smuggling or dealings with any other group or person that 'Infection' to hold over South Zagoria. This sent Ilia into a short panic, realizing that he was stuck with no way out of Chernogorsk and was stuck until he got any real information into what would be happening now. So now he roams the coastal areas of Chernogorks, Elektrozavodsk, and Krutoy Cap where he can see one of the old ships that used to use for smuggling, rusted and sunken into the bay. Although he doesn't have any ties or knowledge of anyone in Chenarus, his name should stir the memory of some individuals out there. (Looking to Improve, this is defiantly going to receive an update. I just need a starting point for now)
  3. Finally got a federal corvette into my hangar of space ships
  4. Old picture of my Type-10 the day that it came out. Great memories... as well as some crappy docking.
  5. I liked the features when they were still being used and thought it added more to the community. But I guess the dev's just want to have things their own way, not leave it up to what the community wants.
  6. Hans Runkel “Switzerland is my home, and although it may never be the same, it shall always stay with me till the day I leave this forsaken planet.” The Beginning Coming into his adult life Hans volunteered for the Swiss Military and would go on to conduct training and eventually serve under the Swiss Flag as a combat medic over a five year service that would continue to lead him into the medical field. Following the completion of his five year service Hans would go on to attend the University of Zurich to begin working towards a degree in Biomedical engineering. Following four years of education Hans would receive his bachelors in science before continuing his education to receive a masters and then to eventual move into doctoral studies within the realm of medical engineering. During the years of his studies he would work within research laboratories on campus as well as work with nursing programs conducted at the campuses hospital. After completing his graduate program Hans would continue to work within the campuses laboratories to conduct studies, before eventually moving into a new career with the Swiss Army and NATO. There he would begin work within the department of research and development as well as working in medical hospitals located in Takistan and parts of Chernarus following the civil war. Beginning Of The End Mid way through the month of July in 2017 Hans was pulled from work in Takistan by NATO to join a group of other researchers working with the UN at the island base of Utes off the coast of Chernarus. With this he learned more of the infection that was currently spreading like wildfire across Chernarus and quickly consuming everything in its path. Hans was put onto the specialized team of researchers and military personnel that would look into hopefully finding a cure for the illness, although were at best looking for a way to decrease the spread and or growth of the disease. As Hans began putting research into the disease from the base of Utes the other members of the VDC (Viral Defense Corporation), moved onto the shore of Chernarus to prepare the team and equipment that would be needed to conduct research on the mainland of Chernarus. Viral Defense Corporation Within the VDC Hans was one of the few researchers that were assigned to the team, which seemed to be mostly made up of military personnel that were assigned to protect the researchers. During Hans’ time with the VDC Eric Grieves became a good acquaintance of his, and was one of the few people that he trusted on the mainland of Chernarus. Following the creation of the first viral stabilizer the group slowly came to a point of breaking as the normal morals of humans were expected to be broken to continue research, which resulted in a dead research and member of the security team. Following this the VDC seemed to completely disband leaving Hans nowhere to go, and with little to do as the higher ups at Utes seemed to cut communication with the researchers and security that were left to fend for themselves on the mainland. With nowhere to go with research Hans dropped everything and went to gathering medical equipment and supplies and began to wonder the area of Chernarus. Middle Of The End Hans continued to roam what was left of Chernarus and overtime helped any passersby with any need for medical attention or supplies before going his seperate way, which always seemed to lead nowhere in particular. Over this period of time Hans dropped to the point of not talking for days and weeks at a time with little to no interaction with people throughout, as he choose to avoid confrontation when he could. Although a few months after the disbandment of the VDC Hans managed to catch a message from Eric Grieves who seemed impatient to meet with him. During the meeting with Eric Hans continued to stay in his same anti-social bubble, although was willing to help Eric with a hospital that was supposedly going to be used, the only problem being that they needed more medical personnel, which lead Eric to Hans. Hans agreed to help, although never saw the hospital lasting much longer than a week or two once the remaining populace of Chernarus heard of what was being created and used. Hans was right in his assumption and within a few weeks of the hospital being capable of housing patients had everything come crashing down. Most medical personnel fled, or moved on, Hans being one of the later. The Never Ending End With nowhere left to move on, and nowhere in particular to be, Hans moved back to roaming the wasteland of Chernarus. Searching for nothing in particular, but always trying to find something to do. “We used to think about the end of the world coming form something beyond, within the black of space. But it seems that the thing we should have feared most, was the planet that we so arrogantly walk on.”
  7. As a experiment to see how well my new Asp Scout will do in exploration I spent the last 30-45 minutes flying from Sol to the California Nebula. Got some great views and got the ship ready for its 10,000 lyr journey out of the bubble for next weekend. And to add to it here are some good views that I saw while I was out and about today.
  8. Following the release of the new Dolphin in 2.3 I took a journey out from the bubble, around 28,000 lyrs from Sol. Finally after 3 weeks of banging my head on the desk from the long journey I managed to get back to the bubble. This is one of the many screenshots I have taken of my badly damaged and beaten up Dolphin from the trip. I sold all my exploration data for around 200 mil and plan on going out again. If anyone feels interested into the exploration into the unknown be sure to contact me and maybe join me along in multi-crew to see my everlasting quest to run out of fuel.
  9. Currently in-game. Waiting for cool down period to end Asking that my connection be put into the logs as well I had just logged onto the server was talking to the person that was in TS with me about what was going on and then started moving south of my spawn position towards Vybor military and was immediately told by someone not to move. Upon further inspection I saw the person moving towards me and then they stopped in front of me and told me to put my hands up. I typed in chat OOC that I had just logged onto the server and then he replied to me over voice that I "hadn't just spawned in". After this he fired a warning shot next to my head and I raised my gun and fired multiple shots into the person that initiated on me and then turned around and began making my way back north to a safer location.
  10. Following what happened on the airfield me and Gelidus went towards Vybor where I had to log off for breakfast. After I logged off Gelidus messaged me saying that I was combat logging and that I needed to get back on the server. After this I came back on the server and met up with Gelidus who was on the server while I was off.
  11. Myself and Gelidus met up on the northern part of the NWAF at the tent site. We then moved down towards the south barracks following RP with two individuals that were looting the tents. After moving down to the two NATO barracks on the southwest side of the airfield we met another person that then moved down towards the Barracks next to the well on the south side of the airfield. We then moved up to a small shack located next to the 2 level barracks where we saw Mr.AJ. He started talking with Gelidus while I stayed back near the shack. AJ seemed frustrated or flustered because Gelidus did not want to answer a few questions that he asked. One of the men that we met near the tents on the northern airfield walked up next to Gelidus and which seemed to become very suspicious of the situation. Then another person that we met by the NATO barracks moved up next to Gelidus and myself which started to make AJ back off. AJ then moved away from us and walked around a wall that I was looking at. He then stopped on the open area of the wall and leaned over to one side before randomly firing in what looked to be the direction of my friend Gelidus. After I saw him fire the shot I then aimed at him and fired one bullet killing AJ. After this one person there said that AJ was trying to shoot a chicken that was next to the small shack that Gelidus was standing next to at the time. After this we moved off the airfield and away from the situation.
  12. Server and location: North West Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:59 Your in game name: Robert Willins Names of allies involved: GeneralTortillas (IG), Mr.Porkey, Spartan54820 (TS) Name of suspect/s: (Logs will tell) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): (No video evidence) Detailed description of the events: I started making my way across the Eastern side of the NWAF and moved over to the ATC to look for the member of Lovec that I was playing with, Generaltortillas, and started making my way across the airfield to the west side to met with my the person I was with at the time. I was told by Tortillas that there were multiple people around the small Red building over by the main road next to the outer wall of the airfield. I noticed two players playing with a crawling zombie on the airfield and proceeded to watch before I started moving to met with Tortillas. As I started moving out towards the treeline two players began to move towards me that seemed to be not involved with the other two with the zombie. I heard one of the two people ask why I was running as I moved into the tree line. The moment I proceeded into the treeline the person that was originally talking to me shouted for me to 'stop and put my hands up'. I stopped and was immediately fired upon by the two individuals and was hit before I started running in deeper into the trees as I was being shot. As I was shot I began to open fire and was soon killed by the two individuals.
  13. After I shot the person outside of the pub I moved another 30 meters to the tree line that I was in and then our I regrouped with Gelidus in Kabinino before flanking around to a new position near the pub.Following this we went down to the military complex to the south of Vybor and then eventually up to Northwest airfield. Shortly after this the power in my house shut off and I was forced to get off and deal with other issues.
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