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  1. darczon69

    New Grishino Frequency [104.1]

    Tuning his radio to the frequency the General gave him, Artemis looks out the window. The cabin is as clean as it could be: he scrubbed the floors, changed the mattress on the bed with one with less blood, checked the locks, and organized his drug cabinet and BLS emergency closet. Content, he pushes the PTT: "Greetings, fellow residents of New Grishino. My name is Dr. Artemis and with the General's permission, I have set up an office in the black wooden cabin, across the turist info point. I offer medical services which include, but are not limited by: *clears throat* - Anamnesis and physical examination - therapy and the drugs required for said therapy for a variety of "common" diseases - trauma support *sighs* - bullet removal and other "doctory" related issues Please stop by if you require help from an actual specialist. No "here, you need a saline" or "morphine fixes everything" I've seen from my fellow "doctors". First consultation is free. My hours of operation are every day, from 18-20, or 6 to 8 PM. Artemis over."
  2. darczon69

    End loot saturation!

    Well, people should be afraid to go for "high end" loot. You want antibiotics for that dying friend? Brave that huge city crawling with infected and bandits to get that rare gen IV ceph. You want a sweet ass SVD? Better get ready to get mauled by wolves, infected and bandits in the military areas. Sure, spawn some ammo and low end mil gear in the checkpoints, maybe some saline in normal clinics, but there should be some risk of getting robbed or killed if you have valuable stuff. However, we do need more loot. Especially weapons. Medical supplies are awesome as they are, with the different modded drugs but their distribution is a little wack. I'd very much would lilke a 3000% increase in infected presence in large cities couple with a 100% increased loot in hospitals. Likewise with big military bases. Hell, spawn more infected EVERYWHERE till the server fumes :3 I want to be scared to run into a town, even with my unlimited ammo.
  3. darczon69

    New Grishino Frequency [104.1]

    Sensing an opportunity for both security and work, Artemis picks up the radio: *Hello, this is Art...this is Dr. Artemis calling for New Grishino. I wish to enlist my aid in your settlement. I can provide medical expertise. I'm a physician specialized in internal medicine, with 2 years of experience. I'm not affiliated to any groups in the area nor am I an enemy of anyone. I have my own medical supplies and can procure more. I can also supply your defenders with an SVD and a M4 assault rifle with plentifull ammo in exchange for your continued protection. If you can find a place for me and guarantee my safety, I can heal your people. Artemis out*
  4. Welp...guess I shouldn't have opened that mine.
  5. darczon69

    New Grishino


    Yup It's going to be 1:00 AM tomorrow for me
  6. darczon69

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    Artemis checks the surrounding area around the Homestead, battered and bruised. He finally settles down in one of the cabins. "Hello, this is Artemis. To the Free Medics. If anyone can hear me, please respond. I returned with a substantial cache of drugs and assorted supplies. I even managed to *groans in pain, as he turns around to his pack, checking the contents* find some sterile IV kits. The Cernogorsk area is also 110 infected less. However, the Homestead seems abandoned, infected and blood trails abundant. What happened? Have you relocated? Artemis over and out."
  7. darczon69

    Fully automatic weapons should be less common

    Yes, please. Shotguns are the one thing I really miss about .62 Oh, and cars. It just feels way less rewarding to mow down 20 infected with my M4 and limitless ammo than running for my life trying to reload one shell at a time.
  8. darczon69

    Walking Arsenal (102.5)

    Always happy to have more firepower, Artemis picks up the radio and dials in the frequency: "Hello, this is Artemis. Do you have any favorites, food wise?"
  9. darczon69

    Beta Base Building first look

    I'd still very much like to be able to build my own tiny shelter, lone wolf as I am.
  10. darczon69

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    Artemis picks up the radio, while sizing up the nearby village. "Hello, this is Artemis. I talked on this frequency before. I'm currently en route towards the Homestead with a bounty of various benzodiazepines, amphetamines and morphine substitutes. I wish to donate these supplies as I have no current use for them. If I find no one home, I'll hunt the infected you mentioned when I find the lumber mill. Artemis over and out"
  11. darczon69

    88.7 Open Frequency Looking for a chemist

    Catching his breath after quickly scampering up the hunting shack, Artemis picks up the radio. breathing heavily. *howling,snarling and wounded whimpering is interupted by sporadic small arms fire* "This is Artemis. I had to abandon Vybor. A horde came crashing through and, as I was busy dispaching it, a pack of wolves set up me. They've been tracking me all night. Hold on" *automatic gunfire rips through the radiowaves before cutting off* "I will be heading back to Vybor as soon as I deal with these fucking wolves. I'll try to be in contact as soon as possible. Artemis over"
  12. darczon69

    88.7 Open Frequency Looking for a chemist

    Wiping his hands of gun oil, Artemis picks up the radio. "Hello, this is Artemis. I am not a doctor "of sorts". I'm a licensed professional. Internal medicine, to be precise. I would be more than happy to take a look at what you have and I have the means to pay you for your trouble if you accept 5.56mm, 7.62x54mm or .45 ACP ammo as payment. I cannot spare anything else. Same conditions apply. You must come to me, in a location I choose. Artemis, over and out."
  13. darczon69

    88.7 Open Frequency Looking for a chemist

    Artemis sighs and picks up the radio, slightly annoyed. 'Hello, this is Artemis. I'm sorry but that will not do. If you want my medication and expertise, YOU will come to me. I'm not born yesterday and I'd rather avoid having to kill more humans than I have to" *You can hear magazines being loaded* "If you agree to these conditions, come to Vybor police station, alone. Contact me on this frequency when you are en route and I will place one quarter of the medication inside the jail cell where you can pick it up. After I confirm that you are not a threat, I will examine your chest and provide you with the rest. Artemis over and out"
  14. darczon69

    88.7 Open Frequency Looking for a chemist

    Artemis checks his bag, and confirming the contents, picks up the radio: "Hello, this is Artemis. I can take a look at your back and have enough supplies to keep you pain free for about 1 month. I hardly doubt you can find anyone with the proper equipment to manufacture what you need. Reply on this frequency. I'm currently in the Vybor area. I repeat: Vybor. Artemis over and out"
  15. darczon69

    Text RP Events

    Character Name: Gladius Artemis Character Age: 28 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? Cannot sprint long durations; no other physical defects except the following scars: 2 cm diameter round scar - left collarbone; 6 by 2 by 2 cm "F" shaped scar - right shoulder plate; 3 by 1 cm round binding scars - wrist; 4 cm left calf muscle - missing; multiple claw marks on his back, abdomen and chest; claw mark - right cheek; Does your character have a mental disability? No. Chronic depression is present. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No. Does your character have any phobia? No. Does your character have a love interest? No. Does your character have any addictions? Recovering addict. Sober - 6 months Does your character do any drugs? Opiodes, meth. Is your character overweight? Yes, 30 IMC. Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during RP? Yes. Artemis can handle, depending on the circumstances even larger hordes (most ever handled - 20ish infected and/or 10 wolves) Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Both? Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Hmm, haven't been robbed in a while; nor tortured. Huge, last stand type of infected attacks are also nice. Honestly, my dream is to be stranded on the roof of a tall building, like an apartment one, by 100+ infected, having to clear the streets and the building itself, checking each and every apartment, fighting for my life