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  1. Hard reset Early February, 2019 Catching a moment's respite, David swings his pack around on his good side, taking out his notepad. Singed, battered, broken. Much like himself. Much has happened since I last wrote here. I've seen communities rise and fall during this winter, senseless war, crime and other atrocities, weaponizing the infected...I found Preacher and learned why he left me. We met another guy, naive reported by the name of Peter. Nice guy, probably dead. Met Mace again. Nice guy, probably dead. He stratches his mask, the itch behind it becoming near unbearable. David continues to write with shaky hands, each stroke sending ripples of pain through his arm. The burns haven't healed and the skin breaks upon contraction. Someone used the infected to tear me and Preacher apart ((https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/94493-quadriptych-of-the-fall/ )). I was burned and broken but somehow survived. I lost count of how many I killed...must be around 15000. But...some good did come out of our separation His abandonment. I found my brother, changed and broken aswell. He held me at gun point. We talked all night. He, too, suffered. We threw away our Given names and retook our birth ones.Together we reached a conclusion and a common goal now unites us. ᏖᏒᏗፈᏦ ᏂᎥᎷ! ᏂᏬᏁᏖ ᏂᎥᎷ! ᎦᎥᏁᎴ ᏂᎥᎷ!
  2. darczon69


    This is going to give me nightmares.
  3. darczon69

    Nighttime time

    I agree completely. As a basebuilder, I really want a use for that generator and lights and the thought of lighting up my watchtower from below with a couple of lights is just amazing. Light sources are abundant: flares, glowsticks, flashlights, gun lights and, as far as I could see, gun lights actually work. So, pretty please, could we have at least 1-2 hours of pitch black darkness to scare the living crap outta me when I don't see that infected coming?
  4. Minimal knowledge is, however, required, in my eyes. As a real life doctor, it irritates me when I see IVs fixing bullets wounds or morphine handed out like candy for any ouchie. Reading up on Basic Life Support at your local Red Cross or medical college isn't only beneficial for RP but is beneficial anytime.
  5. THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME! Nothing more to add here. Carry on.
  6. darczon69


    Boom. You dead.
  7. My character killed 12355 infected and counting. I sure as hell hope i'd at least put a dent in the 3800000 population of Chernarus. Back to the main idea, I'd love MOOOORE infected. Like someone said, make them ooze out of every house in big cities, as many as the streets can take but make them slow and tanky.
  8. darczon69

    Questions about persistence, again.

    I subscribe. I spent literal hours, logging barrels and metal sheets to help construct this base. We had plans to make regular radio transmissions, to open up to our neighboors, give out free energy to people in need and enhance our RP over the random meet and greets. Now, I'm not sure if I have the confidence to rebuild everything and actually settle down with my character and move away from the nomadic life style. Please tell me it's a freak occurance. EDIT: So we got dayzed ?
  9. Another addendum to my original idea, because I've seen some people argue that if you dont want to get shot, don't go into situations that can get you shot. Excuse me, but that is forcing me to do two things: either avoid RP completely or risk permaing a char because somebody wanted my beanz. Allow me to ellaborate: as a mostly solo player, I would have no choice but to comply when a group is robbing me. That will put me at their mercy each and every time. I'm sorry but rather than going through tedious robbery RP, I'd much rather just avoid RP completely and focus on my solo story. DayZRP is about choice, that's how I see it. If I can win that 2v1 or even 3v1 fight, without breaking NVFL because I have the advantage, better gear, etc that's great. Its something my character would do. If perma due to miscelaneous PVP would be a thing, I would break my character and never do any self defense action. And don't give me the "well, join a group then". I won't be strongarmed into RP-ing with someone for no reason other than protection.
  10. I will echo what others have said before me. Im a shitty shot, my char isnt the Terminator and I would like to give him the end he deserves or the end I see fit and not being forced to kill him because some rando wanted my beanz.
  11. darczon69

    Avoiding RP

    I have a bunch of simple rules my character follows: 1) 1 or 2 people, gun on back - stop and RP 2) 3+ people, gun on back - observe, sneak, RP if they don't appear sketchy 3) 1 or 2 people, gun out - gun out and RP from cover; potential hostiles 4) 3+ people, gun out, hostile "vibe" - hide, observe, but be ready to gtfo Also, as a side note, it's pretty funny that, on my screen this thread is followed by "Why is almost everyone hostile" ?
  12. darczon69

    Why is almost everyone hostile

    With almost 500 hours on this server, I only got robbed once and that was due to me not compling with their demands, as robbery was not their original goal. I usually travel in well kept high quality clothes with plenty of high powered rifles at my disposal. Cars are my favorite means of transport. Like someone in the thread said, I think people are almost "too" friendly. Or maybe I'm just lucky ? As for my opinion, I have no issues with hostile people or groups since it's the most realistic way to react to the unknown in this harsh world. Hell, even the good guys are wary and not immediately trusting.
  13. darczon69

    [Open Frequency] De Profundis.

    Artemis stops barricading the front door as he hears a familiar voice on the radio. He quickly turns the volume up and is awash with contradicting emotions. Pressing the button he begins to speak: *clearing his throat, measured words* "Father, this is Artemis. I have not forgotten my mission... *venomous voice* ...I have worked tiresly these past few months. I need to have words with you. I'm on my way. *warmer tone* I am glad that you are alive. Artemis out. Gathering his gear, he tears down his own barricades, the sound drawing zombies from all around the house. Cocking his shotgun, he jumps out blasting, determined to get back home and deal with this.
  14. Hmm, Artemis on both itterations has only killed one human: a bandit that tried to rob him after Artemis fed, clothed and gave him a machete. The poor sap didn't expect the ol' sawn off in the pants". As for zombies, Artemis killed 6130 infected since he became Artemis and around 4500 when he was David. He still has 3789370 zombies left.
  15. darczon69

    New Grishino Frequency [104.1]

    Tuning his radio to the frequency the General gave him, Artemis looks out the window. The cabin is as clean as it could be: he scrubbed the floors, changed the mattress on the bed with one with less blood, checked the locks, and organized his drug cabinet and BLS emergency closet. Content, he pushes the PTT: "Greetings, fellow residents of New Grishino. My name is Dr. Artemis and with the General's permission, I have set up an office in the black wooden cabin, across the turist info point. I offer medical services which include, but are not limited by: *clears throat* - Anamnesis and physical examination - therapy and the drugs required for said therapy for a variety of "common" diseases - trauma support *sighs* - bullet removal and other "doctory" related issues Please stop by if you require help from an actual specialist. No "here, you need a saline" or "morphine fixes everything" I've seen from my fellow "doctors". First consultation is free. My hours of operation are every day, from 18-20, or 6 to 8 PM. Artemis over."
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