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    Hearing his brother's sacred name, Gladius jumps from the bed he's resting in and, with shaking hands, picks up the radio, feverishly thinking a reply: *panicked* "Who are you and where is Aegis? If you hurt him, by the gods..." He takes a deep breath, calming himself and continues, realizing something: *furious, clenched fists* "How do you know that name?"
  2. I was about to say the same thing. Any tips on how to destroy these f*kers?
  3. Noticing the suffering in her voice, Gladius drops behind a rock, pulling the radio from his vest and cranking up the volume: "We all did things, sister. Unspeakable things for which there is no redemption." He sighs, thinking about his crimes but continues with a hopeful but grave tone: "We cannot control our past...we will suffer for our mistakes, true. As we should. But we must'n give up! We can only look to the present and the future, do our best to change and hope we still have enough time to try to atone for our sins. Stay strong, sister. Stay strong." Gladius releases the PTT, turns down the volume and puts the radio back in his pocket. Sighing deeply he looks at the sky, forcing a tear to remain in his eyes.
  4. Waking up after a peaceful night, Gladius slowly examines his surroundings. He had the radio off for the night, not wanting to draw the infected to his location. Picking the small device from his backpack, he pressed the PTT and said in a groggy, coffee starved voice: "Good morning, friends. I am sorry I have not replied to your messages, but I did not wish to attract unwanted attention. To the man: I think I am east, navigation has never been my strong suit *chuckles slightly*. I will take heed of your idea and when I'll find suitable locations along the coast, I will create more of these supply drops. To the woman: Thank you for your kindness. I wish to ask something of you, if I may: if you have the knowledge on how to preserve meat and other supplies, could you share that knowledge? Maybe leave notes in the supply drops detailing the process. Winter is still a ways away, but we have to plan for the future. If others replied, I am sorry I missed your transmission. Stay safe and be kind." He releases the PTT and begins his morning preparations for the journey ahead: cleaning his rifle, checking food, water and ammo and completing his checklist.
  5. Fides et Virtus [RECRUITING]

    The sole reason my character and, dare I say, @The Ford's character have went with @Pontiff plan is because he did not try to force religion down our throat. My character is not a Christian nor does he want to be; he joined up and is working very hard for the group because he believes in the Preacher and his vision of society. Our groups is not a "survivor" group nor do we wish to become a cookie cutter "religious group". I think the appeal, as far as I'm concerned is exactly our differences in world and religious views but our willingness to work together, as brothers. My character does not believe in the Christian God, but he works to complete the goals stated just the same. Think of it this way: we are a group of people brought together by a man whom we trust. Some of us might be religious, some of us aren't, but we all believe in doing what's right and in Preacher's vision. Sure, Preacher's idea about the Apocalypse and our role in it is, inherently, religious, but his character never tried forcing that view on his friends (kudos to nice RP, Preach :D). THIS is the reason why my character is actually listening and doing his best for the group. I will not delve in the Bible verses, because that's not my field. This post is only meant to clarify why the group is not cult-orientated: we are all in this world together and we must work together. This is the reason why it is also stated in the "group rules" that having a religious character is not mandatory.
  6. Skirting around the edge of the town, avoiding it since daylight was dangerously low and someone decided to threw a couple grenades in the middle of the city, Gladius stops and lays down in a bush. He gets the radio and presses the PTT, speaking as quietly as possible but still enough to possibly be heard: "Currently, I'm moving cross country, scouring for a Bible. One of my friends...." he sighs then continues "one of my friends needs the guidance from that book and nothing I can say soothes his soul. I cannot deviate from this task. I am sorry. I have no idea what this town is called, but I will make it my refuge for the night. Come morning, I will try to find some landmarks and that fuc...that book. Over and out" He puts the radio in his pocket, gets up, squinting at the fading sun, measuring the remaining daylight. Nodding, he picks up his trusty rifle and trudges on.
  7. Not expecting a reply so fast, Gladius fumbles around for his radio, then pushes the PTT: "It's good to hear good people are still around. Canned goods are rare and valuable. I'm sure your fellow man will be happy with your generosity and your god or gods will reward you with good fortune." Nodding to himself, he smiles broadly, hefts his pack and carries on the road, happy to have made a small difference.
  8. As he lays down, watching his pumpkin patch slowly taking shape, Gladius removed his radio and pressed the PTT: "Hello, this is a friend speaking. I will leave a lot of fresh vegetables in a clean barrel on the road to...uhm...well...theres a huge beached cargo boat to my right and a railroad crossing some 200m ahead. The barrel is by a road sign. Please feel free to take as much as you need. I know it is hard to trust a stranger on the radio and I cannot guarantee your safety...but please...be civil to your fellow man. My one condition...no...my one humble plea is that if you have the skill, please make sure the next people who pass by the barrel have fresh food. You have the tools needed in the barrel." Sighing, he continues: "The only chance we have is by working together. Stay safe" The transmission cuts off.
  9. Sorry for the shitty quality. Glock and combat knife?
  10. Fides et Virtus [RECRUITING]

    Wohooo! Welcome! *deus vulting increases*
  11. The Sword New scars added: - multiple claw mark scars on his back, sides and abdomen, ranging in sizes and depth - 10 on his back, 5 on his abdomen, 2-3 on each side - right cheek - 3 scars - 6 cm long, 0.5 cm wide, 1 cm deep - parallel lines, crescent pattern running down from his eye to the jaw;
  12. Whats your Career , or are you studying? :)

    Last year medical student here. Hopefully, by the end of November, I'll be able to actually practice medicine in my f-ing country :3
  13. The Wedding Planner

    Hearing the French girl again, Gladius stops and raises his fist, signaling: "stop". He turns up the volume and listens carefully, hoping she would switch to English. The broadcast ended with no such luck so Gladius pressed the PTT: -hushed but confident- "We are on the move. Please keep an eye on your wounds: wash your hands with clean, running water and only use bandages from unruptured packages. If you are safe, stay there. Fuck, 3 o'clock, 10+, closing fast!!!" The broadcast ends but not before several shots, snarls and screaming is heard.