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  2. After carefully reloading and inspecting his weapons, Artemis grabs the radio from his vest while scannning the ghouls below him. *wind whips from time to time; sounds like he is somewhere high up* Hello. This is dr. Artemis. To anyone who can hear me. I advise to stay away from...uh...*paper shuffling* uh...Hobocekn and Hephoropck for the next couple of days. *cringes at the horrible pronunciation of the towns names* Anyway, I will begin to methodically kill every single ghoul in these two towns, but considering their size, it's going to take a while to slaughter and then burn them all. It will be dangerous to just waltz in as they will be feral and I don't want stray bullets or ricochet to harm any living being. Thats Hobocekn and Hephoropck, on the southern coast. This is dr. Artemis. Stay safe. *radio clicks off*
  3. As night draws near, Artemis hangs his lamp and rechecks all the doors. It has been a long day and he has much to write about. Good people are so hard to come by these days that I, sometimes, think I might be blessed. Or, at least, watched over. I marched North in search for ammunition for my crusade. I searched and searched and managed to find a sizeable amount of .45 ACP. Night came and I decided to hole up in a guardhouse. Easily defendable. Or so I thought. I woke up in the morning as I heard footsteps outside. Light, fast, coordinated. As I pulled out my gun and slowly exited my makeshift home, a woman wearing purple with a red bandana covering her face, came around the corner. We spoke, I learned her name was Rose and she was searching for weapons. We parted ways soon after. Not so long though. As I went about my bussines, I heard gunfire so I rushed over. I thought she could be in trouble, but nobody survives this long without being smart. And, by god, she was. I spotted her perched on top of a disabled APC just spraying the wretched down. Her shots drew even more fools to the slaughter, effectively emptying the nearby tents of any potential lurker. I sniped a few aswell and as the fight calmed down, I went over again. As we talked, I learned she was part of a group. A "good" group, as she described it. I was intrigued so I offered my help. It was nice to meet another person just as bad as navigating as myself. After we found our bearings again, we marched towards Camp Eden as she called it. On the way, we talked, got to know each other and I was more and more convinced that this group might be the one. A home. A safe haven. We even managed to snatch a car from a nearby unguarded compound. That made the journey much faster and it also helped with my first impression. As we reached the camp, we met with mister Grachi, an older, loud-mouthed gentleman that was extremely pleased with the gift we brought. More members of the camp came, and Rose introduced me to a few. After a quick break, I set about organizing the camps supplies. They were a mess! Empty magazines thrown in with clothing and general supplies, ammo scattered everywhere, unloaded and dirty rifles, medication just lying in the middle of the tents. A complete mess! This...took a while. The next day, me, Rose and Grachi went on a scavenging mission to a place Grachi knew. On the way, we found another camp and a working vehicle with a trunk full of weed. Of course, we took it. Coming towards camp, Grachi got an urgent radio transmission. Somebody was attacking the camp. As we rushed home, the situation resolved itself before we got there, but not without consequence. One of the members of the camp got killed. I stood to the side as the de facto leader, a man called Kazimir and others honored him. The next few days, I got to know more of the camp members (a badass woman named Kaetlyn stood out) and made myself known, aswell. I brought back tons of medicine and kept the camp clean. I even briefly met with Fae, that old aquantaince back in the Kingsmen. The politics of the camp eluded me, but shit started to go down. Mr. Grachi got tortured and maimed at the hands of Kazimir, which, in turn got banished from camp. Later, he did return and offered an apology. Tensions were high and the atmosphere in the camp changed. Alot of bad people started to hang around. One, in particular, struck me as interesting. Vladimir: drug dealer, murderer and overall dangerous man. I talked alot with him and kept him company. I even managed to purchase some Comfort, the drug he was selling. I just hope I can, someday, find some lab equipment and investigate this pill more. The effects he told me about are amazing and I believe I can improve them and cut down the addiction factor. As a go-pill, it will work wonders for me, but I can't afford to fall back into an addictive behavior. Anyways, I went with Kaetlyn on a couple of runs. The girl can fight. I mean, honestly, I don't think I'd win against her and I've killed tens of thousands. She also had this...honest vibe about her so I told her about my secret stash. That way, if something happens to me, I know those supplies will be put to good use. These past few days, I spent more and more time away from camp. I couldn't deal with the constant fuckery that keep happening when overcompensating idiots start to converge in bulk. However I did meet a very interesting "bad man": Lawrence PS the 2nd. Rich kid, weird self proclaimed robber. He did make my day slightly better as we ran around together for a while. Especially after we met the father-son duo of Ron and Magnus. Like I said, I must be blessed to meet only good people in "the wild". Except that one car thief, but I'll find him eventually. I digress. Of course, everything continued to fall apart as more and more criminals started to gather around camp. This morning I heard mr Grachi on the radio stating that he will be gone for a while and that Kazimir took over leadership of the camp. I haven't heard from Rose or Kaetlyn yet, but I packed my things and moved out. Hopefully, all three of them are safe and maybe we'll meet again. In the meantime, I'll return to killing. My count reached 16500 today. I went North to gather up more supplies for my attack on the southern coast. Current inventory is as follows: *Artemis spreads out and empties all the ammunition he managed to gather and after organizing it on categories, he begins to write down* Ammunition: 1) 7.62x39mm = 468 rounds; 31 tracer rounds 2) .45 ACP = 582 rounds 3) 9mm = 77 rounds 4) 5.56mm = 112 rounds 5) 7.62x54mm = 138 rounds; 13 tracer rounds Trading ammunition: 1) .308WIN = 150 rounds 2) 9x39mm = Armor piercing 60 rounds; normal 15 rounds Magazines: 1) 4 USG-45 2) 2 CR-75 3) 1 coupled STANAG; 2 STANAG 4) 3 VSD 5) 3 VSS 6) 2 LAR Weapons 1) CR-75 2) USG-45 3) SKS 4) Mosin-Nagant 6) M16 7) Arming sword and tactical knife Miscelaneous 1) Food: 2 days worth 2) Water: 2 days worth 3) Medication: oxy, morphine, epi, dexampth, assorted supplies 4) Tools: hatchet, ductape, stove, headlamp, batteries, spare silencers.
  4. *Artemis takes out the radio from his vest and presses the PTT* Hello, mister Doc-Bishop-Lucian. This is Artemis. I am in possesion of a few of the items you seek, IF you are able to provide transportation. I am reffering to the two oil drums and seeds/fertilizer. The barrels are in good condition, with minor exterior rust but able to hold water with very few issues. The lid on one of the barrel has a 2 by 2 cm hole in the right quadrant which needs to be fixed. I am willing to part with them if you provide transportation to and from the location of my stash and a fair price.
  5. *calm, calculated strokes, clean handwriting* I never noticed how...beautifull this country was. The swaying of the trees in the breeze, rabbits skiterring about, the distant howling of wolves and gunshots...it almost feels like home, on one of my treks through the Carpathians. *looks behind at the smoldering wreckage* Raiders came while I was out scouring for some ammo, as I was running low on 9 mm. They took most of my canned food and some fresh game I prepared as well as all my medical supplies and some tools. I was to be expected, sooner or later as my "neighbors" in the church or in the industrial halls down in the city grew more desperate. Stealth was this places' biggest strenght. Now thats gone. *takes a breath, tasting the air* I am not angry, surprinsingly. All the time invested in building this place, was well used. I found the clarity I so craved. I'm going to pack up my things and go back into the world, doing what I do best: saving people and killing the wretched. *big smile on his face* I need to find ammo. A lot of ammo.
  6. This character page will solely be used for the trading post event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you! This character page will solely be used for the trading post event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you! Nikitin Prodejna - 21.04.2019
  7. Haven't even touched this journal in almost 3 months. They have been a blur, to be honest. Looking for Preacher up and down the country. The man dissapeared. We watched as the country turned on itself. Me and Ford, we've seen it all. From the Kingsmen to Anarchy, to the VDC and Kamenici. People banding together to kill other people based on arbitrary notions of what is right and what is wrong. Theft is wrong, say some. But what if you haven't eaten in 5 days and you stumble upon a camp with food nicely packed? Murder is wrong, say some. But what if the lives of many could be saved by the death of few? Morality is what we make of it. In this world, we need a new order. *different kind of pen* Ford vanished into the night. Frustrated by our lack of progress in finding Preacher, the man with all the answers, he left. I waver. Is everything I did, the tens of thousands I killed all for nothing? The dead are still everywhere. Man is still killing man. What am I even doing? Is Preacher trully to blame for all of this? He is just a man, like me. *shaky handwriting* I need to be alone. I will find a patch of land to call my own and reflect on my role in all of this.
  8. Overlooking the huge docks, Dumitru lays out his inventory in front of him, notepad in hand and picks up the radio, tapping it once to make sure it works. *broken English, strong east european accent* Hellau friends and future customars, You not know me but I will becom your best frind soon. I is proud to announce that my shop is open. *struggling to find his words* Even if the strigoi are eating everyone, you need fun, yes? You need food, *corrects himself* GOOD food, yes? You need fight to strigoi, yes? Mistar Dumitru has everything you need. For fair price, I give you fun, food and fight. Even small gun, for strigoi. These are prices. Prices are not stone, we can talk. *shuffles his notepad around, clears his throat* Numbar 1: Fun. a) Fun bear for woman. Has 1 bottle Vodka. Good stuff, doesn't make sick; 1 can notacola - to mix with vodka, make cocktail, yes?; handfull of maria. I can roll for extra price. NOT FOR KIDS. Cost 150 roubles or trade for something I need. b) Fun bear for man. 1 vodka, 3 packs cigarettes for strong man. Not for wimpy man. Cost same as woman. c) Fun sack. Two bears, one for man, one for woman, 2 beer, 1 bag chips,1 more cigarette and matches for cigarettes. Price is 350. Numbar 2: Food I have sodas and cans. For extra, I hunt for you. FOR HUNT HALF IS PAYED FIRST. If weather good and you have taime to wait, I grow for you. FOR GROW HALF IS PAYED FIRST. Price - we talk, but it fair. Numbar 3: Fight I have bullets for small guns, hunting raifle or shotgun. I DO NOT HAVE BULLETS FOR MACHINE GUN. Price is good, bullets are very good. I only sell for shoot strigoi or hunt. I do not sell bullets for military. If I see you with big guns or military, I do not sell bullets for you. *chuckles* Don't kill mai customers, eh? I also sell pack of gun that has 1 pistol, good pistol with silancar, 2 magazynes and 50-100 bullets. For extra, I add flashlgght, battery and extra silancar. 250 rubles without extra. I repeat. I NOT SELL big guns. I NOT SELL big gun ammo. I NOT SELL bullets to soldier. *takes a swig of vodka, tired from all the talking* Remember mai name: Dumitru. And the three F. You can find me on this radio, I come to you. Also, if you see me, I carry purple bag and am very beautifull. Watch your woman. *laughs as he releases the PTT*
  9. Due to his faulty radio, every time Dumitru tried to get in contact with the man on the frequency, he was met with silence. Finally finding an usable transmitter, he tried once more: *broken English, deep east european accent* Mistar Mason, sir. Mai name iz mister Dumitru. I am...aaahh...bizziness man, like yu. I hav much supplies, good for man. And woman: cigarettes, vodca, some Maria, food, bullets for strigoi. No big guns, only small. For strigoi, not people. I do not know many people here, but I can help if you help me. You have contacts. I bring the goods. We do bizzness, eh Boss? Satisfied with himself, Dumitru hefts his pack and picks a direction, radio turned on.
  10. I have no issues with my base being raided. I just want the raider to spent at least a fraction of the time I spent building my base to raid it, not be done in 15 minutes flat. I disagree with base immunity though.
  11. I concur with this point. However if this can't be implemented, I would recommend massively, MASSIVELY increasing the destruction time. Maybe to 20-30 minutes/per panel. It would serve to realism (good luck chopping down a fence with a hatchet in under 2 minutes) and it would make the time investment to be taken into consideration when breaking into the base. Do I risk sitting here for 20 minutes, defenseless, with a button clicked just to get into this base? Or do I stalk it out and maybe initiate when the people come in, etc. Of course, dismantling time should be kept the same.
  12. This character page will solely be used for the trading post event being held on 30/03/2019. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you! This character page will solely be used for the trading post event being held on 30/03/2019. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you!
  13. This and OPs comment. When and how did this shit become a thing? This kind of twisted crap must be banned so fast they can't even type an appeal.
  14. The picture below, although fun to see, was the main issue with the event, in my books. Like somebody else suggested, we need to move it to a better position where we can manage the people flow better and allow more in at the same time. Other than that, I really enjoyed the singing, shittalking and the fish fight at the end. Yes, fish fight. Not a typo. This is what the line looked like at its peak. Loving the people around here for showing up.
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    I look like a bloody dictator. Brilliant
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