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  1. Descendants

    I miss this place and what it used to be :( 

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  2. Descendants

    @Phoenix or @Chief or @someoneElseThatIsGoodAtGraphics could you pretty please make me a profile pic. of my character Charlie Weston? <3

    1. Voodoo


    2. Descendants


      thanks my dude

  3. DayZRP's Graphic Artists [Megathread]

    Looking for someone to make me a profile pic of one of my characters please PM me!
  4. Charlie Weston

    Charlie was born in Cleveland Ohio on June 29th, 1975. While growing up he always enjoyed going fishing and hunting with his father and grandpa. As he grew older he started doing competitions and increasing his skills. On June 3rd, 2017 he got an invitation to an international hunting competition and a country known as Chernarus. The jackpot was $100,000 and Charlie would be damned if he didn’t go home with that prize money. The competition was on June 19th, which was two days after Charlie had a arrived. The competition lasted three days, and on the twenty first the winner was announced. Charlie had won second place and got a prize of $50,000. Charlie had decided to stay in the country for a few moths on vacation with the money that he had won. He was scheduled to go back on August 2nd. But once the outbreak started to spread everywhere that obviously go cancelled. So now here Charlie was, alone and scared in a land that he barely knows, for all he knows his family could be dead in America but he has to keep hope. To push through everyday thinking that one day he could be reunited with his wife and daughter. Charlie's only goal now was to establish contact with his family and stay alive long enough to make it back to them. At whatever the cost Charlie would always stay alive, he doesn't care about very many people, nor does he trust very easily, so many people he would meet should be wary. Charlie is as sneaky as a hunter (no pun intended) and as accurate as, well, a hunter. So all must watch out for here is a man that has no boundary, for the onlything that would stop him from making it home is death. (More to come soon TM)
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    Connor McGregor is going to get his ass beat

    1. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead


    2. evanm23
    3. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Indeed I am 

  5. Descendants

    Who wants to be a part of my family when the lore wipe happens? We would see how long we last and perma if we die by anything besides a glitch.

  6. Descendants

    1. Descendants


      My first ever Chicken Dinner


  7. Descendants

    PSA for anyone that cares: Sorry ive been gone for a while, ive been working 50+ hour weeks and just took a 5 day vacation. But once the lore wipes I am going to make a serious effort to come back <3 

    1. Elmo


      My boy

    2. Pado


      I forgive you

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  9. Descendants

    payed 100 euro for HoF when I could have payed 75.... kill me now


    1. Ender



      I paid 60 total for my Hof about year ago

    2. Descendants


      I type in the coupon but forgot to press the okay button for it.

    3. Descendants


      @Rolle plez help :P 

  10. Kill, torture or rescue the guy or girl above you

    Sexually torture @Elmo
  11. Descendants

    Got the day off tomorrow, I need some people to RP with! 

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  13. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    10/10 ERP Dungeon Master @Elmo
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    Who do you think you are? Using an Elder Scrolls theme too? Fucking coping nibba 

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    2. Squillium


      Yea, but I had to remind everyone that Morrowind and ESO puts Oblivion to shame.


    3. Nihoolious


      You have awful taste @Squillium

    4. Squillium


    5. Nihoolious


      Pulls out a 2006 era meme with the watermark at the bottom lmao. Proved my point

    6. Descendants


      Morrowind is good, ESO can suck my nut sack, and WoW was good all the way up until WOTLK, MoP was decent, but everything else is GARBO!

    7. LightGhillie


      Um, What, What about Skyrim?

    8. Descendants


      @Eddard stfu, Skyrim is good, but not Oblivion good

  14. Descendants

    I was behind a yellow Camaro on my way home from work. the license plate read P3k4chu



    1. Descendants


      *P1k4chu*... *facepalm*

  15. Descendants


    1. Pinky


      oml i loved this video

      the fucking turtle at the end

    2. APureGamer



      Your friend must be LIT. Wow videos.

    3. Descendants


      @APureGamer you right

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    What a meme, you play Warmane TBC? It just came out a week ago.

    Also, follow me back you cuck...

    1. Nihoolious


      I only really played Dalaran WoW a couple years back. Was pretty fun but the people in my guild really made me cringe sometimes and I eventually started playing live instead. 

      Also I don't follow anyone atm, too lazy to hit the button tbh. 

  17. Descendants

    New profile theme :D Changing this shit is addicting...

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  19. Descendants

    If any of you want to watch me troll the fuck out of a geared dude on 0.62 xD 


  20. What you are pushing for is a change in people's actions and opinions, and while I agree with you 100%, I am sure there are many more people that don't agree with you, or just aren't willing to be realistic. It is just the sad reality that we live in...
  21. .62 just hit experimental

    I spent a good 3 hours running around in the new patch. Here is what I found: http://plays.tv/video/592728c2aeb9a6b3fd/the-moon-and-sounds-at-altar-hill http://plays.tv/video/59272920b33b314848/kabanino http://plays.tv/video/59272976891723abdd/myshkino-dam