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  1. Descendants

    What do you listen to ?

  2. Descendants



  3. Descendants

    Character creation in 0.63

    There is no way to "save" your character. After you die you must "reselect" the character you want. Just follow the guide that Dino posted.
  4. Descendants


    welcome back, if you need any help feel free to ask in discord
  5. Descendants

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

  6. Descendants


    Lyaria=welcome back I prefer finding clothes around rather than spawning with preset skins imo, it makes people more unique
  7. Descendants

    *Meows in Chernarussian*

    I remember you
  8. Descendants

    Hello!! :D

    welcome to the community
  9. Descendants

    Is this thing on?

    hello, it you.
  10. Descendants

    Item shop descriptions

    Leather Shoes: "Made for slave traders" Leather Moccasins: "Chernarussian Indian footwear" Glasses: "lets rob him for those $10 sunglasses!" Dirt Bike Helmet "For people named Cleatus" Jeans: "Name's Bam Sauer. Have you seen my brother Quinn?" Welding Mask: "WOAH are you PsiSyndicate?"
  11. Descendants

    Item Shop Discussion

    I dont mind spending a bit of cash to get some of the harder to find items that my characters usually wear (i.e. Black flat cap, wool coat, dress pants, and leather shoes)
  12. Descendants

    Items in DayZ SA

  13. Descendants

    Items in DayZ SA

    IZH and Chainsaw are in game
  14. Descendants

    Brandon Young's Stattrak Counter

  15. Descendants

    GP5 Masks

    I want those aviators