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  1. Descendants

    Platform Switch Discussion

    DayzRP Rust server?
  2. Descendants


    anyone have the forest and wanna play?

  3. Descendants


    what is hostile mode?

  4. Descendants



  5. Descendants


    Checking in from vacation in California. I'll be back in August ❤️

  6. Descendants

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    where it at though @Roland edit: lol I thought experimental was out already, I am dumb
  7. RedSky

    • RedSky
    • Descendants

    God that's a sexy headlight... I take it you are a big R6 fan?

    1. Descendants



    2. Cobe

      He dont have one though HAHA 😛 jk love u 


      Grom squad 4 life! 

    3. RedSky


      @Hardwired is the honda grom your main bike? Or are you like most and use it as your fun little side bike?


      Cause otherwise, I'm in interested in the main bike 😛

    4. Cobe

      Nope, I used to ride a kx350 at the tracks but then wanted to get on the road so got a grom for my main little commuter bike and got rid of the KX 

    5. RedSky


      huh, neat. Was the kx350 any good? I mean I know the grom everyone does, never talked to someone with experience on the kx350 tough 😛

    6. Cobe

      Basically same as a 250 but POWAAHH! not much difference really. 

      Btw, it was a 350 my uncle built with me, KX350's are not sold, we just took a 250 and replaced the engine 😛 😛 

    7. RedSky


      Good to know

    8. Descendants


      actually @Hardwired I am buying a 2012 R6 that has 11k miles once my next paycheck rolls around (friday)

    9. RedSky


      @Descendants Oh god those are the R6's that I love, I am not a huge fan of the new one, except for the fact that the headlight looks sexy. I currently converted to really wanted to get a Daytona 675r, too bad is that my license doesn't allow it, for now,😕 EU Motorcycle license system is sooo bad.


      Regardless have fun with that r6, ride safe and for christ sake remember dress for the slide not for the ride.

    10. Cobe

      Very noicee!! Be careful

    11. Descendants


      @RedSky full gear all the time is the only way to ride. Perforated jackets are the way to go if you dont wanna die from heat

    12. RedSky



  8. Descendants


    working 6 days a week now, (off tomorrow though :P) 

  9. Descendants

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    @Romenthegreat when you join a hostile group lmao
  10. Descendants


    everyone needs to just calm down 😕 

    1. Cuntstable


      what happened ?

    2. Descendants


      peoples feelings got hurt

  11. Descendants

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Upset I missed the event. Had work
  12. Descendants


    Can someone record the anarchy meeting for me please? Also @Major make some BPR peeps go please 

    1. Major


      If you had read the Discord you would know we already have peeps going. 😉 

  13. Descendants

    Land line phones in Dayz SA

    What about bean cans with long as strings on them?
  14. Descendants

    Battlefield V

    it's EA and Dice dont get your hopes up lol. Next thing we know we will have to be connected to the internet to play the singleplayer campaign *cough* Sim City *cough* I play BF3 all the time still, its fun af
  15. Descendants

    Land line phones in Dayz SA

    "how do I kill someones hopes and dreams?" *insert common logic* "well shit"