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  1. Just some clips of what once was 


  2. What is wrong with them having an advantage? If they have a large part in creating and moving the lore. Then they are most likely a really strong group. Therefore they would have things other rag-tag groups wouldnt
  3. image.png.940f0b4b30d0b631040619553b2fa488.png

    It be like that ctrl c -> ctrl v

    1. vanon02


      @Eddie omg my heart is crushed i thought i was special.. 😢

    2. EddieLR


      Lmao, figured I'd congrats everyone around the same time because I was afk when they got approved 👌. They all deserve it 😘

    3. EddieLR


      Everyone is special, especially me xD. But for real congrats on the approval, I meant it the first time as well 😁

    1. Banshee



  4. wanna play together again?

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      wouldn't be opposed!

    2. Lori
  5. Ketrov Petrovski was born in Polana but moved to Vybor in his teens. As a child he enjoyed hunting and fishing, his father was a farmer and he wanted to grow up to be just like his dad. Once Ketrov grew up that is exactly what he did. Growing up he was taught that even though he din't have the best things in life, you enjoy what you have. Once the civil war started, Ketrov had to enlist and assist in the defense of his people. Though his leader Lopotev died, his bravery and will to fight was not lost.
  6. Can't really go into too much detail without getting banned myself. but tl;dr, over 100 people got banned for acting like children
  7. You obviously weren't here in 2017... It sucks that certain people get smacked with a ban hammer for seemingly nothing, while others get a slap on the wrist for posting extremely offensive stuff towards another member. As stated here though, everything is up for staff interpretation. So its really just up to how others perceive what is said/done\
  8. We had lore factions in the beginning of the current lore wipe, and while they were created well (thanks @Major <3) The impact they had was very small. We had probably 3-4 weeks worth of content out of them, then they just fell off and disappeared. My concern is that this could happen again, sure a month of fun is fine, but when lore extends for 1000 days, that is nothing.
  9. I'm just trying to log onto DayzRP from my phone, but it's asking for a Google Authentication code. I used to have the authenticator on my old phone, but not on this new one and I don't know how to change/remove it. I'm being forced to reset my password Everytime I want to hop out bro the forums from mobile. How do I do?
  10. 1.) There is no need for name calling 2.) Yes the game Can change in ways to be harder or easier 3.) You think it should change, others don't. That's the whole point of having a poll at the top of this thread.
  11. Thanks for elaborating my point
  12. I've seen you in other threads complaining that the game is too easy. Make up your mind, it's either hard or it's not.
  13. It's a bear... It's supposed to be dangerous
  14. Idk man the Moison can do some serious damage
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