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  1. @FalkRP mentioning Chief's Cantina in 2016/2017 made me wanna cry
  2. I voted yes, but instead of auto run/sprint, just make it auto jog. Also, if you have an object to shove into your keyboard, you would have had auto run for years now...
  3. With the upcoming DayZ patch they are adding the ability to set queue priority. Is that something we can expect to see in the future for donors?
  4. Two things 1.) where are my beanz? 2.) @Roland y u only add roadblock?
  5. It is confirmed that the survivor camp is going to be added next update.
  6. If I add some nice caves/ mountain areas to the map would you guys consider adding them in game? (P.S check them PMs Jim/Roland)
  7. I sadly cannot go anymore, something came up. please remove
  8. Someone bring me food at Polana factory, I cant RP because ill die almost as soon as I log in

  9. Made the account when I was 14. Thought it was funny lmfao
  10. Did some edits and added some things Peep it View from Altar tower
  11. Character Name: Ketrov Petrovski Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Sniper Which Lore Faction?: CDF (duh) Lore Faction staff?: Obviously, been there since day 1 Group Name: Černaruská Republika Primary Phase: 1/2/3/4 Reserve Phase: 1/2/3/4
  12. The axe is clipping into the car my man. Good pic none the less
  13. Honestly though, in this situation wouldn't it be considered ghosting? Since hacking up a code lock is considered a hostile action? KAWALSKI ANALYSIS!
  14. How does one listen to the radio when they are "asleep"? Before you mention it, the radio chatter thread is different.
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