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  2. Only if you add checkers too for the pea brains
  3. Keep that radio on man! I Frequently flip through the channels to see if I can find people
  4. I've been having a lot of fun on Namalsk. As someone with over 1400 hours on Chernarus it got super stale. There was nothing new to explore or do. I stopped playing DayzRP around March of 2019 so its been well over a year since I have played seriously. But I recently came back and this is the most fun I have had in a while. The only thing I think we need more of is players. So stop complaining on the forums, log in game, and make the good RP happen.
  5. I like that loot isn't scarce on Namalsk. The less rare something is the less that people want it. Encouraging RP over GearRP
  6. Jimmy Craft Jimmy was born in a small town outside of Cleveland Ohio on June 12th, 1984. As a boy Jimmy liked playing outside and singing with his karaoke machine. As he got older JImmy learned how to play the acoustic guitar and the piano. Though he wasn't a very good singer he still really enjoyed playing and listening to music. As an adult Jimmy applied for an internship at a radio station, over the years Jimmy moved his way up and eventually became the main host at the radio station. Now that Jimmy was the main host of the station he got many opportunities to travel and find new stor
  7. All loot aside, I just want to explore the whole map. I think it would be bad ass to explore some dark creepy tunnels. But I cant because someone blocked it off.
  8. I actually had fun playing DayzRP today. I like the new map a lot

  9. Just some clips of what once was 


  10. What is wrong with them having an advantage? If they have a large part in creating and moving the lore. Then they are most likely a really strong group. Therefore they would have things other rag-tag groups wouldnt
  11. image.png.940f0b4b30d0b631040619553b2fa488.png

    It be like that ctrl c -> ctrl v

    1. vanon02


      @Eddie omg my heart is crushed i thought i was special.. ?

    2. EddieLR


      Lmao, figured I'd congrats everyone around the same time because I was afk when they got approved ?. They all deserve it ?

    3. EddieLR


      Everyone is special, especially me xD. But for real congrats on the approval, I meant it the first time as well ?

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  12. wanna play together again?

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      wouldn't be opposed!

    2. Lori
  13. Ketrov Petrovski was born in Polana but moved to Vybor in his teens. As a child he enjoyed hunting and fishing, his father was a farmer and he wanted to grow up to be just like his dad. Once Ketrov grew up that is exactly what he did. Growing up he was taught that even though he din't have the best things in life, you enjoy what you have. Once the civil war started, Ketrov had to enlist and assist in the defense of his people. Though his leader Lopotev died, his bravery and will to fight was not lost.
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