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  1. Didn’t think I’d watch all of that, but I did and did laughing hard. Take my beans.
  2. You know I have mad time for ya, of course I was gonna read this
  3. Who gives a shit? Honestly, why is this even a deal? I need to ask. You have to understand, people will pull the most ridiculous bullshit to try and get an in game edge, right up to the most minor of things such as a radio. They'll pull everything right up to having a walky talkie buried three feet up their ass if you let em get away with it. To simply nip the bullshit in the bud with a simple *radio frisk* sounds great to me. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The last thing that's needed is another pointless rule for 'because' reasons. And besides... the last thing I wanna do is strip someone down to their undies just to be safe.
  4. There is no such thing as Gear RP or foul play when it comes to stealing shit. Just because dank lootz spawns all over the place, realistically supplies should not be plentiful, but in fact invaluable. They're the difference between life and death and should be treated as such, therefore when it comes to theft.... shit, I see it as a tool for hostile RP. And if you're offline and someone wanders by a base you're hording said invaluable supplies in, I consider it good RP form to try and get it. Just because you ain't there doesn't mean valuable supplies aren't. At no point should OOC consideration come into place in the IC world. Loot and gear attachment is only a hindrance when it comes to roleplaying to your best. No one needs 10 M4's to roleplay with. ........ Mind ya if someone pulls a "Drop weps, ten secs", strips me down to nothing and splits all within 20 seconds I might just flip shit because that is in fact... gear RP XD It's a tricky slope.
  5. Tony


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      Howdy stranger ❤️ 

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      Missed your face woman

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  6. Grats guys. I'll join you um... whenever.
  7. Thanks @Walnuts for the RP we had earlier. Was an extensive philosophical RP I really enjoyed. You play the old boy well.
  8. Think I missed this, but I like the look of it and already bumped into a couple of ya pre -group. I dig it and see good things.
  9. Generally they had to get passed the written app first, but yeah point taken.
  10. Either way, regardless of it ever being done before, who gives a shit... it's a damn fine idea and should be implemented.
  11. Sure you're not talking about FalconRP? Back then, it was the other fairly large DayZ Roleplay community and I can confirm that their whitelist process did indeed involve an interview process. The reason this was done of course was to ensure people read and understood the rules before being accepted. DayZRP has never had such a practice to my understanding.
  12. If I had beanz to give you I would. You were a pleasure ;_;
  13. I couldn't give a crap about the technicalities of the case because it is not clear cut. I care that it led to a punishment instead of being understood as the misunderstanding that it is. The rules have changed that much that the interpretation of what is cool isn't easy to pick up, nobody completely understands any more. I'll tell ya this much, if this was back in 2017/2018 and Dusty was the one who just blasted someone in that situation, he'd have been hit with a ban in the name of promoting RP. He's been in multiple situations like this where that has happened.... so I find it ironic, hypocritical and persecuting that now when he's in the opposite side of the report after putting in great effort to make changes to avoid bans and the like, improve his and others RP and prioritise the story over a kill counter, something he learned through his own errors and made an effort to change, that he'd be hit with this. I am far from biased. I watch and pay attention to crap like this and I will always give credit where it is due. RP standards are universal regardless of who you hang out with. Like I said, I've never been considered a friend of Dusty and have been on the opposing side of debates many a time, but in this case it's very easy for people to see this as blatant bias, a personal attack and victimising. Dusty did NOT deserve to get permed for reporting this. In fact I'd go as far as saying it sends a very bad message reverberating throughout the community that you can no longer trust the staff to be fair. Lets keep in mind that there's been a lot of back and forth, a lot of griefing and OOC E-peens thrown about prior to this even happening between these groups. There's clearly an OOC dislike due to some major bullshit that's already went down prior... so no I don't blame him for not wanting to drop the report and talk it out either. Why would he? Why would anyone? Multiple times feedback and constructive criticism has been given and multiple times it's disregarded as just another suggestion that gets in the way of memeing in game with the ladz. Will it change anything? No, so the report was held open because as it is folk are fed up. Change isn't achieved by suggestions... it's forced. People are not happy with the current status quo and banning them for it isn't going to change that. This won't be the last case. Folk have reached their wits end with it. This is me just having returned, had a look around and even I can see it.
  14. I am out of beanz, but have a big ol +1 from me
  15. It's me trying to meme. I am shit at it.
  16. It's funny that isn't it. I used to disagree with you and a lot of your friends too. It's almost like there's a greater evil for us to oppose than each others interpretation of RP.
  17. I have not long returned myself and honestly this is just the latest in my trip into the twilight zone. Honestly, I don't recognise the place. Not a friend of Dusty and I will openly admit I've disagreed with a lot of his RP in the past as I usually do when I see someone prioritising PVP over RP. But this isn't 2017, he has indeed been prioritising RP and he absolutely did not deserve that. It's just the latest in a long line of confusing bullshit that's hurting this community. When you have this many ex staff members and known RP'ers showing complete lack of faith in the staff, then that's a -BAD THING- The community isn't ignorant and it's not blind. The impression we're getting is that this is now a RP-PVP community, where what was once considered taboo is now believed to be protected by staff. It has always had these elements to it, but not to this severity. Late last year a lot of great RP'ers started to recognise this change and they left. Straight up packed their shit and went looking for greener pastures where they wouldn't be subjected to it, because quite bluntly they didn't feel protected from bullshit. I was one of them... but I came back, feeling nostalgic, I left a lot of friends behind and missed RP'ing with them and.... then I see what the place has become. I go in game and I am almost guaranteed to hear 'niggahgayfagniggah' like I am in a highschool detention room. The sheer amount of cringe is like an advertisement for Durex. I get the whole anti censorship thing and to a degree support it, but some people really took that to embarrassing levels. What I've learned is that everything and everyone is gay now if you disagree with it/them. 'Fag' is the worst thing you could be and 'niggah' is a term of praise that young white males tend to call each other. I am all for free speech, but this shit is embarrassingly cringe... but the thing is it's socially accepted, it's the precedent and it paints a clear picture of the communities standards now. Other such fine observations include a massive thread on the fundamentals of RapeRP, PvP being glorified as a precedent, folk terrified to speak their minds...I mean I don't give a damn at this point so I'll just speak for them and say that literally anyone with RP at the end of their name is now considered the worst this community has to offer in terms of quality, understanding of universal RP standards, memeRP and of course staff abuse/corruption/game mechanic rule violations. It's the butt of literally every joke... This outlook has existed long before I said it, this is just what I've picked up and from a lot of what I've seen lately and after watching it fill report after report, abuse accusation after abuse accusation and straight up bias...I completely agree. I'd be embarrassed to even brand myself with that tag... because even if that ain't personally me, that is now what it symbolises... But folk are afraid to speak the truth. Oh they'll happily speak it among themselves, but they won't speak it here... I wonder why? Nah... Dusty's latest perm is just another layer of icing on this massive fail-cake.
  18. I feel like I just watched a meme being born... but anywho anything that could have been said already has. The one thing I'll add is that regardless of where you RP, you are going to get the good with the bad, but a lot can be said in how you approach that bad. Not everyone starts RP out with an acting credential and a full understanding of making good story just happen, especially in an organic environment and even those that do won't always get it right. Everything is trial and error within a rule base. Bad roleplayers who work at it eventually become good and then newer RP'ers come in and replace them.... thus the great RP circle of life... awumbaway awumbaway.... Everything is a learning experience, much like this thread will be I am sure.
  19. Here's the thing. Making any of this shit ain't easy. It more often than not requires folk who went and got a university education and when they show case their work, its through the hope of getting noticed for repeated work. There's a great deal of skill, technique and I am going to say ability rather than talent which goes into the finished product. Modelling within a respectable poly count so you don't break games means that for detail you need to go down the road of displacement/normal maps, usually created through sculpting which is a whole other thing entirely. Then there's textures on top of properties for reflection, opacity, material and I could go on. Modelling itself is a fine time consuming art and god forbid it's something that requires partial effects (gun goes bang) or animation in general, which means you have to rig shit into the bargain and script it to sync with player control. And of course there's a difference between organic and non organic models, which are two completely different ways to model and animate, organic requiring weight painting... I could go on but the point is it takes great effort and work to make these creations... YOUR creations and the minute you sell them, you lose the rights to them. No artist wants to see their work used in an environment they disagree with because they 'sold out'... what they want is consistent work to make a living since most people seem to think multi media skilled artists are happy to be paid in exposure for something that took them many many years and thousands of hours to get skilled in... to which many, myself included say 'fuck that'. You can't live on donations and the work put into this is quite literally time wise a real job, a highly skilled 'job'. If some artists are happy and willing to work for free, then all the power to them, but the rest of us think you'd have to be insane. A lot of these artists have been used and abused to the point of complete distrust and will settle for nothing less than contractual work so they don't get screwed. I can't even blame them... I am one of them. If you're a plumber, electrician, joiner... literally any profession out there, would you work on donations?
  20. The Dead Batteries are very glad to hear that. The goal was to provide an enjoyable experience, entertainment, character develop and anything else you guys could get out of it. We appreciated the time you spent with us, even if you didn't have much of a choice. You guys played off it well, which is important. And remember, if you need another 'fix', that radio freq should have been given to ya haha
  21. *Felix merely stares at the burned out building, head tilting to the side. He smiles oddly enough.*
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