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"Life is a game, you just need to know how to play it"

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  1. Brayces

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    So happy to see you're back! Hopefully you'll be around for some RP! I hear Staggs' group has been doing some amazing hostileRP, something you may enjoy taking a look at! TBH I'm scared to run into them ICly lol, but I know the RP would be awesome. I hope we get to see a few recordings from your play time. Also, I hope all is well and life is giving you a reprieve. 

    1. Tony


      Heh, heya kiddo. Good to see you too. Honestly I dunno what I am gonna do. Kinda wandering on Felix and playing it organic, seeing what happens. But ya know me, if something doesn't fit my idea of top tier... I'll make it that way myself (=

    2. Brayces


      Hell ye!

      Well, here's to hoping we run into you! I'm playing a char. who avoids hotspots and major groups like the plague, so if you're wandering alone it's probably better. 😜

    3. Tony


      Doesn't make me any less dangerous ❤️

    4. StagsviewRB


      Thanks for the complement @Brayces xxx

      Sorry to butt in like these bois. But we are recruiting Tony, if you are interesting in trying a really odd and quirky raider influenced permadeath clan hit me up. I can send you the google doc for details for the group. We are a small bunch but slowly growing in numbers! Btw, good song on profile 😛

    5. Tony


      I don't recruit so easy Stag's. I love the name Dead Batteries, I think the roster so far is a solid collection of RP'ers, but it's a question of fit. I don't do applications or go over docs. I get in game, I bump into ya and we let nature take its course. So it isn't a yes or a no, it's a fit factor.

      You guys are hilariously dysfunctional. It's doing stupid brilliantly. Felix is a walking mind fuck, so we'd have to see.

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