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  1. An excellent piece of work, with some solid effort put in.
  2. When I said that it wasn't so much about value for life... (as there is none, you're dead lol) as it was for respect for the roleplay world, the realism and the environment other people are in. It's putting the community immersion before yourself as a roleplayer, because honestly it doesn't take long to make up another character sheet and sure there is character attachment, but using OOC means to gain control of this attachment tarnishes the realism and credibility of not only your own roleplay conduct, but the world you are playing in itself. Bottom line, in my personal view... it cheapens the roleplay over all. This is my personal stance, my personal view. I have a very hardcore approach that is by all accounts a learned behaviour and I am too damn old to change it now, but it's something I do not expect other people to do, but I respect the people who do it. If it makes sense... go with the flow yo. After all , it isn't winning, it isn't losing... it's story telling, however it's shared story telling. You are not the only writer and everyone has to make it a good story. So when one persons claws in the collective rights to suit themselves... it's not a good story. It's pure... unadulterated... cheese. You get my ass in handcuffs you're gonna have the best victim roleplay on your hands because I am gonna say and do anything to get out of it, without that invisible wall protecting me. It's a very... liberating play style as I feel it unshackles you and lets you play to your all. It's risk factor, a very real risk factor when you'll consent to virtually anything, with the only ground rule being that it makes sense. You give me good roleplay and I'll straight up give your free reign. This doesn't mean submission to people going bat shit for bat shits sake to make themselves look cool... this means one credible roleplayer to another.
  3. Round 2 Winner Announcement!

    Genius mate. I have a tear in my eye.
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      What XD? Ya confuse me dude, ya confuse me.

  4. Had to step down. Masters level takes priority. Back to Civvy life.

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      You can come back when everything is sorted ^_^

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      I wouldn't wait up... I am in this until I have that piece of paper in my hands haha.

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      That was what I meant. You can come back when you are all done ^_^

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      :((( I hope things ease up for you, Tony!

  5. Awww @Brayces. Our little nooblet all grown up. All righty then lemme see here... for my character Marv, I'd say @Giraffel, @Ezra, @Pinkerton and @Cowboy were the biggest influences. For my character Felix I'd say @Hellspawnceri, @Ladybug, @MeenMuginLovin, @Enigma and @Lyca were the biggest influences. For Seth Black? No one influences Seth, he influences you <3
  6. A Warm Thank You

    Heh, hearing that sorta thing really makes me happy (=
  7. Cannibal time

    So, a subject came up recently and it got me thinking. Is playing a cannibal viable at this point? A lot of people are going to say 'no'. 3 months into the infection, there's canned food and chickens and apples and... well hear me out. At the beginning stages of the infection, all those stores are going to be hit with anyone who has the foresight to see that stockpiling shit loads of canned long lasting food sources is some bitchin fuckin wisdom right there. They'll have that shit buried under ground, hidden in bushes, under floor boards... you name it and it'll be done in mass amounts with many people doing this. Preparing for later as it were. Those canned foods are not being restocked, so there is gonna be a limit. Those with these food sources are going to be hit in turn by those without. This is where the banditry comes into play and they'll take all they can, leading to more desperate people. Those out there who were too used to sofa comforts and walmart, well eventually with enough belly rumbles, they are gonna lose their shit and start eating the dirt never mind other people. Those apple trees? Seasonal. I know what game mechanics say, but that shit does not bloom all year around, same with berries and any grown food, besides maybe potatoes... I dunno and even then you'd need to know what you were doing there. Those chickens running around? Yeah sure, easy to catch in game, but in reality, if a chicken doesn't wanna be eaten, it's gonna be a bitch to catch... just ask Rocky Balboa... a seasoned athlete. Shit's hard yo. So yeah, eventually, probably around nowish I'd say, I'd expect to see some cannibals popping up. Now when I say cannibal, I am not talking about your types that run around saying "I do it for the taste, I need man meats, I am a monster HAR HAR HAR!" because that's just straight up cringe. It's terrible RP, it's edgy, it's bad. Nah... I wanna see people STRUGGLING with this. Fighting against your humanity itself or just general disgust at the idea of eating people... over the mother bitch of starvation itself. I wanna see the build up, the slow transition. I wanna see cannibals have people held up, fighting with themselves over whether to do it or not. Consent not given? No problemo, your humanity won over. Free reign to tuck in? Bitchin, on this day ya had the rumblies. What do you guys think? Me personally, the idea itself was coined by @Dusty, I just happen to agree with it.
  8. DayZ Beta Modding Discussion

    If we get this, I'd be happy to work with anyone who does code and actually make the 3D objects we desire.
  9. Bye

    Doing the same thing man haha, but I ain't bailing yet. I'll find the time to keep up to date with stuff here. Hope to see ya back when things clear up for ya.
  10. Competition Winner Announcement!

    If I can find time between the mass of 3D work I have on my hands haha
  11. Competition Winner Announcement!

    Brilliance mate, sheer and utter brilliance.
  12. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Meanwhile at Seth's recovery hideaway
  13. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    To be honest, for those scared to leave any sort of negative feedback... just do it. I am not telling you to trash on them, I mean genuine, constructive feedback. I did it somewhere in this mess and amazingly enough, I didn't get shit on. And for those with the attitude of 'Oh they just hate us for hating us sake and don't get in game anyway, fuck em', you don't think for one moment that that attitude is part of the problem as to why this shit show even happened? Your group concept is great, not a damned thing can be said against it. The work you put in, not just into this group, but into any group I've seen lately is a top tier god damned effort. You have people among you who can produce great RP. As far as feedback goes, ya'lls asses don't need much more on feedback, because anyone that knows what they're doing can see that shit and just KNOW it's good. You're good! *SLAPS A GOLD STAR ON* Where some of you are failing is your attitude. You fly with the crows and you get shot with them. You're all getting hit for the shitty actions of a few associates. That is exactly what's happening. It's called community backlash. Is it fair? Nope, not fair at all. It sucks that a group of people get OOC'ly scrutinised because a handfull of the collective decided to shoot up an orphanage, run around dunking gasoline for those dank flame threads to be, beanzing hate speech, bigotry or shitting on someone else as a collective giggle of school yard bully boy banter... yadayadayada, it's the gathered history of shit that pissed people off, coming back to bite thy ass. Like I said earlier, you have some among you willing to talk, debate, resolve and sway opinions... and then you have others content to sit there screaming at a computer screen "NO BUT FUCK YOU BRO!". That shit right there does -not- counter balance each other. Like I said, fighting people, calling them out, stereotyping and lashing back is not gonna fix this shit, it's just gonna add fuel to the fire. You want some change? Address concerns as a group and prove them god damned -wrong-. And here's the thing, I know that getting ya as individuals, maybe let shit chill and you got some boss people, but like I tried to say earlier... people rarely forget the bad shit. And very few people are willing to say this truth because they're scared they end up as the next meme. But I know for a god damned fact you can do better. Case and point... Dew. The dudes been the embodiment of the pros I've been talking about ever since he joined staff. I'd never have said that until I got the chance to see him just do shit. Even here he's listened to all points and tried to keep it constrictive, even if it's negative. See that shit right there... do that! It's fuckin working! Step back guys, just take a breath and say this... "All this past shit, fuck it... it's in the past. It doesn't matter what people think right now. I am gonna nod my head, embrace it... and we're gonna prove the fuckers wrong." Go for it, do that. Because shit's always sweeter when ya 180 something and get to be right in the end.
  14. Tony I love you pls come give hugs on teamseepk

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