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  1. Brace yourselves... I return on Wednesday and I am going in dry. (=

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  2. Hope you all stay safe <3

    Peace dude, have a good one. Be nice to see ya when ya return.
  3. Evil Group idea

    @Brayces That wasn't just me, that was in all fairness that entire group. The Lost Souls was different for one reason alone... it wasn't about them. From the very beginning the idea was to put the centre focus of the roleplay around who was took. The hostage was never left bored, never left to their own devices... they were forced to think, forced to interact, punished for failure and rewarded for success. Games were designed to test and most importantly 'DEVELOP' these peoples characters. I get a lot of mention for the stuff that went on, but that is only because I have charisma, but that group has been rocking hostility long before I ever stepped into their ranks. They gave me the best damn hostile RP I ever had and it just so happened I fit it too perfectly, which was the entire point of the concept. In a world gone mad, how do you survive? You test and you analyse. You figure out who fits the mould and who doesn't. Who'll help you and yours survive and who will be a liability... and at the same time just be indulgent in those baser human instincts The Good Book tells us not to. To quote @Hellspawn "We don't want your possessions... we want -you-" And they did. It wasn't about who was a badass, or even fear... it was about practicality. Hostility through blunt logic and reason. Very rarely did I ever see anything get taken from anyone and if it ever happened, it was because they could have been a risk. -I- got my gun back when I was originally taken... The point is, it was creative. It was different. Taxes, cannibalism, simple robberies, just plain boredom... The Lost Souls worked as well as it did because some people sat down, got into a group and said 'How do we give people the best damn RP they've ever had'.. you wanna make a great hostile group, start with that very line.
  4. Want be a victim.

    Well shit, this sounds like a magic spell for a good 'RP' time!
  5. The Server Owner Rolle (Alexander Hamilton Parody)

    There is no artist who has ever existed who started off with a comic book contract in one hand and a pen in the other. No musician who didn't hit an off key trying to make beauty of sound. There is no actor who started off as anything other than... themselves. Talent is an imaginary word made up by those who have not put the effort into a craft, but without those who fight against every whaling blow towards obtaining that which they truly want to express... the rest of us would have nothing to enjoy. Keep it up.
    • Lyca

    What a loss for the team... you did good. One of the people in this community I have nothing but the absolute respect for.

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      Thank you Tony. ^_^ 

  6. Trying to Roleplay something new...

    *Pulls away the magic curtain* Correct! You Sir win the grand prize on 'Read everything and get the right perception!', a bean!
  7. Trying to Roleplay something new...

    Ah Mexi and here I thought we were all grown up and done being shade Queen's. Like before, allow me to remind you to re-read what I said, like all the other times you misquote me. People out for 'kill thrills' are not quite the same as PvP enthusiasts. It goes with the whole 'just because you have kills rights doesn't mean you should use them' stance. What I am roughly saying here is you do not need to be good at PVP, to be good at hostile RP. I am not dumping on your play style. But if you try to gat down an armed group solo, opposed to RP'ing it out... I really have to question the quality of the RP'er. It's the whole NVFL stance. But please do go on, I thought we were making progress, or does the words I speak bother you just that much? What happened to new years resolutions maaaan?
  8. Trying to Roleplay something new...

    Mademoiselle, you are not going to be the pvp oriented type of hostile. It's just not you, just like it just isn't me. I don't get into fire fights if I can avoid them, I have zero interest in gear and I have not been killed once during an initiation of which I have instigated many. Yet I am -very- hesitant to shoot anyone because quite bluntly I do not want to. Kill thrill mentality translates roughly to me as... shit RP'er. Sometimes people get killed, sure, when the RP calls for it, but the whole 'die die never comply lookit my big dick swinging' attitude so many people have hugged onto over the years... you do not bother with them. Which comes down to this... analyse your target. When alone, study your target, get to know them, get a feel for them. Have a little look around and analyse your surroundings and when you feel confident enough, pick your moment. Pro-tip... don't be standing right in front of them unless you have back up support. Remember, to be a hostile roleplayer, you do not always have to be hostile. A lot can be said for the element of surprise. Let the other rules guide you, especially valuing your characters life. Why take a gamble in a 1 v 1 situation? It makes literally no sense. Be quick, be precise, but be prepared to open fire on a -twitch- in case you are confronted by 'die die never comply'. We've all been there, myself included. You give people the benefit of the doubt, but they have PTSD from shit hostile encounters and therefore do not trust your own. Remember you are playing a villain here. "Words such as pride and honour are words used by the ignorant." So do not be afraid to play dirty, do not be afraid to cheat. If I am alone, you can bet your ass I'll be taking someone from behind (no homo), but if I am in a group you can also bet your ass I am prepared to shoot someone the second I see that gun raise. You cannot take chances these days, too many people are fond of being Rambo. Have a game plan. Act fast, be cautious, know where to take the person and above all else, have a solid reason for taking them that will give top tier roleplay. The mission of a real hostile roleplayer isn't to flexith the dickith, it is to provide the best damn RP you can for that person. My personal approach? I want to develop their characters and bring people gradually along to my way of thinking through manipulation, brain washing and planting seeds. I am not going to deny it's difficult. It comes with massive risk, which is why you need to be careful and plan, but without conflict in roleplay there is stagnation. Conflict is essential as an RP developer.
  9. Not as of right now. In the future I will. Right now I am struggling to even find the time to game. I have a youtube series that might be worth a watch though.
  10. Oh, how could I forget that little gem... skip to 4 minutes in. Learning how the buttons work in the worst possible places (=
  11. I was adorable in a 'child running around the school yard with an automatic rifle' sort of way.
  12. Welp, this was back in 2015 on a dead server. I'd just joined, had never even played a voice based game before, never mind a shooter and I had noooo idea what I was doing. Anyway, the people I was running with decided they wanted this dude for some reason and I got told to wait in a house until an ambush was sprung. I was naturally very nervous as I'd never even shot anyone before. But I was determined not to let them down! .... I friendly fired my own group in brilliant confusion leading to hilarity... skip to 10 minutes in for an absolute epic fail.
  13. What was your first roleplay community?

    The old MSN chatrooms and AOL in a time of the Dinosaurs without any of your fancy graphics or game play in general. We had to imagine our graphics back then! God I am ancient v.v
  14. Friends mad at you for playing DayZRP?

    People are opinionated, regardless of how informed those opinions are. Anything that is different from what they're used to, they likely won't understand. It's human nature. Like you ,I have friends who brought me to DayZ and fell out of love with it, whilst I never did. For me, it's as simple as that, regardless of what they say. You get one shot at life, so spend it doing what you enjoy and not what other people think you should enjoy... or you'll regret it. If they can't understand that... tough. In fact, that's what I've said to mine. I enjoy it and that's all that matters. You enjoy what you enjoy. They'll roast, they'll grill, they'll use the term 'gayZ' like your own friends, but for me... I just raise a brow because I think the phrase itself belongs in a playground, shrug into my complete lack of give a shit and do what I want anyway. Because it's what I want to do, it's what I enjoy. I don't shit on their enjoyments, but I also don't have to listen to them shitting on mine.