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  1. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. Simply amazing and an incredible send off.
  2. Elmo

    @Lyca told me she stole some beans from your vault, should we kill her?

    1. Lyca


      Oh boi ... Help ... 


      Don't kill sex lesbian Jesus please...

    2. Tony


      Ya'll are weird... shh

  3. I've heard good things about you. Would be interesting to bump into ya.
  4. Can only work with what you're given. Was a fine bit of RP from the rest of you (=
  5. A fine RP with you and yours as well.
  6. There is one major thing that takes presidency over everything. Over individual characters, over players OOC wants and over attachment to good times... and that is the immersive world. If you killed that character off, then he is dead. The immersive world doesn't cater for resurrections. It takes into account the immersion of every character and player within it. The worst thing that can happen is when one individual puts their own desires above this and violates the laws of realism and believably to achieve this. It's cheese, it's disrespectful and it hurts RP on a domino scale. Don't even feel tempted to do this... if you can create one character to achieve the things you have, then you are perfectly capable of doing it on another. Don't depend on these characters as a crutch. Expand your creativity and make something new... better.
  7. Think I'll come back and get into some shit.

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    2. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      We need to light a fire under this shit and watch it all burn. Hostile group incoming?

    3. Tony


      In time, I am rocking Felix. First analyse, understand the political structure, remember how to play the damn game... then let the initiations begin.

    4. Lyca


      I can't wait ?

  8. Yeah, was what got me into DayZ roleplaying seriously to be honest. I was Tony over there too. Played a Biker called Marv. That's how me and Dat met. I have a few videos of him. We didn't RP as much in later years due to different groups/scenes but we'd banter on steam, that mortality thing and reflection is all kinds of kicking in right now. I still dunno what to even say.
  9. I ain't made a post here since August... I just got the news and I am fairly certain it's not processed. I knew DatTurtle before I even joined DayZRP. Grouped with him a few times and had a lot of banter OOC. We both came from a DayZ community called Falcon that's been dead for years now and it's kinda how we bonded. I don't even know what to say... Rest in Peace mate... would have liked one more RP with ya. There's only ever been one Ghillie guy for me and it was you.
  10. I am a realism whore. Just the whole making sense thing does wonders for my immersion. Just because never really sat well with me because there's always some guy out there that asks questions without answers. The lore sucked. The player base did the best they could to work with it, despite knowing the problems that was presented, they worked with it. A shitty lore was handed out and groups like the UN, VDV and CDF busted ass by taking the reigns of a worn down horse fit for no more than glue and rode that sonofabitch like Sea Biscuit. Let me take you back to a community meeting where an idea was presented, an idea that said make Chernarus a refugee hot spot, being the last place the infection would hit that way we have an answer for a 9 to 1 foreigner to natives ratio. It was simple, made a butt ton of sense and the community backed the hell out of it. Lore team went "Yeah no, we're not gonna do that... because we scribbled some shit down already and don't wanna go over it." effectively ignoring the people who'd be playing in the environment to begin with. It pissed a whole bunch of people off and the community was ignored... and like magic, we got a shit lore. For this reason I say yeah... redo it. Throw our hands up, admit we fucked up and strive to make it better. Focus on reasons for character diversity and backstory and you'll get a functional RP environment.
  11. Yeah okay, this is going in the right direction. I can actively support this (=
  12. Tony

    Why don't you get in game?

    Too many reasons, but I'll list a few. - A rule set that's putting personal views over universal RP standards, where a very vocal minorities desires were put ahead of an overwhelming majority based on an individuals 'opinion'. A rule set which destroyed all elements of realism, believably and the ability to have high standard RP. A rule set which practically criminalised and persecuted half of an RP player base because someone with power decided they didn't like it. No one is above universal RP standards, not even those who run communities. The RP'ers are what keeps communities alive and they're not all ignorant sheep that just do what one person wants... they have options. -The 'Don't give a crap' approach. Community says the rules are broken... no craps given. The community says things are too restricted... no craps given. The community says a business approach opposed to an RP minded approach is actually... bad business in an RP platform, no craps given. Thread after thread, poll after poll... meh you get the idea. Bottom line, this thread like every other... will be ignored and shunned because it's an inconvenience. -Staff who maintain a broken system, that cannot change it. This isn't a dig at staff, it's a call out. No one is ignorant at this point to the stress staff are put under when they find themselves in the position of trying to sail this ship. We all know you have literally zero influence in changing the things you know are broken and we know why that is too. I couldn't do it, it's why I refused to reapply after I resigned due to RL. I had too much respect for RP and didn't want to be on that side of things. -Hate cliques. I know this is the internet and folk are going to do some crazy shit. But some of the things people have did here and have gotten away with by the skin of their teeth have been down right screwed up. When people do things like this, it drives people with a conscience away. I've seen witch hunts, I've seen bullying, I've seen groups targeting individuals with the pre meditated intent to hurt them OOC'ly. Not everyone has gotten away with it, but some have...when those some slip through the cracks, you lose the good ones. -PVP over RP. I don't have an issue with PvP, let me be clear. And I understand the community stance is strongly against this sort of thing, but there is no denying there has been a history where this has been the case, where big dicking and constant hazing has been a thing because certain folk simply... could. Hostile RP is a great thing. I do it a lot, but when you are a hostile RP'er you have a responsibility to drive the story forward and provide amazing RP... not to rack up a kill count whenever you get the chance. A lot of folk will stick to the rules but take the shot whenever they feel it's within the rules. It just pisses people off. PVP is fine under the right circumstances, but never ever should it be prioritised over RP. This is a player fault. -The destruction of immersion. This is post apocalypse RP. You rob you risk getting banned, you be hostile without history and you risk being banned... I'll cut the list short and just say if you do anything that fits within the elements of what post apocalypse is... you risk being banned. Why in the hell would you want to play on a post apocalypse environment without post apocalypse RP because of a broken OOC system? -Dynamic groups. Oh wait... silly me, there are none. Lets call it a lack of player rights in game opposed to groups. It's like a licence for big groups to big dick. Ya know I could go on, but what's the point? It's all been said before, ironically by a lot of ex staff. Most go in and come out a blithering mess of salt because they feel like they just helped steer the titanic into the mother of all ice bergs. Players have more control over communities than they realise. Especially when they have options elsewhere, which there are many of. You don't like something... move on. If someone running things don't see the problem, then that is on that someone entirely. The players will move on and get their RP, but they won't if they keep supporting for nostalgia reasons. I guess that's why I don't feel like logging in XD
  13. You work was respected. You told it how it was, stood up for your beliefs and contributed an insane amount towards the community. Even stepping up to me when I was pissed... I respected it. You were what an admin should be. Your step down is a huge loss for this community.

  14. I ain't posted anything in a while, fact is I just stopped caring, too many things have just not met my personal standards and I can't bring myself to accept it. But what I've heard of recently absolutely takes the fuckery cake to a whole new level.

    So let me see if I understand this correctly. A bunch of people don't trust another bunch of people due to conflicting histories . They want a nice simple little wedding and the main thing they don't want in this wedding is someone to come and fuck it up like so many incidents in the past involving the whipping out of big dicks, because clearly those appendages just need to be seen and hey I can get that, you're drained, you've seen too much dick... the last thing you want is streakers at a wedding. So they get up and go somewhere where they know these offenders of decency will not be. They don't make a big deal about it, no advertisements, it should all go swell.

    But the other side finds out and doesn't like that at all, after all their dick just has to be seen. How could anyone not appreciate the flaunting of their RP murder worm? This clearly offends them. I mean straight up cock block at such a grandiose stage to present themselves...it must be punished!

    Fast forward to the event and was it a happy ever after? Fuck no... there's a penis shaped imprint in the wedding cake, Humpy McGee is pogoing around the dance floor on his swollen man sized balls, the fuckin priest has be KOS'd and the cameraman's thinking he's about to make bank on America's top home videos.


    Lets get serious now. A lot of these people don't like those other people due to broken trust, bad experiences and a history of disappointment. They wanted something away from you. It wouldn't effect you, it wouldn't be detrimental to your story or your IC... but that wasn't good enough, you had to go and fuck it up anyway. You literally stalked them like a creeper, found out where they were, tracked them down and sabotaged their little personal event, only further proving every god damned clause they had to distrust you in the first place. You had absolutely zero reason to do this, but you did it anyway out of spite and even worse, you put up a report... a ridiculous laughable report to try and further hurt them. You disgust me. What you did was petty, childish, spiteful, immature (I mean why go to such a god damned effort?) and above all else wrong. And you wonder why they don't like you? But you won't learn from this because you're stuck in your own little bubble, trapped in the realm of your own opinion and are so selfish you can't see it being any other way than your way because you're so damned used to getting it as you play to big group pvp mechanics and rule walls instead of doing what truly makes a great RP'er and that's giving a damn about the experience of those you RP with opposed to just your own make believe IC dick size.  I am already done... I was done long before this when quality hostile RP ended up being shackled into the ground. I know it's because certain others pissed all over what hostile RP is by getting into massive pvp focused groups and kill thrilling all over the map, but then rules where made that hurt hostile RP as a whole in a general sense, tarnishing the setting of post apoc instead of focusing on the issue to kill thrill enthusiasts instead. But there's good folk out there that have to sit through this side show still... and it ain't right. So there's yet another person saying the same damn thing... not that it'll matter, after all we're a little too used to talking to brick walls.

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    2. Eagle


      @Lori We are not stockholders but donors more of the less we signed no agreements since we can leave when we want, we own nothing in this place sure we play here but if the CEO feels things need to change then he can do so, nothing we can do about it.

      Polls have always been like that. Seems to me that when this side gets pinned against a wall everyone freaks out but when the other side gets the same treatment its seen as just and fair. Like I said before whining about it does nothing, believe me, I tried. Like Oliv said no one is an angle here.

    3. Cowboy


      All I can say is look at the server population, it says it all.  19 out of 60, I don't care what night it is, before things were like this there were 2-3 servers PACKED, now it's one server that has been under 20 players anytime I have checked it.  Opinions are like assholes everyone have one and most of them stink, but look at the facts and you'll see, it's been on a decline for a while now, and like Tony said, it's not a patch that has forced so many away.

    4. Tony


      @Eagle I've thought about that and you're right. The other side has been persecuted heavily after a few people cried about some boo boo's, but as a result of that all sides got punished for it. I love hostile RP and so do a lot of people I am friends with and our RP got effected by it. The shackles on hostile RP got threw on everyone and now we have a system which allows people to protect their canned beans unless someone actively goes on a phone to make sure the intended victim is okay with being in a hostile environment... in a post apocalyptic RP simulator. That's... a damn punch line in and of itself.

      It's fell into the trap... to have hostile interactions you first must have a history of hostile interactions, but how do you get hostile history without hostile interactions and bleeeergh.... it's a mess, or was the last time I checked. That's where I was when I decided I wasn't logging in any more. And now we have virtually no decent unplanned hostile RP left and those that try to go organic find themselves dancing around rules trying to goad folk into giving them a reason to be hostile... it's sloppy, again it's a mess... but it's outside their control with the restrictions in place.

      And people blame each side, when that isn't the problem. Amazingly you'll find when people complained about this, there was overwhelming support against the rule set from nearly everyone. I was proud of us, we all came together... and got denied.  I may be pissed at this little tiny snippet of what's going on right now, but you'll find when this went down I was very vocal and in support of the other side because honestly I don't see an other side. Hostile, campfire... it's all RP... all of it.

      Chewing at each other isn't going to change things. And the thing is, I know past staff and current have been avidly against a lot of the goings on and got denied regardless. So that to me says they're not the problem. I respect what's been built, I respect what's been maintained... but these days... it's not the same place, not even close.

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