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  1. Change Support Back to Community Helper

    I didn't really vote.
  2. Change Support Back to Community Helper

    I don't even think it makes a difference to be honest.
  3. Feedback box?

    Ya know what, yeah... this sounds like a good idea. Might deter people doing immature things for OOC reasons.
  4. Re-Enabling Status Updates

    After checking with Administration, there is no ban on you writing status updates. You would have been notified by a member of staff. This is most likely a glitch. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Problem with my Steam account syncing

    Hello Ppommes, could you please link your steam account and a member of staff will get back to you with this.
  6. Tony. Your profile music is amazing. I love it so much.

    1. Tony


      Looking for Group, tis a web comic. They made a video of it a while back. Here check it.



    2. Samti



  7. More or less what Roach said. I love a bit of sing song in game.
  8. You are banned

    Cool, now that we got that out of the way, I'mma keep making things for people who enjoy it \o/
  9. You are banned

    I am gonna be honest... I've read over this three times and have absolutely no idea what you're trying to say O.o?
  10. You are banned

    Heh, they're entitled to their own opinion. Doesn't mean I have to acknowledge it Da da da dat da Dat da da da da yai da da da dat dat da yai da Da da da dat da Dat da da da yai da da da dat dat da-
  11. You are banned

    I didn't like my 99 solider goons one either to be fair. It's a hit or a miss (=
  12. You are banned

    You can have it if ya want
  13. You are banned

    For the obvious, that little bit of enjoyment people might just get clicking on something I make... is why that extra time gets used this way ^ I didn't just start making songs and weird podcasts when I got here and went "Holy fucking shit....BEANZ!!!!" Because wtf am I supposed to do with those? I am an artist, it's what artists do. If it wasn't this it'd be drawing, 3D modelling, animation, acting, painting, giving haircuts (one of my jobs) or comedy sketches. All that extra time I choose to use in this way because it is what I enjoy. Its why anyone does anything they aren't getting paid for, like say I dunno... playing games? Or why @Roach made 4 seasons of sheer excellence. He probably has too much free time too? Nah... it's passion for something that just happens to be shareable.
  14. You are banned

    Daaaamn and in comes Elmo with the bulldozer...