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  1. Didn’t think I’d watch all of that, but I did and did laughing hard. Take my beans.
  2. You know I have mad time for ya, of course I was gonna read this
  3. Who gives a shit? Honestly, why is this even a deal? I need to ask. You have to understand, people will pull the most ridiculous bullshit to try and get an in game edge, right up to the most minor of things such as a radio. They'll pull everything right up to having a walky talkie buried three feet up their ass if you let em get away with it. To simply nip the bullshit in the bud with a simple *radio frisk* sounds great to me. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The last thing that's needed is another pointless rule for 'because' reasons. And besides... the last thing I wanna do is strip someone down to their undies just to be safe.
  4. There is no such thing as Gear RP or foul play when it comes to stealing shit. Just because dank lootz spawns all over the place, realistically supplies should not be plentiful, but in fact invaluable. They're the difference between life and death and should be treated as such, therefore when it comes to theft.... shit, I see it as a tool for hostile RP. And if you're offline and someone wanders by a base you're hording said invaluable supplies in, I consider it good RP form to try and get it. Just because you ain't there doesn't mean valuable supplies aren't. At no point should OOC consideration come into place in the IC world. Loot and gear attachment is only a hindrance when it comes to roleplaying to your best. No one needs 10 M4's to roleplay with. ........ Mind ya if someone pulls a "Drop weps, ten secs", strips me down to nothing and splits all within 20 seconds I might just flip shit because that is in fact... gear RP XD It's a tricky slope.
  5. Tony


    1. Fae


      Howdy stranger ❤️ 

    2. Tony


      Missed your face woman

    3. Fae


      blush blushing GIF

  6. Grats guys. I'll join you um... whenever.
  7. Mugin

    You devil fucker! You've fixed your PC yet?

    1. Tony


      I upgraded. Rocking a monster machine now.

    2. Mugin


      Hell to the yeah.

  8. Thanks @Walnuts for the RP we had earlier. Was an extensive philosophical RP I really enjoyed. You play the old boy well.
  9. Think I missed this, but I like the look of it and already bumped into a couple of ya pre -group. I dig it and see good things.
  10. Generally they had to get passed the written app first, but yeah point taken.
  11. Either way, regardless of it ever being done before, who gives a shit... it's a damn fine idea and should be implemented.
  12. Sure you're not talking about FalconRP? Back then, it was the other fairly large DayZ Roleplay community and I can confirm that their whitelist process did indeed involve an interview process. The reason this was done of course was to ensure people read and understood the rules before being accepted. DayZRP has never had such a practice to my understanding.
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