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  1. Tony

    • Oliv

    You work was respected. You told it how it was, stood up for your beliefs and contributed an insane amount towards the community. Even stepping up to me when I was pissed... I respected it. You were what an admin should be. Your step down is a huge loss for this community.

  2. I ain't posted anything in a while, fact is I just stopped caring, too many things have just not met my personal standards and I can't bring myself to accept it. But what I've heard of recently absolutely takes the fuckery cake to a whole new level.

    So let me see if I understand this correctly. A bunch of people don't trust another bunch of people due to conflicting histories . They want a nice simple little wedding and the main thing they don't want in this wedding is someone to come and fuck it up like so many incidents in the past involving the whipping out of big dicks, because clearly those appendages just need to be seen and hey I can get that, you're drained, you've seen too much dick... the last thing you want is streakers at a wedding. So they get up and go somewhere where they know these offenders of decency will not be. They don't make a big deal about it, no advertisements, it should all go swell.

    But the other side finds out and doesn't like that at all, after all their dick just has to be seen. How could anyone not appreciate the flaunting of their RP murder worm? This clearly offends them. I mean straight up cock block at such a grandiose stage to present themselves...it must be punished!

    Fast forward to the event and was it a happy ever after? Fuck no... there's a penis shaped imprint in the wedding cake, Humpy McGee is pogoing around the dance floor on his swollen man sized balls, the fuckin priest has be KOS'd and the cameraman's thinking he's about to make bank on America's top home videos.


    Lets get serious now. A lot of these people don't like those other people due to broken trust, bad experiences and a history of disappointment. They wanted something away from you. It wouldn't effect you, it wouldn't be detrimental to your story or your IC... but that wasn't good enough, you had to go and fuck it up anyway. You literally stalked them like a creeper, found out where they were, tracked them down and sabotaged their little personal event, only further proving every god damned clause they had to distrust you in the first place. You had absolutely zero reason to do this, but you did it anyway out of spite and even worse, you put up a report... a ridiculous laughable report to try and further hurt them. You disgust me. What you did was petty, childish, spiteful, immature (I mean why go to such a god damned effort?) and above all else wrong. And you wonder why they don't like you? But you won't learn from this because you're stuck in your own little bubble, trapped in the realm of your own opinion and are so selfish you can't see it being any other way than your way because you're so damned used to getting it as you play to big group pvp mechanics and rule walls instead of doing what truly makes a great RP'er and that's giving a damn about the experience of those you RP with opposed to just your own make believe IC dick size.  I am already done... I was done long before this when quality hostile RP ended up being shackled into the ground. I know it's because certain others pissed all over what hostile RP is by getting into massive pvp focused groups and kill thrilling all over the map, but then rules where made that hurt hostile RP as a whole in a general sense, tarnishing the setting of post apoc instead of focusing on the issue to kill thrill enthusiasts instead. But there's good folk out there that have to sit through this side show still... and it ain't right. So there's yet another person saying the same damn thing... not that it'll matter, after all we're a little too used to talking to brick walls.

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Careful Tony, it didn't end up going well for me when I said pretty much the same thing. I got kicked off staff and points for it.

    2. Tony

      I am well aware what happens when the truth is spoken. But if ya don't speak up, nothing comes of it.

    3. LouieRP


      You can express how you feel as long as it is respectful. 

    4. gElmo


      I like reading your essays, they really do cut to the bone.

    5. Cowboy

      Amen, this has become a shit show walking.  From people wanting "Safe spaces" to now all of a sudden reports being thrown up about playing in a public server?  As you said it's laughable.  

    6. EveryoneHatesRonin


      If you get points sir, wear them with pride. Because you are god damn right. Some people just really need to flaunt their giant internet dick around because it really impresses us.

    7. Wolfstorm
    8. Oliv


      I usually respect your opinion, but why does everyone keep stooping to this goddamn level. Talk about dicks needing to be shown, put yours away Tony.

    9. Eagle


      Whats the rebellion about?

    10. Tony

      @Oliv As I do with yours, but how often has a situation came up where people are generally unhappy with it, to either have it silenced or penalised? You say stoop to that level and I can see where you're coming from, but to have all other levels shunned, ignored and generally not given a damn about... it tends to piss people off. People didn't like the new rule set, they out cried heavy... result, nothing. People thought one side of RP was being persecuted, they cried out... result, nothing. One side of an RP player base cries about a couple things and the entire other half gets punished... we complain... nothing! Example example, I could go on and on. And I know this isn't on you. When you work within a system that an entire staff team can more or less be over ruled, it's not a working system at all and you have to defend it. All we see is that report and these actions being defended and now we're pissed again. Not just the people involved, but friends of those people. People who are sick of the same old shit. And I know you have to defend, I know you have to tell me how it is... and I respect you for doing it, but it doesn't change a damn thing about what I said, because whether I say it or not... we all know it. That's why the servers in the state that it's in... not a patch.

    11. Eagle


      Welcome to my world trust me we got punished far more than you think. But whining about it does nothing 😄

    12. Tony

      Doing nothing does nothing.


    13. Eagle


      False, what this proves is when the vocal side gets one tiny backlash you do what your best at, complaint.

    14. Oliv


      The thing is, as someone who is looking at all of this objectively, all sides are blind to their own bullshit. No one has 20/20 here.

    15. Lori


      @Oliv I was mistaken about the nature of this site. I was under the impression that dicks out was suppose to be what we did on the forums, seeing as how Rolle constantly uses his to smack people in the face. Regardless of the logic or wants of his staff and community. So how can you get upset when others imitate what they see done by him?

      You see, this site is a business. We can call it a community or whatever, but ultimately, Rolle treats it like a business- and he's a shit CEO. He ignores his stock holders and acts contrary to the better interest of them for his own selfish gain. If this was a proper business, he would have been voted out a while ago.

    16. Tony

      Eagle, I can think of many a poll that's went up and got denied that says otherwise.

      And Oliv... true. I ain't gonna deny the segregation in the community itself. I hate it, but it's there. People shouldn't have to go server hopping or hide in woods and other people shouldn't have to trail the map just to find folk. All in all, it's all a frickin mess... and I honestly don't have an answer for that.

    17. LouieRP


      I think people need to take a step back and realize there is more to life than this site the way people are overreacting is like their life is ruined. 

      Yeah, it sucks when things don't go your way. 

      Most people don't know the full story of the situation that went on and they are just going off with what they see.

      Yeah, there is a lack of maturity on both sides but I really think people need to just wait and let the staff team handle it.

      I have my own opinions too how I want things to change but they won't. 

      People should be more grateful that we do have a platform to roleplay on, yeah you can try and pin the blame on a specific group.

      It's not going to fix anything.

      I don't see people trying to find a solution or a common ground I see shit memes and an overhaul negative attitude.

      The end of the day throwing shit at each other won't resolve anything. 




    18. Tony

      Yeah... true. I can't even disagree, I'd just be wrong if I did. 

    19. Eagle


      @Lori We are not stockholders but donors more of the less we signed no agreements since we can leave when we want, we own nothing in this place sure we play here but if the CEO feels things need to change then he can do so, nothing we can do about it.

      Polls have always been like that. Seems to me that when this side gets pinned against a wall everyone freaks out but when the other side gets the same treatment its seen as just and fair. Like I said before whining about it does nothing, believe me, I tried. Like Oliv said no one is an angle here.

    20. Cowboy

      All I can say is look at the server population, it says it all.  19 out of 60, I don't care what night it is, before things were like this there were 2-3 servers PACKED, now it's one server that has been under 20 players anytime I have checked it.  Opinions are like assholes everyone have one and most of them stink, but look at the facts and you'll see, it's been on a decline for a while now, and like Tony said, it's not a patch that has forced so many away.

    21. Tony

      @Eagle I've thought about that and you're right. The other side has been persecuted heavily after a few people cried about some boo boo's, but as a result of that all sides got punished for it. I love hostile RP and so do a lot of people I am friends with and our RP got effected by it. The shackles on hostile RP got threw on everyone and now we have a system which allows people to protect their canned beans unless someone actively goes on a phone to make sure the intended victim is okay with being in a hostile environment... in a post apocalyptic RP simulator. That's... a damn punch line in and of itself.

      It's fell into the trap... to have hostile interactions you first must have a history of hostile interactions, but how do you get hostile history without hostile interactions and bleeeergh.... it's a mess, or was the last time I checked. That's where I was when I decided I wasn't logging in any more. And now we have virtually no decent unplanned hostile RP left and those that try to go organic find themselves dancing around rules trying to goad folk into giving them a reason to be hostile... it's sloppy, again it's a mess... but it's outside their control with the restrictions in place.

      And people blame each side, when that isn't the problem. Amazingly you'll find when people complained about this, there was overwhelming support against the rule set from nearly everyone. I was proud of us, we all came together... and got denied.  I may be pissed at this little tiny snippet of what's going on right now, but you'll find when this went down I was very vocal and in support of the other side because honestly I don't see an other side. Hostile, campfire... it's all RP... all of it.

      Chewing at each other isn't going to change things. And the thing is, I know past staff and current have been avidly against a lot of the goings on and got denied regardless. So that to me says they're not the problem. I respect what's been built, I respect what's been maintained... but these days... it's not the same place, not even close.

  3. Tony

    Hardcore, do bugs count aswell.

    Let me break it down. Zombies, rule breaks, stray bullets and bugs don't count. But if you're in a situation where someone has kill rights and they exercise them upon you, then with the hardcore tag you have the common decency to uphold the believable standards and realism you support by perming that character in respect of the immersive worlds integrity for all those around you. If you go out there and willingly hand out kill rights by murdering babies, shit talking hostage takers and big manning in huge hostile groups, then you accept the fact that IC actions have IC consequences and no rule wall can protect you. It's a respect issue. The same rules protect you like everyone else up until the point you personally give reason for your warranted execution. Hardcore mode might as well be translated to 'play smart' system.
  4. Hardcore mode engaged. 

    1. Cobe


      Good luck out there sir o7 

    2. Tony

      I've had Hardcore mode engaged from day one XD Nothing's changed for this solider o7 

    3. Cobe


      I hope this "Solider" has fun 😄 o7

    4. Aisling


      Walking around pretending youre bad and bougie doesnt constitute as hardcore TONY! JEEZ

    5. Tony

      Nope, being hardcore does. AWWWW YEEEAH!

    6. Aisling


      ILL SHOW YOU HARDCORE... but not here because NSFW...

    7. Tony

      Don't know whether to be excited... or afraid 🤔

    8. Aisling


      Ah the perfect reaction!


  5. Following @Hellspawn's example. I give full permission to initiate on me and give me some god damned hostile RP. Make it a good RP and you'll never see //no consent.

    1. Dvlinhb


      +1, ran outta beans lol.

    2. Hellspawn

      Not enough BeanZ for all these updates.

  6. If it makes sense, I don't care what someone does. If I have went out there and did horrible things IC, you can kill me. If I have caused problems for your character, you can kill me. If there is a justifiable reason to execute me.... you can do it. I don't hide behind rule walls, I never will. IC actions have IC consequences, therefore it's a matter of playing smart. If you give it, you should take it, other wise it is bad form. Consider my 'no consent required' self added.
  7. Ya know any time a statement like that was made, seemingly innocent... ya know what happened down the line? It became a rule. That's what we're used to now. So forgive us if we have RP rule PTSD from shit we didn't want but got anyway. I hate this, I really do, but we've seen enough of the same old crap further burying what we enjoyed. So yeah it may not be inked in blood right now, but give it time... lets just wait and see.
  8. "you can always ask the other players using OOC chat in game if they are OK with hostile RP and if they agree then by all means go for it, even without IC justification." - The man in charge
  9. You shouldn't have to ask for OOC permission to be hostile. The minute you do.... yeeeah.
  10. Feels appropriate 

    1. Lyca


      I am an angry and hungry cannibal .... //Permission to be hostile?  :p

    2. Tony


    3. Lyca


      PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP!!!! // To bad I don't care... 

    4. Tony

      //reported lol, enjoy your ban

    5. Lyca


      *Shoots him cause he didn't comply* "Well.... he still lost his M4's... 

  11. I... cannot actually believe this crap. It's finally happened. Initiating on people is now by this communities standards considered a form of power gaming. Are you kidding me right now? I thought it had gotten bad before, but now it's literally a joke. Okay... you wanna know why the server is in such a state? I'mma break it down so it's super easy to understand. The rules are broken. You're catering to a slim minority of players who just want happy fun hug time in a survival horror simulator, immediately segregating the vast majority of people who want to play it for what its supposed to be. In doing so you eliminate all the believable RP, realism and integrity that a high standard Roleplay environment should be founded on, to the point it's considered a literal embarrassment to play on, because any situation they get into is going to turn into pure CHEESE because there's that many rule walls to get over before you even get to what's interesting, seeing as folk are terrified to offend anyone now who cannot separate IC from OOC because a badge is gonna drop out of the sky and ban their ass the minute someone goes "AWAH ;_;!". Ever wonder why separating IC from OOC is the first god damned rule of any GOOD roleplay environment? Because if it wasn't it becomes a BAD roleplay environment. You are literally catering to these special snowflakes and the vast majority of people are suffering for it. It's not hard not to KOS, but now there are limitations on the most basic of crap. Nothing is sacred any more and when people are shackled that much you might as well kiss away all possibility of good story, all possibility of fear element, all possibility of immersion because on the drop of a hat all it takes is one guy to take it OOC to ruin it over SALT. Don't believe me? Just look at this place in it's prime. You couldn't get moving for people and now those people are gone or banned. There's nothing left. I am not saying this because I hate this place, I don't. I've met great people here and had great RP's... I am saying it because what made it fun is -GONE-. I cannot roleplay to my full potential because it's hard to even sneeze in a general direction without breaking a rule, or risk cheese in my roleplay. I've had to let go of known cannibal serial killers IC'ly because they wouldn't accept karma after devouring 14 frickin babies. I've had to go back on my characters word over consent. I've seen people who waged war on entire groups, set up for execution in front of 30 frickin people only to non consent and ruin RP for MASSES of people. The way it's set up now supports every form of BAD FORM you could think of and no I am not exaggerating. It's a joke. You have groups of PVP'ers right now jumping between different characters watching different things and forcing people to do different things opposing their other characters just to get hostile RP because they're that damn starved for it. It's went beyond cheese now, it's exploits. It's interacting with yourself by proxy... wtf is that! And I can't even blame them because if they do things the legit way they're gonna get slapped with final warning I can't... even... and the thing is I know it's pointless even saying this. I am not trying to reason with you, I stopped doing that. When a majority pole is IGNORED for personal opinion, it tells me and everyone else all we need to know about how far speaking logic and reasoning gets you any more. But it is what it is right? We should just... roll with it. Hell no. I won't play under these conditions, I refuse to. And I am not saying this because I want to attack you. I respect what you've built, but I hate what you're doing with it. I say it because I care, like everyone else disagreeing with you. As it stands this place is BROKE. We don't want it to be broke.
  12. Obviously I am in complete support of this because to me, this is exactly how an RP environment should be to begin with. Would certainly crack down on all the Mary Sues, special snowflakes and OOC abusers who taint the immersive world with their personalised selfish outlook. Would certainly crack down on the unbelievable super soldiers, the hand cuffed shit talkers and dare I say it the groups of PVP enthusiasts who for years and years have rinse repeat dominated through kill,die, rez, repeat. Not that I have anything against PvP, but the endless cycle is tiresome, especially since we all know they'll survive to grief again tomorrow. What's my point to this? There's no frickin closure. Closure is essential in story telling. I'd vote yes twice if I could and I'll tell ya this, if it was implemented, I'd probably even play again... but as of right now, I feel between the abysmal rule additions and current status quo , it makes it a pretty bad environment for high quality roleplay, because it's very easy for someone to Mary Sue rule wall your day.
  13. Really liked you guys in the old lore. I look forward to seeing what you do this run.
  14. A little new, a little old... gonna break out Angus for a DayZRP test run ^_^

    1. Dvlinhb




    2. Tony

      Amazingly accurate... more than you know XD

    3. Romenthegreat
    4. Tony

      You’ll find out you nipple headed commie scum ❤️

  15. Angus was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1953, living a poor but simple life. At the age of 17 he sought to seek his fortune in America, greatly publicised at the time as the land of opportunity, where he immigrated. He got married at 18 to his wife Betsy, obtaining him full citizenship, but that wasn’t enough for Angus. Angus was bought in by the ideal of the American dream and had hopes of serving. He enlisted in the Army shortly after his marriage and even in retirement he never truly left. A decorated soldier, ending his career as First Class Sergeant due to failing mental health in his mid 50’s, having served 37 years. In his mind, he was never truly retired, having developed the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and due to this, he was forced to return to civilian life. Betsy his wife was used to Angus being away on active duty as this had been a great deal of their lives. Now she’d have him with her at home on a permanent basis. Sadly, she quickly grew to find him insufferable, due to his mental relapses and commanding nature, as well as a complete intolerance to all things unamerican. Soon he began to forget who people even were, except for some reason his grandson Jimmy, who he saw in a lot of people, often mistaking them, only to be corrected. Jimmy himself had moved to Chernarus to be with a long time girlfriend and Betsy, finding her Husband difficult to deal with finally agreed to move closer to her grand child, bringing Angus with her. In their family an old folks home was simply not an option, hence why the immigration was planned. Despite the situation being explained to Angus many times, he never truly understood that he was no longer in America. As he got worse, it became accepted to hide Angus from the locals, through fear he may offend. His medication also increased, greatly due to his wife increasing the dosage with his meals. Jimmy often visited of course to help care for Angus, but in truth although never spoken out load, it was almost as if they were all waiting for him to die. Angus however had other plans. A life time to service left his body in as physically fit a condition as possible for his age, so despite his minds continued deterioration, his body simply refused to give up. After being found naked in the rain, doing push ups on the lawn, a carer was hired to further look after Angus, whom of course Angus hated on his best days and on his worst forgot about her frequently, often confusing her for Korean hooker. This led to his carers being exclusively male. When the infection hit, no one knew what was happening, most of all Angus. The infected burst into his home, swarmed his wife and in the chaos something primal seemed to have snapped in Angus. With a wood cutters axe he hacked and hacked at what he was convinced to be… foreign invaders. Japanese, Koreans, Nazi’s… he wasn’t sure and he didn’t care. The fight was on and this solider lived to serve. The sight of his dead wife sent him further over the edge than he’d ever been, leaving his home and into the streets of Chernarus, axe in hand and ready to serve once more, only to find every thing around him a confusion. Foreign writing on every street sign, buildings he didn’t recognise or understand. The unfamiliarity sent him back, reverting to periods in his life where such a thing was common. Every day a new confusion, either bringing freedom to the masses or fighting the foreign scum on his home soil. He never truly knows, until death takes him kicking and screaming to the grave.