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  1. Daniel was born in Elektrozavodsk in a rich family. He had a great childhood, his mother and father were really caring and supportive. He was an "A" student in school and he could study anything he wanted after finishing school, but he decided to help his country and became a soldier in the army. He raised up the ranks fast and was very good at shooting and tactics. After taking a well deserved brake from the army he went back to live with his family in Elektrozavodsk. Then he met the woman of his life. They fell in love instantly and soon after got married. She was young and beautiful and was working as s journalist. After a long break he got redeployed back to the army. And then all hell broke lose and the "apocalypse" happened. One day he got a letter from his parents that his wife has died in a car accident. Since that day he is not the same happy and light-hearted person.
  2. puppet


    Well it was very fun while it lasted, thx for the awesome RP guys love you <3
  3. puppet

    The Black Cossacks [Active]

    Looks amazing guys hope to see you in game and have some amazing rp which i don't doubt <3
  4. puppet


    ahaha at least i took some with me to hell ;d
  5. My POV: After we performer the "ritual" i had a glitch (i was not able to remove the gun from my hands) so i dc and i come back as fast as i can and my gun was gone... so while the other guys had a firefight i was looking for my gun at the woods and after i was not able to find it i went to the tents and found no gun... After some time i go to the jail building to get a gun from the dead guys and i get killed while i was looting.
  6. LIAR gooz your not happy you just want to be nice ;d but yeah congrats guys
  7. Dude i was at the tree line and you were at the barn how do you expect me to hear what you are saying?
  8. As I say in the video 1:56 I was not able to hear what you are saying (you were too far) the thing that I hear you say is "drop your gun and put your hands up, tell your friends"
  9. Server and location: Vybor s5 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8/7/16 22:8 Your in game name: Danny Savov Names of allies involved: Zbor Name of suspect/s: Container 21 & Others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: We travelled to Vybor, one of our members contacted us, that he engaged in a hostile members with two individuals, in the field to the north east of the barn with the rectangular barn. We go there to aid our member, yet we notice two snipers set-up in the hills. We collect our member, and begin to move back into the town, all of a sudden, I hear “drop your gun and put your hands up, tell your friends”. I put my gun down, and begin walking to them. They then take me into the rectangular barn, with minimum roleplay occurring. I then ask them “why are you doing this” and that there is no need for people to die, I get no response to my question. After that - whilst I have my hands raised, acting as both a compliant hostage and as no threat - I am shot.
  10. My POV: Me and Donny went to VCM there we met a guy (John Bambi) we talk to him and after a while we get initiated on and we start running, i got shot but i was still fine. About 5-10 minutes after that i DC because my internet stops for a second but i reconnect as fast as i can. After a while i go to VMC and see 3 guys they were talking about a guy that robbed them. They were saying that he was wearing full black clothing and a orange arband. Then they see my friend while they are running towards him i tell them that he is my friend and he did not rob anyone but they did not lissen to me. The people start talking to him and one of the people just comes to me and pulse checks me, 10 seconds later Donny is dead i hide in a bush and hear them saying that theys friend killed him because Donny apperently robbed them, then i shoot at 2 of the people and i die.
  11. we need more servers ive been trying to get on for 3 hours...
  12. I completely agree with you dude its unfair.
  13. puppet

    Ta Seda [Strict Recruitment]

    Looks great good luck guys!
  14. puppet

    S1: Invalid Execution in Lopatino, 24/05/2016 11:00 GMT

    My POV: After being initiated on near Stary and interrogated, I was given a note to hand to my superiors. I was relocating and meeting up with Jet, Buster and Henning at NWAF. I looted up on the way and managed to get myself a winchester. At the airfield, Jet says he believes he sees contacts at the red cafe. I scope in to view this group and see if it was any of the people from before, who had taken me hostage. As I do this, I am out maneuvered and initiated on again. I then mute my microphone and speakers in TS and we are relocated to lopatino. I am taken inside the piano house and questioned about some things. During these interrogations, shots can be heard from outside. I can then hear a man from outside shouting to kill the hostage and asking for help. A few more minutes go by with a few more questions, and a grenade goes off and then the man interrogating me says he is sorry or something along them lines. I am then shot in the chest. I feel that the execution was rushed, and I believe that the only reason I was executed was because someone was shooting at their men. I don’t feel that this is a valid reason to execute me as I was fully compliant and doing everything that was asked of me. It left a bad taste in my mouth after what was a good encounter and RP session. To have it abruptly wiped from my memory because the situation was out of their control is less than desirable.
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