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    Is your dog still stinky or have you sorted it out?


    And you're letting him drink pepsi? Fucking shit dog owner.


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  2. For sure a background that's unique and has had a good amount of thought going into it. If you have the option for music then something that suits the char and his background or something like that. Not saying mine are perfect either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Born in the town of Telford, England. Oliver was raised by his mother and father with no siblings, they were middle class and got by fine. When Oliver turned 7 months old, his father left his mother. The stress of work and the responsibilities of having a child becoming to much for him, he left. Oliver lived with only his mother until he was 13, where his mother met someone else who moved in with them. Oliver didn't really like his mother's boyfriend. He was quiet and secretive around him and the same can be said with his mother, too. Of course, he'd speak to his mother and get along with her but he always kept to himself for the most part. Growing up, Oliver only really had one friend. A girl named Sarah at the same age. Together they were a nuisance, causing trouble and such in school and outside of school. As long as they were having fun, they didn't care for anyone else. He had other friends but none as close as Sarah. When Oliver turned 16, the end of school was close for him and the year group had organised a Prom night. He built up the courage to ask Sarah to go with him and she accepted. The night wen't well, the two going only as friends. Oliver and Sarah joined a few other friends before Prom to pre-drink alcohol before going to lighten their moods and to make the experience more fun. Of course, alcohol causes people to make decisions they most likely wouldn't make sober. During the dance, one thing lead to another before Oliver kissed Sarah and during the after party, they took it a few steps further, and Oliver got lucky. When he woke up next to her the next day, he didn't realise what really happened until a friend told him what wen't down. Sooner in the day, the two talked about what happened and neither regretted it and they stayed together. Oliver finished school with weak results. Barely passing his mandatory classes and failing on his optional ones. He never cared much for school, spending too much time causing trouble with Sarah and his other friends. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his future, hopping from different jobs all the time. From working at a supermarket, to construction work and back. Oliver would also go down the path of partying a lot. Taking drugs and consuming a lot of alocohol. His mother always disliked how much he slacked and was disappointed when she saw the results. As for his mother's boyfriend, he didn't seem to care. But neither did Oliver, he just went along with it and did his own thing. After a difficult week, Oliver was let off from his current job as well as getting constant hassle from his mother to do something productive with his life. He walked home, returning to screaming and yelling in his mother's flat. He ran through the front door to find his mother being abused by her boyfriend. Oliver became furious, lashing out at his mother's boyfriend. The two wrestled around the flat, causing a mess and breaking stuff. Punches and kicks being exchanged until his Oliver was hit over the head with a bottle, dazing him. He was left defenceless as his mother's boyfriend continued to beat kick him Oliver until he couldn't move much longer on the floor. Her boyfriend left the flat, leaving Oliver broken on the floor as his mother tried to comfort him. He had snapped, finally having enough of everything shit that was going on in his life. After he recovered for a moment, he pushed his mother to the side, packing up his backpack and left. The last thing he said to his mother was an apology, for being failure as a soon and for leaving. Outside his flat, Oliver saw his mother's boyfriend trying to find the keys to his car to escape. Oliver scowled, grabbing the baseball bat he had mounted up on the wall in his room from his holiday to America. He walked down, getting his revenge as he'd beat him with the bat, leaving him bleeding and near death. Oliver would spit on him, calling the ambulance to his location before escaping. Oliver walked to Sarah's house, asking her to come with him. Having similar problems in her household as well as the help of some convincing from Oliver, she agreed and they left together. The two left the country in search for a country that was fairly low profile. A country named Chernarus. The two entered the country, travelling across the country staying at various hotels and inns. Oliver woke up in the early hours on the 9th of july, leaving Sarah to sleep as he'd go for a quick run. He'd return to the place he was staying in complete silence and emptiness. Oliver sprinted back to the inn they were staying at, only to find his room was left in a mess, blood on the floor yet no sign of Sarah. He walked out of the inn to people eating bodies outside, as well as making walking around mindless and acting crazy. Oliver looks around in shook, soon being attacked from behind. It was Sarah. She attacked Oliver from behind, causing him to trip over and her falling on top of him, trying to scratch and bite him. Oliver screamed out, trying to get her to stop and in complete shock to what was wrong with her. He struggled and moved around on the floor, kicking her away but she'd come back again and again to attack him. Oliver picked up a rock in panic, swinging his arm around as he hit her over the head with it, her body falling to the floor. Oliver stood shaken, not quite believing if what he just did was real. He grabbed his bag and bat, running from the situation until he couldn't run no more. It reminded him of when he ran from home, running from his problems.
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    The DayZRP Quote Wall

    "Fuck me i'm all out of vape juice" - @Beni
  5. Then read it again? People can't find it for you its different for everyone. Read it slowly you'll know when you see it
  6. Its there dude. You gotta actually read it rather than skim through it.
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    Galaxy's Media thread

    Looks neat dude
  8. Living in one of the roughest parts of London, being a teenager and going to a School with low success rates and kids being expelled almost every week. You'd be thinking i'm just like them. A rude, trouble making teen with no future with the most likely being behind bars? Nah, I was the opposite. I kept quiet, had my head down. I did well in school and never really caused any trouble. My brother though, you could categorise him as "One of those kids". He's the typical older big bad brother and even though he didn't set the right path, I still looked up to him. He'd never let anyone push him about or his mates and he was always good with the girls. Fuck, he'd never let anyone push me around when he was present, but being in the year above, he wasn't. I was pretty much the only kid of my type in my school. All the others were as you'd expect them to be from these rough areas so I didn't really have many friends. Sure, I hung around with my brother and his friends when they were around us, but I guess that doesn't really count towards being my friend. I got pushed around in school sometimes, picked on but I just kept my head down. For the most part though I was alright. Everyone knew I was Michael's brother so they were sound with me. Just some people were brave enough to do so. Sure, I'd let them push me around but trust me, I'm no bitch. If it really came down to it, i'd fight. But if its petty pushing and name calling, I wont bother. I'd rather just get on with my school work. Being around my brother and under his influence, I eventually got into smoking, keeping it secret from my parents.. obviously. At home I was the same. Quiet and keeping to myself. In my spare time I'd just play on my Xbox, doing my homework when I needed to and listening to my parents. I was the clear favourite son out of me and Michael. He was a trouble maker and I was quiet, although I think their opinions would change if they heard about his influence on me when I hang around him. Now, enough of me and my background. The school took us on a school trip to guess fucking where? Chernarus. Where? Exactly. Of all places we go to some country none of us even knew existed. But I wasn't complaining. It was a Geography trip, learning about the castles and the history in the country. One night when everyone was sleeping, I woke up to a noise. It was my brother, Michael. He was sneaking out. I didn't say anything. I knew he would do whatever he wanted and I just went back to sleep. Next thing I know, my brother woke me up at around 6:50am. There was screaming and shouting outside. He told me to pack my stuff and get ready to leave. Why? The trip wasn't over for another 2 days. I didn't bother asking though. Wherever we were going is probably better than in this shitty trip. He walked off, leaving me to pack. I packed my backpack, travelling lightly. I thought with all this screaming and commotion outside I don't really wanna be hauling shit around. I followed my brother out of the hotel room. Then suddenly, my brother smashed the fire alarm, running out the fire door as I followed him. It's almost as if we walked out into a movie... Cars on fire, screaming and chaos all over. I looked over to my brother to notice he had a gun. Where the fuck did y-... Nah, I'm not gonna ask. If this crazy shit is happening outside then I'll welcome protection. We were planning on getting back to the UK so we went to the airport, around 10 minutes away from us but when we got there, it seemed every other tourist as well as locals had the same idea as us. The airport was rammed with people trying to leave but there were no flights coming in or out. That's it, we're fucked in this crazy fucking country with no way of getting home. For now, anyway. My brother came up with the idea to head to the abandoned house we drove past on the way to the hotel and I agreed. It wasn't that bad, actually. Fairly clean for a place that was abandoned and there were beds in the one room. Two, luckily. Cabinets and such for storage and Michael found a key to lock the front door. A decent place to hold out, I suppose. As I sat there on my bed, taking a drag of my brother's vape I was thinking about my parents back home. I hope they're alright, I already kinda' miss them already. I also thought about those back at the hotel, but not for long. Michael wen't over a few plans with me. We were going to look for locals to run with for a while, find a car even if that means stealing, finding a plane as our fucking dream since that was very unlikely. He also put down find someone called Ana? Fuck knows. And the last plan was to return to the hotel as a last resort. Hopefully this shit blows other. I don't want to stay in this shit hole forever.
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    free my boy beni 


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      Looks like it worked Lee


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    Wish my boy Boose best of luck for his second court case on friday... They ain't gonna get you bro... Trust me. 

  12. Had some chill RP with my G @Beni and Laz Kelly (Dont know his forum name :S) hope to see you around again my dude
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