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  1. “ Sofia, she was pretty quiet even before what happened. Didn’t really go to parties and stuck to herself. She got a lot of attention from guys but she didn’t dare take up their advances, because of the family. It took her four years to get over what happened, I think she did well to get over it that quick. Do I condone what she did? Yeah. She took her revenge when she was old enough, and when the time was right. She was studying law for a reason, to keep people who did stuff like that out of our country. I think deep down she had a hate for anyone that wasn’t white but she hid it quite well, but after what happened to her, it all came out. After she came out of rehab, she went and did what she did and went to Prison for it. I’m proud of her, of course I am. “ Headgear: Black Bandanna Armour: Black High Capacity Vest Torso: Black T-SHIRT/Black Hoodie Legs: Camo Pants Feet: Black Combat Boots Primary Arm: Anything Secondary Arm: M1911 Melee Weapon: Switchblade Miscellaneous Items: Her Grandfathers Dogtags - Kill all Muslims in her country. - Remove the current leading political parties . - Find a way to nuke Saudi Arabia. - Keep her brothers safe. - Use her gender to lure in unsuspecting degenerates. - House Music. - Fellow Chernarussian's - Shooting. - Getting her own way. - Staying quiet. - Killing degenerates. - Foreigners - Muslims - Arabs - Rapists - Pedophiles
  2. Beni

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    Glad to see apps coming in for the group. glad to be leading along side my best mate and partner in crime, DJ Beats AKA @Grimnir
  3. Beni

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    Yeah, thought I'd surprise you and have the thread directly transferred... Clearly you didn't appreciate my efforts. Smh.
  4. Beni

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    Nah, ain't really a fan of this one. Like if it does stuff that can't be used for scrapping [Like health increase] I'd be down but, don't think that's the case. Like if having a spliff in game made you like, be sick and something if you smoke to much (Whitey) I'd be down for stuff like that. Maybe you could build up a tolerance and need more to achieve the same effect? I think that's going a tad to deep tho.
  5. Beni

    How to save the community

    It's mad how this didn't even get a bean... I feel bad. Edit [Not when I saw it]
  6. Beni

    Public Service Announcement: After A Hard DayZ RPing

    Nah bro, bad flex. Showers > Bath tho.
  7. Beni

    The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

    Chapter I - Formation Part II - YRF - Find a suitable place to call “Cell Block C” (SMART) [Day 480] - Get knowledge of already occupied areas (Achieved) - Find a building in which multiple operations can be set up - Ensure food and water supply (Achieved) - Find a generator - Fix up the Patrol boat (SMART) [Day 500] - Find a fully working engine (Get Raif to fix the engine) - Find a suitable and steady supply of gasoline - Find one working light - Mount a chain gun - Find Fishing Rods and bait. - Create a Pawn Shop (SMART) [520] - Find a group that can be hired as security (Achieved) - Find a good public location - Connect the pawn shop to The Riff Complex - Establish a form of currency for the shop - Set up the “Riff” Complex [550] - Find an adequate bar - Build or secure roulette tables - Establish a dress code (Formal/Smart Casual) (Achieved) - Recruit a separate firm to run security (Achieved) - Find a fully working Rotary Tattoo Machine I) Find a suitable Location (Achieved) II) Build roulette tables (Achieved) III) Advertisement IV) Finding outsiders for staff. V) Set Up " Willy's Scrap Yard " VI) Grand Opening - Recruitment Goal(s) - Recruit a mechanic (Achieved) - Recruit a barber (Achieved) - Recruit a Tattoo Artist (Achieved) - Recruit some muscle (Achieved) - Recruit a Jeweller - Recruit a Blacksmith - Recruit a weapons expert - Recruit a Bar Tender - Recruit a Casino Manager - Recruit a Fight Club Manager (Apart from Solo) - Recruit a Singer - Recruit a Comedian - Recruit a Magician - Recruit a DIY Explosives Expert Quest Log: (All of this is all IC things that we've done/got planned. it's just a way for myself to keep track of what happened during our time IG (Events) in order. Don't mind this) Minor Offences: Strike I - Warning Strike II - Beating Strike III - Demotion Strike IV - Removal of Rank Strike V - Death Serious Offences: Cowardice - Dealt with by Underboss Betrayal - Death Sexual Offences - Death Perjury Of Oath - Death Blackmail - Dealt with by Underboss Abuse Of Rank - Demotion to Associate Disgracing The Riff Name: Dealt with case by case The ranks have taken an inspiration from the Mafia ranks, although the group itself is not a Mafia. The ranks are not 100% accurate to a mafia family, because that's not what I was going for. I have added ranks such as " Soldiers " who are typically classed as Made Men in the mafia tree, however in this case, they're not. These are The Riff Tattoo's list, if a Riff has any of these tattoo's they have completed the goal required to earn this tattoo. " R " : - An Official Riff (Made Men) " Seal Of Approval " - A Riff who has taken a life. " Gerald " - Speciality tattoo, given out for bravery. " Chain " - A Riff who has been to Taken hostage and survived. Switchblade: - A Riff who has killed personally. Ace/Club/Heart/Diamond: - Speciality tattoo, given out from Carlo. " The X " - A Riff who was in Prison when the crew was formed. " The Diamond " - When a Riff's Kill Count hits 10. " Spy Vs Spy " - When a Riff infiltrates another crew for intelligence. " The Snake " - Given when a Riff finds out information regarding Treason. " The Falcon " - Given out when a Riff has risen up the ranks to the Underboss Position. " The Gloves " - Given out when a Riff has proven he can fight without weapons. " The Moli " - Given out when a Riff has used explosives to destroy enemy buildings The Hour Glass - Given out when a Civilian Riff turns into a businessman. " The Wolf " - Given out when someone who was once a lone wolf joins our family. Send this PM to @Beni and @Grimnir
  8. Beni

    The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

    As you can tell by the lads above me, we're dipping out. It's death squad time. We really enjoyed the RP we've received. One of our most memorable moments was from @Jackfish when we killed Simon. That was quality and my personal highlight of this group. I personally loved it but in the end, you've got to stick to what you know. That's what we're doing. The crew is staying together, but not as The Riffs. It's time boys, let's go. o7 lads, please Archive. Thanks.
  9. Beni

    Soft voice

  10. Beni

    Require recording during hostile situations

    Yeah I've had that, updating my drivers fixed that issue. Like it would just freeze frame for me.
  11. Beni

    Require recording during hostile situations

    For those of you that don't know, If you have a Nvida GPU you can get shadowplay and it has like no performance impact. You can record I think it's 30Mins of previous stuff? So like, it's more of a clipper. So say if you hit a mad one tap on siege you could cntl+z and save the clip. So it's always recording but you have to choose when to save the past 5/30mins Just sayin'. I always clip by default and wait like a week until I delete the footage.
  12. Beni

    Fallout 76 Thread

    I feel so sorry for anyone who bought this game...
  13. Beni

    Chernarus Rally Racing!

    Myself and @Solo will do anyone of you lot up. @Solo You up for being the driver mate?
  14. Beni

    The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

    We don't talk about what happened to @Doc Holiday. So sad... He's still on the roster because he'll always be here in spirit. As for @Dr Willsky fuck knows what happened to him. Also we're waiting for the server to stop taking a shit every-time it reaches over 60 people before we carry on playing. Thank you Community Helper Sleepyhead.
  15. Beni


    Huh, I can top it. This is when uh, well this is when me and the lads [Still missing you Ryan mate] decided to represent The Vape Nation IG in RP. Fun times... Still, The Permaban taught me not to do it again. I'm sorry Lopatino Kings. You will be missed. On a serious note, conflict makes everything a shit tone better. It's more realistic too to be fair. Everyone needs to be a gunman
  16. Beni


    Stop lying to yourself Exotic, we all know you're Campfire at heart. Until you chuck a box of bullets into a fire.
  17. Beni

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    When myself and @Grimnir were in The Pagans V1 and a squad of 20 rolled up and had Decent RP that kinda got me.. Until we realised it was Zbor and we were allied. RWDS Boys. Hearing the phrase " Holy shit it's Svatnye " [Apologies if I've spelt that incorrectly] was pretty fun too. Good times.
  18. Beni

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    Didn't even credit him tho. Meme stealing at it's finest.
  19. Beni

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    My guy got 75 Beans.. In B4 we get a " DayZRP Harassment " video while wearing a pepe shirt. You deserve the Beans mate. Good Job.
  20. Beni

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    Also @Finn I could think of a few ways to spend your money also, email me and we can discuss: [email protected] *Not a scam*
  21. Beni

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    Mate honestly, this is fucking hilarious. £75 well spent. Bravo.
  22. Beni

    favorite initiation lines?

  23. Beni

    This Is What Is Going To Happen [46.8Hz]

    *Carlo picks up his radio and presses the PTT Button* " Lot of people on this frequency running their mouth I see... Huh, funny. I love the radio so much, it's like the new age Facebook... Only it's not talking shit behind a screen... Harry, you've still got The Riffs support. Give us a shout if you anyone hunted... *The radio would fall silent*
  24. Beni

    The Odd Jobs [Carlo's Story]

    *All events on this thread happened ICLY. Some parts may have been edited for the readers pleasure, but everything happened in the exact way it's portrayed.* " Carlo, how many do you see? " " I'm counting 1.. 2.. 4... 4. 4 People " " We can take 4 out if they try anything, everyone ready? " " Yeah. " " Yes. " " As I'll ever be " " Mmhmm " " Alright, once we're near the base, myself and Carlo will start bashing down the gate on the east side, You two distract them, you're females, you'll be fine... Let's go. This is the conversation before the Job took place. Carlo and a team outside of The Riffs gathered Intel regarding a camp filled to the brim with supplies. Ammunition, weapons, medical supplies, food. Everything that is valuable in this world. As Carlo and his friend split off from the other pair they headed towards the east gate/wall, while the two young blonds headed towards the front gate. In around 5 minutes, Carlo pulled out the Sledgehammer and smashed his way in from behind. Allowing them access into the camp. The pair walked into the rather large camp and started searching for the supply room. Carlo walked into a small area blocked off from the public view and saw a tone of blue barrels. As he popped them open he slowly saw why this place was built like Fort Nox. It was like a fucking military base. All the rifles you could ever need, same with bullet proof vests and ammunition. As Carlo was loading himself up with ammunition, Carlo heard a voice. " Put your fucking hands up right now " As Carlo turned around, a man had the barrel of an AK pointed against his skull. He had no choice but to put his hands up. Before Carlo even said a word, his associate repeated the exact same phrase that was said to Carlo. Carlo flipped his head around before hearing a silenced shot come from a pistol. Carlo took a deep breath before continuing loading his bag up. It was clear that the man who was just shot didn't call anything in on the radio, so the operation was still a go. Meanwhile, the two blonds were keeping the other men busy by flirting with them. Let's be honest, no man is going to leave two girls flirting over a suppressed gun shot, well not in this day and age anyway. Carlo and his associate filled their bags with ammunition, and grabbed two rifles each. Before heading out of the camp and dropping them off at the car. Then repeating what they were doing, they must of got 8 rifles before the radio went off.. " Carlo, leave. Now. We've been made. " Carlo and his friend took off and sprinted back towards the car. Making sure they weren't followed. The four hopped in the offroad and drove off into the mist. Another job well done.
  25. Beni

    Interview With A Community Member: Solo

    We've had our up's and down's Solo, but you're a sound lad. I'll help you hunt that manual Supra down mate... We'll find it eventually.