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  1. Not going to lie you know, I would dash you in the face and tell you to get out my my house still.
  2. Hall of Shame

    I would've been first... Ex-Perm mate lmao.
  3. Hall of Shame

    I only looked at it once and clicked off it. Fair's
  4. Hall of Shame

    -Snip, Didn't get implemented. -
  5. Hall of Shame

    Not going to lie... She's done you there Roland. I've still got my Prisoner ID and my mug shot... So I'm ready for that b.
  6. Failed Robberies Thread

    In b4 this gets removed but this is fucking gold.
  7. Hall of Shame

    I take pride in my points. Shows that I always call cucks out on their bullshit... Most of the time anyways. I'm proud to be in the top 3. If anything the Hall Of Shame shows the people who will always speak their opinion, regardless of consequence, and the people who do that are usually the ones who are correct. Maybe add an option to be taken off the wall of shame or something @Rolle? I personally don't want to be but, that's not the point. I always think that, if you want to flame and voice your opinion properly, do it right. Don't beat around the bush. If someone fires shorts, too right I'll fire back, and sometimes granted I say stuff that is flaming [I fire the first shot] but that's just how I am. Truth be told I don't care really. It is what it is. Keep the hall of shame. It's a nice addition.
  8. The Underground

    After news of Chernarus becoming reverting back to a war-torn country, many foreigners fled to the international airport in Novigrad to get home, but for most this wasn’t possible. No planes were flying in or out of the city, unless you were a government official which caused a lot of people to lose hope of ever leaving the country. Vince and Lucas realised this, and they left the airport to think about what they’re going to do next. The pair of brothers walked out of the airport and looked around the city, trying to find a place to stay safe. After thinking about all of the movies they watched together, VInce looked over at Lucas, who looked worried and said “ Hey kiddo, how’s ‘bout we go down the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all this to blow over ey? “. Lucas began to laugh and agreed. The pair of brothers walked around in Novigrad for around twenty minutes, until they found a local bar that seemed almost deserted. Vince walked through the large brown doors and locked eyes with a middle aged man. The two stared at eachother, before the man lifted his glass of whiskey up and greeted Vince. Vince immediately nodded towards the man then began to walk towards him. Suddenly, a female appeared from behind the bar, with a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of wine in both hands. She grinned slightly at the two teens and invited the teens over towards their table. The four spent around five hours in the bar, talking and conversing with one another like nothing was happening. It almost felt like it was just another day in the world. Vince felt happy, but felt a slight spark of paranoia because of how friendly the two strangers were being. It was almost too nice, and in the movies this usually turned out bad. The pair of adults had to leave soon, they said their goodbyes and that was that. Vince knew one thing though, both himself and his brother needed a place to stay. The two brothers decided to hold up in an old abandoned house on the outskirts of the airport, this wasn’t really their style but hell, it was shelter. A week went by, Vince met a few people in his travels scavenging for food and such, he even worked for the Bilek family, which was one of Chernarus’ mafia families. He managed to convince them to give Lucas and himself a ride to South Zagoria, as the family happened to be heading that direction. After arriving in South Zagoria, the two brothers met lots of people, but ever after weeks in the region the two brothers felt abandoned. After travelling around and scavenging, he became sick of always being on the run, and wanted some place he could call his own. Vince decided to hold up in a school. In his mind, this was a big place, with huge steel gates. No infected could get in, and he would be able to see anyone coming in or out of the place. Vince was good at carpentry, as he studied wood shop in school, so he was able to make some makeshift barricades to make the school safer. Within a week he had most school windows boarded up and the place secure The school was huge, but eighty percent of it was never used. Vince secured four rooms to start with, sleeping area, storage, lounge and kitchen. The pair of brothers made beds with some old couches they found around the secondary school, they used the canteen for a kitchen and a small number of tables set up in the common room for the lounge area. Everything was bliss, and things were finally getting better. Even though the school was secure, Vince knew he had to scavenge every now and then to maintain stocks. During one of these trips, he ran into the girl that he met all the way back in the bar. She had no-where to go, and agreed to stay at the school seeing as it was secure. ..There was more than enough space for them all, and now they only have one goal in mind: Get what they need, whatever the circumstances. @Beni @Boose @Grimnir @Solo @Doc Holiday @Estrogirl Z @Jonas Gj @Steck @Ghoozov Achieved Goals: - Keep the school safe - -Recruit Like-Minded People - -Find a large arsenal of weapons - Deal with the UN situation - Get a dog - Find Vlad's Killer Incomplete Goals - Take out the leaders of crews we have issues with. - Take out the remaining government officials/Authority figures and replace them. - Introduce law in cites that we control. - Find the men who tried to kill Schoolboy and Vlad. - Gain alliances from other like-minded groups. - Find and recruit a doctor - Find and recruit an aeronautical technician Find and recruit a scientist. - Begin to build up " The East End " Random/Not Important Goals - Restore power to The School. - Find a steady supply of dog food for Blondie the house dog - Find Sylvester M Todd for Vincent - Take a vacation August 2017: - Vincent meets Josh and the crew, who move into the School with them. - Vince and Vlad find Blondie and take him in. - Tully and Tully Jr move into the school - Josh Finds his hat. - Vince gets shot in the leg [Survived] - The Serverograd City Massacre [Huge Win For The Crew] September 2017: - The Crew takes down a shit tone UN in a firefight [The UN Massacre] - Vince gets taken hostage, beaten and robbed. - Lucas gets Kidnapped - The Crew storm the kidnappers hideout and take it over, killing the hostage takers. October 2017: - The Crew lay low after the crimes they've committed, and work out a plan. November 2017: Send this application to Beni Character Page: RP Experience: Previous groups: Preferred type of RP: Tell us a little about yourself: How many hours do you have on DayZ: Do you swear to never leak anything said/written in our communications: Are you a special snowflake?: Are you offended easily(be honest): Thanks for reading.
  9. This Passphrase

    Don't worry bro I'll hook you up.
  10. The City of Stary.

    Words can not describe how much I love that.... You've got my vote.
  11. The City of Stary.

    Woah take it easy Roland. Jesus, I would type up a huge ass paragraph about how many things are wrong with the statement above but It's 6:25AM and I can't really be bothered. I'll do it tomorrow if I can be assed. But Rolle seriously, how's about you bang out some events for the community lad? - Your friendly neighbourhood Beni. P.S: Don't be a stranger Roland.
  12. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    You're talking to the head of the AWKO [ AntiWhiteKnightOrganisation ]. Don't even compare me to the scumbags known as whiteknights. I treat people who I don't like, like shit. I treat people who I can tolerate, nicely. I don't really care if you've got a hose or a flower bed tbh.
  13. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Add me on snapchat: MoonManOnTheMic14eight
  14. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Well. finally it seems someone understands me... Fancy a cheeky nandos? Well you better go fucking get one then. Because I'm not getting one.
  15. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Ask me if I care? Just real quick.
  16. The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    Well, that isn't very nice. @Zero want me to cut her up for you?
  17. The City of Stary.

    Oh god this is some juicy good shit... You already know ya boy Beni's over here watching this. No use in having a moan about it lads, it happened. Just move on wit' it.
  18. The City of Stary.

    Fucking lads doing gods work tbh. Nice to see that rules ain't protecting anyone. Wish I was there now.
  19. What do you get on your pizza?

    Fucking basic cunt. Kmt. I always get that Chicken, Sweetcorn n BBQ Sauce n Base.
  20. Too early for bandit groups?

    Sweet mary mother of St Valentines... Okay, so all of this " too early for bandit groups " is all a bunch of fucking shite. Where I live, there are crews/groups of lads everywhere, I'm not going to lie to any of you. These crewswill rob you for your phone, jewellery all sorts of stuff. Things that are worth value sort of speak. Now, this exact same thing will happen in DayZRP, but they're not robbing for phones and stuff. They're robbing for anything worth value in the apocalypse. It's not like robbery's just started happening in the world, it's an everyday thing. It's never to early for bandit groups. Some people don't do it because they want to, they do it because they have to. In order to survive or feed their family's or pay bills. Some people just do it for a little extra cash. All depends on situations, for example... My character had to rob people in order to pay off hostage takers. So no, it's never to early.
  21. Make sure you don't have a background layer [So it's checkered texture] and then save the file as PNG and you're sorted. That's how you get them without a background.
  22. Paid Staff

    You say that but I've got you and two other members of staff on the payroll.... Hmmmmm? Lmao
  23. Paid Staff

    Oh lord.... Imagine... Job Interviewer: What is your current employment status? DayZRP staff member: Well, I'm a moderator on DayZRP! We are the best roleplaying community on DayZ standalone! Job Interviewer: lmao, get out you fucking nerd. Not goin' to lie... If I was paid, I'd gladly work my way back into staff and behave myself. But mate, I highly doubt it'd happen. Also, Staff members get compensated by having all the V.I.P perks which you get from donating... That's how they " Get Paid ", or " Compensated " as you say. V.I.P benefits are what you gain from volunteering to do staff work, and 6 months in staff gets you Tycoon, which is 200 euros. So you're saving 200 just by doing some staff work that isn't really to hard.
  24. How do you eat your fries?

    The ones you get in the little fuckin' tub thing b