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  1. Beni

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    I mean... From what I've heard about the situation, you lot got initiated on? You know how to get RP from an initiation? Comply. Simple as that. You can't complain about getting jumped IG and then dying. Of course you're not going to get RP from an initiation if you don't comply. Like, what you expect the other crew just to be like " Oh they're shooting guns lads, let's attempt to RP " no. Bullets will fly. If there was no RP prior to the initiation, it's probably because they wanted the element of surprise. You wouldn't reveal your position away in a realistically situation would you? In my opinion, it's your own fault you didn't get RP. Comply and you shall receive, I guess.
  2. Beni

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Bloody hell lads instead of putting very passive clearly aimed posts on your threads, why not leave feedback or talk to the group leader?
  3. Beni

    How do you have your tea? (Poll)

    I don't drink tea but I do have my cereal with warm water Multiple people are tying...
  4. Beni

    Sort my fucking game out and I'll give you 25 beans.

    Aye mate, I do have two... Never thought of that tbf. Always thought task manager effects performance tbh. I'll hop IG tonight and do an experiment and get back to ya.
  5. Beni

    Sort my fucking game out and I'll give you 25 beans.

    Alrighty then, I5 4460 GTX 1060 6GB 1000W PSU. 8GB Of Ram x1 1TB Hard Drive (internal, fasted HDD I've got, DayZ is installed on this) x1 1TB External (Storage) That's pretty much it, I haven't got a fucking clue what motherboard I've got. I use 1 singular 8GB stick. Already got my launch options all sorted and " optimised " Windows 10 64 Bit
  6. Beni

    Amnesty Who?

    If someones paying a serious amount of dough to get let back into the community only to just get smacked with another ban, they're a fucking mong. Period. Only person they're playing is themselfs. If something like this did happen (Not saying it didn't because I remember it) a serious amount of dough would need to be paid, and then be refunded via the DayZRP shop. Also, if someone pays 50 notes just to get themselfs banned, they're pretty fucking sad I'm not going to lie. If someones serious about gettin' back in, they'll pay their dough and get back in.
  7. Beni

    Bild (9).jpg

    Credit where it's due... That's pretty fucking sick fair play. If I sent you a picture of someone would you draw it for me?
  8. Beni

    Sort my fucking game out and I'll give you 25 beans.

    Jesus, I wasn't expecting so many replies, tad busy at the moment but I'll reply to all of you very soon.
  9. Beni

    Sort my fucking game out and I'll give you 25 beans.

    Aye mate I play with MSI After Burners overlay and my GPU fan is maxed out when playing games (I do that myself). Nothing to report there.
  10. Beni

    Sort my fucking game out and I'll give you 25 beans.

    Done both of those mate, still to no effect. Can you recommenced a program? Mate there's too many to list... However I haven't tried a program that scrubs it away I guess. The Specs, uh I'd have to double check, give me a few and I'll post em.
  11. Beni

    Sort my fucking game out and I'll give you 25 beans.

    Yeah, multiple times. Did fuck all my mate.
  12. Beni

    Amnesty Who?

    I honestly think it should be treated as a case by case scenario before a price is set. Like, I mean if you got hit for an IG rulebreak that wasn't to severe (Like miss ID) it shouldn't be as much as it is. Similar to the Prison System I guess, you get more time if your crime is more severe than others. However, if you got hit for hacking someones account, finding out their nans place of residence and booting her in the fucking dentures with a pair of Air Max 97'S WITH Ankle Supports on... You'd have to pay a tad more imo.. Just saying.
  13. Beni

    Sort my fucking game out and I'll give you 25 beans.

    Alright lads, 25 beans on the table... Here's the situation: > Fairly decent PC. I'd say Mid Tier. Not going to say I can run highly intensive shit because I can't. > Games such as GTA V, Far Cry 5, Assassins Creed(3 Onwards) and such all run without stuttering. 60 Frames. Settings vary of course. > *Boots up DayZ* > First like 10 minutes run fine, no issues. > After a while I begin to stutter badly. > It gets progressively worse. > I close the game. > Set my settings to the lowest of the low to see if that makes a difference > *Nope* > Watch some cunts on youtube and do some stuff > *Nope* Notes: > It doesn't matter where I am in game, the stuttering will start after around 10 minutes. > This happens on every server so it isn't ours. > Yes, I've tried Razer Cortex. > V-Sync is off. Help a lad out, it's pretty shit scrapping in the middle of Kab with stuttering. Honestly. If your method works you will receive 25 beans over the course 5 business days.
  14. Beni

    Scar's shit edits

    Holy shit I'm shook. I ain't tryna get whistled at anytime soon. But Scar, did you know you needed an RP reason? Just checking.
  15. Beni

    Add Limp Animation to the Emote Wheel

    +1 it would make things so much more realistic, for example when @Grimnir's char from The Riffs got dicked down by Tyrone in Prison he should've been limping for about a month.
  16. Beni

    Any Saltwater Aquarium Enthusiasts?

    Myself and @Grimnir bought a SEAL online. It came and we opened up the box and this prick popped out. We haven't been able to get rid of him since. In all seriousness, I do have a crab.
  17. Beni

    Whats your occupation?

    Bro think I've just found a video of you
  18. Beni

    Whats your occupation?

    Dave wouldn't be proud of you n @Wong selling a certain type of plant either my mate
  19. Beni

    Whats your occupation?

    Real life footage of me and @Solo shotting flake.
  20. Beni

    Whats your occupation?

    Myself and @Solo shot Flake in Moss Side. Don't @ me.
  21. Beni


    How does one activate these titles? Is it on the same character? Is there a minimum time played to be classed as a single play session??
  22. Beni

    Name Colours

    Can I request a change to permanent white for my name?
  23. Beni

    Name Colours

    Oi Oi, It's me So, remember before the whole premium overhaul thing you could set your name colour to the colour of a premium? So I was Hall Of Famer and I could change my name to the colour of member (so, from blue to white) can we have this back please? Don't fancy dropping a large amount of dough for a colour change. Someone's probably going to drop the " Oh you can change your name colour if you're Sapphire ". I could change it back when I was HOF and that's the equivalent to Emerald so like... Hmm. Cheers lads.
  24. Beni

    The Green Dragons

    Think I met you lot last night, thing @Wong was one of them. The RP was pretty decent but short. Would've loved you lot to stick around some more. Still, that first encounter was not what I was expecting, it was decent. Keep it up.
  25. Beni

    Benny's Notes

    Notes: These are notes from information I get IC. If you at any point steal this Notebook from Benny IC you will have access to this information plus the Journal. Group/People Notes: - Met a group named " The Green Dragons ". Trading is under their control? - John Moody got drunk and died fighting a bear? - Group of nationalists running around deporting people. Not met yet. - The King and Queens are a group of greasers. Possible target? - Females are protected by crews... Oh Jeezh, I wonder why that is? - " The Stig " is following me around. Location Notes: - There's an old camp near Novy, possible target? - Settlement called New Haven is located on the coast? - The Russians have a camp located in the midlands. Strictly off limits. - The northern part of the country is flooded with the cough. Miscellaneous Notes: - The sea is infested with mines? - Drugs, Weapons and Medical Supplies, three main currency's. - The Infected are quick and easy to take on 1 on 1. Grouped together can be a hand full.
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