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  1. Beni


    Anyone here drink G-FUEL? About to order some because I really need to stop drinking Coke and stuff like that... What's the best flavour to buy? 

    1. Beni


      Thing is with G-FUEL, Like all it is is just water and the powder... I mean.. It's gotta be better than Coke... I think. I drink Whiskey and some times If I don't have a lot left I'll mix it with Coke and stuff like that... I've drank 3L Of water every day for ages anyways sooo, who knows. 

    2. Rudolph


      I'm pretty sure G-fuel is  pre workout drink...Its not like Gatorade 

    3. Beni


      As I said @Plank, I drink 3L Of Buxton water a day, and G-Fuel isn't Pre Workout @Will