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  1. Beni


    It's at the point where people are scared to have a bit of fun on the forums... What is happening. 

    1. Beni


      You must be edgy. 

    2. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Points, points, points, points, points

    3. Cid


      Perhaps what people see as fun isn't exactly fun.

    4. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Beni pls turn green

    5. Beni


      Yeah @Cid I feel ya

      Like, It's like police. Getting grabbed for the tiniest of things...I mean, fair enough I'm staff, and I would never go against staff rules, but when it comes to just genially having a laugh on the forums, People who are having a laugh and not actually hurting anyone, while staying on-topic have to question whether or not they will get into trouble or not... 

      In my eyes, if you're not hurting anyone... It should just be left alone. But that's just my view. 

      Edit... I just said " whether " for fuck sake. 

    6. Cid


      I understand you as well, Beni.

      But what a lot of people find to be "fun" can generally get really annoying really fast.  If they want to have that kind of fun they can simply do so in their own private environment or in a TS channel of their own, where other people also find what they find fun to be fun.  It would be the same way for me, I'm sure a lot of things that I find fun other people don't find fun.

      If it's not enjoyable for others, and in some cases unacceptable for others, keep it to yourself or keep it within a space that other people can enjoy what you are doing.

    7. Beni


      Yeah Cid mate I do agree with you on that, but when it come's to the minor things, you know the ones that are picked out just for the sake of it? You get what I mean though mate? 

    8. Cid


      I get what you mean, no worries on that.  That's just the way things are/work sometimes.  Rules are rules, minor or not.

    9. Beni


      Yeah, you're right. It's the way things work. Just picking at the minor things people do, if they're not hurting anyone is something I do not agree with. 

      Great conversation @Cid

      Have a parrot.


    10. Cid