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  1. Beni


    Just walked downstairs after waking up and all the female members of my family are downstairs seshing to " It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas " so... I wasn't having it at all man... I wasn't on that. 

    I walked back up the stairs and shut the bedroom door, as rage built up inside my body. I just bought myself the brand new Air Max Ripstop's from JD... My mate who's chilling in my room gave me a wink, I knew what I had to do. I put on my trainers, put on my tracksuit and started going down the stairs..

    I opened the door and the music hit me in the face as I walked in. As soon as I got 5M into my front room the music stopped and I was glared at. My Granddad who was sitting in his armchair looked me up and down and nodded, then I pounced into action.

    I drop kicked my mother into the fridge and RKO'D My sisters dog into the dining room table(It's a great dane) and then I glared at the speakers, which was now blasting " Let is snow " at 24dbls... I said " //persmission to execute and it said no, so I unplugged it from the mains. Dunkno. 


    Nah, in all seriousness, I wanna wish everyone I've met this year on DayZRP a good crimo and all that... I'll just fucking tag you all fuck it. I'll probably forget a few because I've only just woken up soo.... If you're mates with me, you should be in this. ;) 

    Cheers for making my experience here great boys, looking forward to another year here.  Please don't be like me and fuck up in the early year and get permed ;) sound 

    1. Dom


      Sound pal have a good un yourself ya cheeky bastard

    2. Mexi


      Have a good day pal, have a few for me.


    3. Castiel


      Have a good one lad

    4. SillyGoose


      Have a good one Beni mate.




      at least until I smash you 6-1 on fifa.