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"Get the fuck off my profile you mess."

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  1. Beni


    Okay so, My appeal got denied... Allow me to straighten some shit out.. The appeal is here if you want to read it... 


    " The video you posted not once but twice "

    Okay, I actually posted it once for start right, I posted it once on a status update.


     " This is porn " 

    If any of you class that video as porn, then you need to check yourself. Honestly like, I mean if I added some nice music to it, didn't get the boys to come on and fuck up two fucking weirdo's shaggin' in a video game experience, then maybe... Just maybe, it'd be classed as porn... Allow me to post the definition of pornography:

    " Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement. " - https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/pornography

    As you can see by the last line of this definition pornography is intended to " Stimulate Sexual Excitement " now.... That was not my intention... If I was going to make porn, I would do it in the back of a 1.2L Corsa in the back of Sainsbury's car park.  and if any of you even got a tiny bit excited by the video then do me a favour and block me. Honestly.... 

    To answer that, no... Is it not porn. It's not intended to be porn and if you think it's porn, block me. Honestly.

     But anyway lets continue. 


     was even removed from YouTube for violating their terms of service for sexual content

    I mean.. It hasn't... It really has not, I've got it on my other monitor right now and the video's still public and has 96 views.

    Mate if you actually have a browse through youtube, there are tons upon tons of video's that show full scale nudity and sexual intercourse, without violating their terms of service. I highly doubt watching two people get it on in a virtual video game while @Hollows takes the piss outta them would raise an eyebrow, and even if it did... Nothing would be done.

    Take a look at Britbong and Bob's Yer Uncles Second life video's, they're a lot worse than mine. 


     Why on earth would think posting porn on our forums was a good idea.

    Posting ACTUAL porn on the forums is not a good idea, posting a video of two fuckin' weirdo's shaggin' while my mate Hollow's takes the piss outta them... That's another story.


    maybe next time you should do it without showing full on sex on our website.

    I mean... I've got no words for this one, honestly I have not. I'm not even going into this one... Christ on a bike.

    @Ender Have a read, and have a think.


    And now, for some bangers. 





    1. Grimnir


      You have no idea how hard I was laughing when this shit was classed as porn.

    2. TheProxJack




    3. Shane Is Dead
    4. Beni


      Tellin' ya.... Not about this.

      Seriously... Porn? Violation still lmao 

    5. TheProxJack




    6. Beni


      It hasn't either lmao, I don't what video they're talkin' about but my video's still up 

    7. TheProxJack


      Inb4 they been doing the appeal on an entirely different video.

      With the amount of mistakes lately, I wouldn't be surprised.