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"Get the fuck off my profile you mess."

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  1. Beni


    I've always enjoyed comparing this community to swimmin' classes back when I was in school, you've got the kids who can't swim at the shallow end.. Yano they're learning... Then you got the people who think they can swim but they're in the middle bit of the pool with floaties... Just fucking melts.  then you've got the lads in the deep end, who've done their thing, worked their way up and have done something, not like the people in the middle who think they're like the boys in the deep end, but truth be told, they just look like fucking wetty's.

    Compare this to DayZRP and look at the results. 

    1. Grimnir


      How is it going in the middle? :D

    2. Beni


      Going alright mate, I'll be honest pal ;) 

    3. Beni


      Weeman mate, I don't know what part of the UK You're from bro, but it's the shallow end that's the warmest. 

    4. Beni


      Bruv if your farts are warmin' up pools, I'd change your diet. You're probably the tallest person in this community, fuck what you're eating bro, I'm 6ft 3 but you're about 7ft lmao 

    5. Beni


      You wouldn't be able to swim in the shallow end bro, to tall for it I swear.