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    Fuck me you know what I miss? Playstation Home, That place was honestly where flaming all started. Nah nah it was lit, I think I was about 16 the last time I played it, anyways it was jokes mate... I'm about to tell you a story on how I came to love this fucking shit.

    It all started when PS3 parties were fucking shit, they were cancer. So me and the boys(PS3 crew) jumped over to Skype on laptops (more slots, better audio quality), so that way, we could all communicate clearly with the full squad. 

    Now, if you don't know what Playstation Home was, it was an advanced version of Habbo Hotel it really is. You could do the same things as Habbo, you could buy things for your house, you could go out pulling (Yeah, I've seen that happening), you could go out to a night club and get fucking wasted of E-Beer and stuff... It was lit.. It truly was fucking lit, well not if you were on your own anyways.


    Now, Playstation Home had little to no moderation, you could say pretty much anything you wanted, there was a risk of getting banned but lets face it, no one ever got banned from this shit. So this meant pretty much if a full crew got on, they could pretty much take over.

    So, here we were... a crew of 20 something I think? All on Skype... Ready to go into Playstation Home and just have a laugh. There was points where we had about 26 people and we had to half out because people A) kept talking over eachother and B) The chatroom size was 25 people only. So... This is where it kicks fucking off....

    Me and the boys log in, and for starters we all meet up in someones house/flat thing...


    Then we all walked out the door and into the main part of Playstation Home... And we legit just walked up to people... And pretty much just mugged them the fuck off. Like say if there was a group of five all sitting around on a bench? Yeah we'd swarm them and pretty much piss them off until the point that they'd leave.... It dosen't sound fun, but at the time it was lit.

    See, you had the theatre as well, and that was a laugh as well, just shouting shit at people in chat as they try and watch ACTUAL FILMS on an RPG..

    So yeah... I miss it a lot.