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"Get the fuck off my profile you mess."

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  1. Beni


    *Puts on white fedora cap and walks behind sainsburys fish counter, when all of a sudden, @Hebi Kotei @Castiel @SideBooch @Andrey appear, doing their big shop*

    " Ey boys, got an offer on here two for one on these succulent raw cod fillets, You fancy it? Yeah they've only put me behind here because we're short staff, but really I'm team leader. "


    1. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      "Who does your work?"

    2. Kordruga


      "I can give you beanz along with that succulent fillet"

    3. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      "Don't you have more visible work to do? You might as well be a PR manager"

    4. Beni


      " Yeah all my work is behind the scenes, I run this place really... I'm hoping to be promoted to fruit and veg soon, just you wait " 

    5. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      "Oh really. Well I could use a cod fillet"

    6. Beni


      " Yeah I'll get on that as soon as I've breaded this fillet " 

    7. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      "Is that all you have done today?"

    8. Castiel


      *gruff voice* awright mate, 20 mayfair please and a capri sun

    9. Beni


      *Looks at the underage Castiel* How old are you mate? When's your birthday? 

    10. Ghost of Hebi

      Ghost of Hebi

      *Brings out his phone and dials 999*