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  1. Scariest thing

    You tbh.
  2. Scariest thing

    Don't know who the fuck you're getting cheeky with you lad but PM me if you want beef still, lmao. Meet me down West End train station for a scrap, lmak. My mistake but still.
  3. Scariest thing

    Not going to lie... I'm going to be honest... Then I woke up.. SHE WAS STILL IN MY BED THE NEXT MORNING. And she was smoking my vape. kmt. Right hold on, Why was you wearing a Anti-Stab Vest at nine years old?
  4. Qui Derelictus

    Mate, I've been here for a while now right, and I know when shit is going to be the same stuff just revamped with different people. Let me guess, you're going to patrol around hotspots attempting to protect civilians? Attempting to be peace keepers? Yeah I've seen it all before mate. I will knock it without seeing it ICLY because I've seen it before with better people that I actually know attempting to do it. People that actually knew how to run a group and have about three years of experience doing this stuff, it's just the same thing over and over... It already ends up the same. You'll attempt to take away all the bandit groups but it won't work, believe me. Just move on mate... Honestly I'm going to be blunt. This is going to be shit in my opinion, just another military outfit that have gear that will only ever see about three shots from their rifles. Want my tip? Archive already and make something more fresh. The only successful military outfits were honestly the VDV and CDF IMO. They were taken seriously. The rest are honestly just irrelvant. Move on mate, move on. Look at who posted that lad and try again, lmao.
  5. Qui Derelictus

    Stop begging, seriously it's cringy. In my opinion, move on. Get something fresh instead of trying to resurrect an already dead group.
  6. Joining Groups

    Let's just hope he doesn't choose Severograd.
  7. Joining Groups

    You know what I mean you lot are down voting him but he's fucking right to be honest, I ain't letting some random whitename into my group with no experience. Fuck that. Bit mad how most of you lot that downvoted him wouldn't let some random whitename in either, pipe down you hypocrites lmao. If you've got RP experience, yeah sure I'll think about it... But if you're a fresh of the boat to RP kinda guy, nah fuck that. Come back when you've got some time IG and know the rules.
  8. What did you dream about last night?

    Well... Walking down the street I turned a corner and saw three lads all with baseball bats, man like me did some Kidulthood shit and smacked him all of em with a bat, killin' em like. Then I went to a vape shop n blazed.
  9. Hello Chernarus.. [Open Frequency]

    *Vince picks up the radio and presses the PTT button* " Don't go to that bar mate... Truss me, don't get me wrong yeah Rory's a nice gyal and has good intentions in mind, but there's some right fucking wastemen around them ends bro, honestly fuck that. Dead out bruv... Deeeead. *The radio would fall silent*
  10. Premium Subscription Price

    Well, Once you begin to start the subscription... You pay in stages per month (Ten Euro's) and once you stop paying, your rank goes directly to the closest rank (downwards) depending on what you've paid.... Say if you're a regular old whitename rank right? And you being to start paying Ten Euro's a month for the HOF rank, but anyway you can't be bothered to pay anymore after 5 months... So your total would be 50 Euro's all together that you've paid, so you'd be given the rank of contributor.... not sponsor... (Because it's the nearest rank downwards... ) However if you waited for one more month, you'd be given Sponsor. So in your case... So right now you're a sponsor... You'd pay for four months (so 40Euro) and then once you stop paying you'd go to the nearest rank that's downwards (So you wouldn't go to Tycoon, you'd go to HOF) Hope this helped lad.
  11. Get out of jail card idea

    Honestly, I'm the type of lad that won't pay £100 for a car. Honestly, it's a good idea, but the price... I wouldn't pay £100 to be unbanned from a gaming community, fuck it I wouldn't spend £100 on a video game (Besides Bully, of course) Seriously? A Bag for an unban in an online gaming community? If anyone does this I'd be surprised, very fucking surprised. Rolle, honestly £20 would be better.... Because I would not in 1000 Years spend that much on a gaming community. Honestly. I miss all my old boys like fuck, but I can promise you, none of them are going to pay £100 for an unban... Not in a million years. I promise you that. Want my advice? Lower the price by 75%.
  12. Chernarus Redux.

    I was fucking hyped with out ArmA contracts server, playing with Blitz and the boys was fucking top, but that died. This ain't gonna happen mate.
  13. A new future [Open Frequency]

    *Vince hears Rory's voice over the radio and presses the PTT button* " Rory, just let the lad get himself killed I reckon, all he's doing is having a little cry over the radio.. Attention seeking cunt. Just another wasted mouth for you and your boys to feed... *The radio would fall silent*
  14. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Other, Opinion on Garry's Mod?
  15. *As Vince sits with the boys in the main lounge of the school, he shouts Blondie The House Dog and he comes sprinting in and sits on Vince's lap and lays there. Vince would the stroke Blondie lightly and attempt to take the rope out of his mouth and fail. He would then pull out his radio and press the PTT button* " Alright if you lot are listening, fuck what my boy said over the radio, I want you lot to meet me and fucking scrap me, just because I'm sixteen doesn't mean I won't knock you lot the fuck out. You've got some pussy lookin' like that bear cunt of Star Wars tryna act big because he's got a strap in his hand Bro you lot fucked up when you aimed at me. If you ain't gonna reply to me then you lot are fucking pussy's. *The radio would fall silent*