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  1. Beni

    A Right Wing sim on The Sims 4? Alright lets go. 

  2. Beni


  3. Beni

    I single handily gave the helpdesk their hardest case yet...

    Ain't that right @Taryn @Major @Raptor @Josei

    1. Raptor


      This is true

    2. Taryn



      I was so lost.

    3. Josei



    • Beni
    • Killerwelden

    Welden you little fuck! It's been a while! Come on TS Sometime. Not spoke to you in ages. 

  4. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    To be honest we need more, normal civilians with regular jobs who are trying not to kill/harm others. That'd be more realistic than a bunch of people who think they're gods gift running around. As soon as the virus hits everyone's either Negan and the boys OR Rick and the boys. Take your pick. Plenty of people will rob you and beat you.
  5. Butterfly knives/Balisong knives thread

    Is that your Youtube video? -Edit- Just saw the top part, clean your room. I can't stand my room being messy.
  6. Beni

    A lot of people ask me " If @Grimnir was a character, who would it be? "

    I have the answer.


    1. Spartan


      I highly doubt that anyone ever asked you that

    2. Grimnir


      What @Spartan said

    3. Beni


      Grimnir asked it once while drunk.

  7. Beni


  8. Ain't minor at all bro. Big time issue.
    • Zero
    • Beni

    Desu Desu Beni-Kun


    1. Beni


      Get the fuck out. 

      -Edit- Just saw the video. Lmao.

    2. Spartan



  9. Yano what I hate? All these fake heads that jump onto the latest trends. I've been a huge DnB head and huge grime head for fucking time, because of the way I was brought up and the area I was brought up in. Now these mugs who used to wear hype shirts and vans and listen to house music and shit are now walking around listening to fucking Stormzy and wearing Northy gear. When you ask them what artists they listen to they say " Stormzy " bro... Are you mad? Swear down ask any of them if they know who Kano or Wiley or Nines is they haven't got a clue. N they say their favourite Skepta tune is " Shutdown " Bro that gets me so mad. Wake the fuck up, you're living a lie.
  10. Beni

    Did someone delete my first post on the LGBT thread thing? I'm not assed about the post I'm assed about the beans.

    I want a refund. 

    1. Macbrine


      what did you say


  11. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Can I ask, how do you know this?
  12. Beni

    *Pulls out a vintage pistol made in 1898*

    Come on @Grimnir lets go play some Grand Theft Auto, if you know what I mean.

    1. Grimnir


      You mean rage quit because Rockstar doesn't like you?

  13. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Check the post again... I've posted what I identified as lmao. Ya boys out here being a straight white male.