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  1. Ender

    • Ender
    • Beni

    You coming back to staff at all? 

    You said you were going on break then you never showed back up :(

    1. Beni


      Resigned, pal.

    2. Ender


      Awww that sucks I'mma miss your memes <3

      Well if anyone calls your dog stinky again you know who to hit up 

    3. Beni


      I didn't like the way staff was going, and at the time a load of my boys got permabanned. Staff censored me and I could not spoke what I truly felt. I wasn't taken seriously due to me being support and I because I didn't conform to the way staff was suppose to, I was frowned upon.

      It was also due to the fact that I was always watched by staff because of the people that I affiliate with. That's the true joke. 

    4. Ender


      Thats completely understandable. But either way, You did a great job when you were here so thank you.

    5. Santa