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  1. I've yet to see a group that hasn't been done before... Everyone's screaming unique RP but to be honest, it's all the same... Oh, you're an Edgy character  who was brought up badly and who's father was not nice to them... Fucking give it a rest boys. 

    On a level like, fair enough it's either Hero - Neutral - Bandit but Jesus Christ, If you're going to be bandit do me a favour, don't go running around like a nob wearing a clown mask. 

    Mate, a group that I was proper fond of was " The Firm " I loved that fucking group. I also enjoyed " Trinity ". Both are two very different groups, and granted Trinity was an idea that has been done before, it was more or less the people that were in the group. It was a laugh. 


    On a level, who fancies making Chernarus Football Club? 

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    2. Beni


      I suppose that The Pagan's were unique to me I suppose, from when I joined it was my first ever group and I've never experienced anything like it, it's a shame what happened to it to be honest. 

    3. Grimnir


      JOINED April 4, 2016

      ^ Well doesn't mean there wasn't stuff like this before your time. ;) 

      People should just stop bitching and do this kind of stuff instead, if they want it that bad. It's easy to say every idea others have is boring, but as soon as you have to deliver yourself it gets hard.

    4. Beni


      I won't know about any groups before April The 4th will I? Jesus Christ April The 4th... That was the date one of my mate got engaged... What a waste...

      Anyways, I don't get IG enough to run a group. if anyone want's my idea's they can PM me, I mean, I've got a lot of em...

      Good chat Grim :)