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  1. Beni

    Potius Cras

    What can ya boy not get a welcome message?
  2. Beni

    Terrorist Groups/Other Controversial groups

    So I saw that we're not allowed Terrorist groups, can I ask... Why? Like honestly genuine question as to why we're not allowed them? Not that I'm planning on making one I just want to know that's all. I don't see a reason not to have them? I mean, terrorism would happen in Chernarus in this day and age right? If there's a rule to why can someone please link it? Or screenshot or something. I can't find it. Thanks, Beni
  3. Beni

    ArmA 3 (King Of The Hill) We ruined the server 😈

    Make yourself a media thread.
  4. Beni

    Nerf Zombies Please

    I like the Zombies. I always stealth my way through towns and if I have a silenced weapon, take them out as I go along. Stealth is key to staying alive and not attracting infected. You can crouch and safely get around the zombies. The closest you'd have to get to agro a zombie is about 5M.
  5. Beni

    More gender neutral options when making a character page

    Ooooh I should stay away from this... I really should. This subject and myself have a very bad past. However, I'm a reformed person and this is all I'll add Me personally? No. I wouldn't like to see more gender options. I won't go into it but that's my answer, no.... However if something like this were to happen: You wouldn't be able to add all the " genders " on the character options list (like you said). However, adding the " other " option could work... Then you could put whatever you are in the features part of the character page... Or just change the gender to a text box instead of a drop down box maybe?
  6. " Ben's grown up a lot.. " He's as loyal as they come honestly. Respected member of my family. I mean he's my little brother, of course he's going to follow in my footsteps. When I started the Collins Gang, he was what... 13? I remember taking him in when our mother died. Our father was never around so yeah, I was the only family he had. Obviously we had family around but they all lived a while away... So As Ben grew and grew, we gained more people to join our crew. Soon we had our own little gang. We were all like minded, just trying to survive in Britain. I had managed to get us a home... Well I say a home, it was an home in the middle of nowhere. Within weeks the Gang had power running through it, this was it. Obviously I had to upgrade the place, new gear and stuff. After a few months we had it brand new. Thinking back I could've probably sold that house for some serious profit... But what's the fun in that? We were living our lives. Rent free and jobless. We would've starved or been bored to death if we didn't do what we did. You know, we weren't thugs, we were very uh... Classy? About the jobs we pulled off. Everyone had their own little skill set, Ben's was of course, being a sneaky little thief. He used that to his advantage. I think the most valuable thing he stole was a diamond and gold necklace that he swiped when he was invited to some posh lads party. This was when Ben was 16 and had no issues with Lockpicking. He snuck in that room and swiped it. He brought it back and we sold it for a serious amount of cash. The rule was that everyone contributed to our funds. That's what everyone did, Ben started at 16. He's around 18 now... While Ben did all the sneaky stuff, other members of the Collins Gang did more, call it intelligent type of crime. But I'm not going to get into that while writing an Email to you John. It's weird that you decided to get in contact with me after all these years... You joined me when I had just started the Collins Gang... Then you vanished. I always wondered what happened to you. I guess your email explains a lot and it's understandable why you had to leave. So yeah, to answer your question. That's how young Ben is doing. Well, he's not too young now huh? It's been nice speaking to you John. I'll see you soon hopefully. " - An extract from an email to John Taylor from Nick Collins, Ben's brother. Thief Goals: - Steal valuables that people will want to buy back [Sentimental Items]. - Set up a storage facility for his stolen items. - Scout out potential locations for a casing. - Make a marking so people know who robbed them [Passive Marking] Survival Goals: - Find a group to hang around with and potentially rob. - Find a hideaway just in case things get too hot. - Find a solid supply of food/water. - Find the rest of the Collins Gang. - Remain passive most of the time. Diplomatic sort of speak. End Game Goals: Become Infamous: - Have his name well known. - Be known as one of the best theirs. - Have people hunting him at all times. Pay the Russian Cartel to get him to Europe: - Complete the Russians requirements list. Headgear - Black Cap/Black Facemask. Torso Protection - Weapon Holster, Black High Cap Vest. Torso - Button Up Shirt's/Black T-Shirt. Legs - Black Jeans. Shoes - Black Timberland Boots. Primary Arm - Anything. Secondary Arm - FNX Melee Weapon - Baseball Bat Other Items - Set of Lockpicks Music Taste - Old School Hip-Hop - Grime - Drum n Bass - UK Garage Food Taste - Fruit - Fresh Food - Dislikes Canned Meat - Hates Fish Physical Features - Large scar going from his left upper eye to the left side of his jaw. - Tattoo's [TBD] - Average Build. - Has a Skin Fade. - Quite a large beard. Mental Health Issues: - None that he is aware of. - Lockpicking - Stealth - Accents - Disguises - Cooking Friendly - People he has befriended/trying to rob Neutral - People he has no opinion of/hasn't met Hostile - Find out IC.
  7. Beni

    Brandon Young's Stattrak Counter

    Just had a watch of your Apex gameplay... Gotta say, you ain't bad b.
  8. Beni

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    It's been a great run lads. This group has been one of the funnest groups I've ever RP'D with and I've been glad to be the Co-Leader with my brother in arms. But sometimes you've got to have a change in groups to keep your RP fresh. We did everything we wanted to do and that's all we could ever ask. To the people in my circle: @Grimnir - You did well, for once. @Solo - I know you can't wait to play a danger noodle. @cheeks - You're a lil bellsniff. @Spartan - You're a lil batty crease. @DrMax - You always wanted to be a medic boi. Guess you have to follow your own path. But still, you killed, robbed and beated your way back into our clique. @Razareth - Bring back Nedved pls. @Doc Holiday - You're one inactive boi @fletcho1 - BY FAR the best char in the group. We also made some new mates along the way, or let other people in the group which we've never really done before. This was a great choice tbh. @Combine - Top lad, honestly. Big up to ya. @Mak - You're one special boi. You're welcome with us anytime. @Mexi - You might be a divvy at times but, that's why I like you. You're a decent lad tbh. Always welcome in our TS channels. @Phatal - When I first met you I thought you were Trans. That's all I'm saying ? @Chewy - You're a bike reck. @Greener161 - I may have took piss out of you at times but, you're alright tbh. @jason - I can never find you on the fucking forums. Reee. @derNils - You've changed man. Seriously. You're well on your way back. Keep it up. /archive Slava Chernarus.
  9. Beni

    To the Chernarussian Native (Open Frequency)

    *Benedikt picks up his radio and presses the PTT button* " Alright. I'll come to meet you. The meeting will be on our terms though. I'll contact you at some point with a location and that'll be where we meet. *Pause* If we both deem that this isn't going to end in bloodshed, we will each be able to send down someone else from our faction. So, I get a person at my side, and so do you. Eventually. If you have an issues with the meeting time that I contact you with, I'll arrange it another day. Maybe I'll see you today... Tomorrow, who knows. Also, my name is Benedikt. Benedikt Kozlov. I, hope this isn't going to end in bloodshed. *The radio would fall silent&
  10. Beni

    To the Chernarussian Native (Open Frequency)

    *Benedikt picks up his radio and presses the PTT button* " Alright. It is worth the risk then... Things I would like to know though, Who are you? Who do you affiliate with? What makes this Russian attack different to the Russians we fight daily? Why do the Russian's attacking put your people at risk? Surly letting The Russians fight with us means they'd be spilling the blood of your enemies? Let me know. *The radio would fall silent*
  11. Beni

    To the Chernarussian Native (Open Frequency)

    *Benedikt picks up his radio and presses the PTT button* " I have no idea who this is, I've not heard your voice over the radio before. I tend to stay off it. That's just me though. but I heard my family's name and heard a the words bigger threat and well, You've peaked my interest. " Now, let me be the first to say I personally don't have issues with a lot of foreigners... Just the Takistani's, The Russians, The Arabs. That'll probably tell you who I hate. *Benedikt would spark up his cigarette and chuck his Zippo with the Kozlov family crest to the side* Like I said... I don't know who this is, but you've peaked my interest. All I want is for you to slightly elaborate on this threat. I won't say my family will come, but if my people are at risk then I will come and meet you. Alone. I'm not going to say I won't have people around the meeting area because that would be a lie. Of course I will have my people around the area. This all could be a plot just for you to take a life of a Kozlov. I'm willing to risk my life for the sake of this bigger threat. Now, In one sentence, I'd like you to please elaborate on this bigger threat. *Benedikt releases the PTT button, and awaits a response*
  12. Beni

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    I've said it once and I'll say it again... - New Year (Future OR Past) - New Weaponry - New Content - Possible new map
  13. Beni

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    Bit late but... We've added our new operation seen as though we completed our first set of goals. The Lore will be updated very soon with key information regarding the groups mindset changes. That's all for now.
  14. Beni

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Bro on my life, if that isn't a bean farm post I don't know what is... Also, been loving the RP with my group and the externals ( @Ron and Co ) hoping for some more ?
  15. Beni

    Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    How many times does the waiter want to walk past us, and not bring me more bread?! @Grimnir
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