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  1. Beni

    Real life picture Thread

    So that's why people tell me you sound like a pussy during initiations.. *Bud Dum Tss* (Staff, It's a joke. Me and Finn are good)
  2. Beni

    Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    Get's me vexed how as soon as I pass a mate of mine a lighter, they fucking pocket the thing. Bro I don't use any of these deadass lighters. Trying to pocket my Zippo lighter. Smh. Don't try that shit.
  3. Beni

    The House

    Just thought I'd bang this here.. Had top quality roleplay from you lot, especially @Cipher and @ShaneKOS. The whole thing that my character set up with @Cipher had developed my character quite a bit. Keep up the good work lads.
  4. Beni

    How To Get The Emote Wheel

    Crim you're a don.
  5. Beni

    Open message to all.

    *Carlo sits with Willy and Matej, looking over The Riff Complex blueprints before hearing the radio message, he would grip his radio and press the PTT button* " You need work huh? What kinda work are you looking for exactly? I mean granted you talked about you, your gun and a decent pay but.. Any old fuck can look tough with a semi-automatic in their hands.. Would you be willing to use that Rifle? In any circumstance? I've seen plenty of men hide in fear when it comes to letting shots off... *He would think back to when they fought a taxation crew and a certain member of his team wanted to run off* Ha, come meet me at some point and I'll see if you're fit for one of my Jobs.. I'll see you soon. Oh yeah, my name's Carlo. *The radio would fall silent*
  6. Beni

    A Call For Help [Open]

    *Carlo presses the PTT Button* " Sorry, I've just had to deal with something and can't make it tonight. I will meet you tomorrow, apologies for the inconvenience, tonight " *The Radio Would Fall Silent*
  7. Beni

    A Call For Help [Open]

    *Carlo presses the PTT Button* " Hello Mr Brax, I'm around tonight, will you be able to meet me? " *The radio would fall silent*
  8. Beni

    A Call For Help [Open]

    *Carlo sits in his office with Matej, looking at the blueprints for The Riff Complex. He would hear the message and press the PTT Button* " Mr Brax... Huh, Sorry to say this but your friend was lying to you... There are well, call it unfriendly faces all over this country. Just because you head a certain direction, doesn't mean the faces will get more and more friendly. The world has changed now, it's survival of the fittest. I listened to the mans response just then.... No. That is the type of person that gets walked all over, manipulated... Don't do that. Already I don't like him, he'd call that tips? We call that being a pussy. That's not how you should live your life, at all. The man who was talking then is weak, but his tactics work I'll give him that. However, it's not something I'd do.. I'd rather die than do any of that. *He would look up and see Tyrone with a radio in his hand and a grin on his face, before saying " Remind me to find this guy and make him kiss my boots " * Brex, I'd like you to meet me and my team. I can assure you, what we'll offer you is 100x better than the previous man has to offer. Your medical training interests me. Also, sorry for your loss. If you want to meet me, respond within 24 hours. *The radio would fall silent*
  9. Beni

    Dealing with Depression

    Aight, So a lot of people think I'm a grade A prick... Are they wrong? Nah. They really ain't. But (I know I will receive 0 messages) if anyone out there is feelin' like they've got no one to chat too, just about daily shit or mental health issues(I don't mind either way) shoot me a PM or add me on steam. Trust me, you won't get what you want to hear from me, but I'll tell you the truth and what you need to hear. Respect to all of you for openly talking about stuff like this, I won't/wouldn't do the same but... That's just me. So yeah, shoot me a PM if you need someone to talk too. Who know's... Maybe you'll become a mate of mine, or dislike me even more.
  10. Beni

    Rainbow Six: Siege tournament?

    Count me in.
  11. Beni

    The Press [Strict Recruitment]

    Woah woah woah... Looking forward to that. Best of luck anyway.
  12. Beni

    Need Employment? [Open Frequency]

    *Carlo stands outside his house with Will, Nikolai, Ales, Mirek, and , having the time of his life. Bonfire night has approached pretty quickly... Sadly The Riffs missed it. As he looks to his left, he looks at Viktor's Body burning on the bonfire, and laughs to himself. He would then look over to his right and see Gerald walking out with a bunch of hand made fireworks, and stare with shock " " I really hope you tested those... " " Yeah... I did. " *Gerald would walk forward, and light off his " 500 Shot " Firework. After lighting, Gerald would realise that the fuse was too short and kicked it over as soon as it lit, making it fly and fire around The Riffs. Gerald would run towards a rock in the distance. Carlo would run and duck behind one of the containers around the housing unit, while Willy, Nikolai, Alas and Mirek all jump behind a wall and wait until the fireworks have stopped going off. Mat hears the fireworks going off from his home, looks out his window to see Carlo in cover. Mat grabs his SVD and sprints out of his house and lets off two warning shots, as the fireworks stop, Carlo shouts Mat and tells him it's a false alarm... Carlo would then pick up his radio and presses the PTT Button* Are you, constantly running around doing nothing with your life? Are you... Looking for something new? Contact me, Carlo for a job. I know, the shittest advertisement... *He would laugh to himself* Before you ask, no. This doesn't mean you have to be a shooter... We've got jobs to suit everyone... Although, weapons experience is preferable. *The radio would fall silent, As Carlo goes to find Gerald to get him off The Rock and into his home*
  13. Beni

    Question Time With Beni [Base Building]

    I'm not saying they shouldn't. You've just assumed that.
  14. Beni


    Weird flex, but okay.
  15. Beni

    Question Time With Beni [Base Building]

    Appreciate the fast reply. Thanks for clarifying.