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  1. Old song but the message it puts across is fucking amazing.


  2. *Jason presses the PTT* " Kid, are you alright? " *The radio falls silent*
  3. *Jason Presses the PTT* " I'm not going to kill your dog kiddo, I don't have a reason too... If I find him, I'll give you a shout " *The radio would fall silent*
  4. *Jason picks up the radio and presses the PTT Button* " I've had a few dogs in my time kidda, trust me... And not the ones that go Woof Woof either, the ones that will suck your dick for the price of a pint. " " I'll keep my eye out, but if we find him.... He probably won't be your dog anymore.... " *Laughing would be heard, as the radio falls silent*
  5. *Jason Presses the PTT Button* " I'll be in touch " *The radio falls silent*
  6. Quote
    The new information is the fact that you didn't comply ( NVFL ) when initiated on by a group of like 6+

    Yo bro that don't mean shit, I mean look at Big Lez


    " About 50 Choomas all came runnin' at me n I'm like fuck you cunt, fuckin' wiped em all out "

    Ain't no NVFL out here b



    1. Flash


      You right hahahahahaha

  7. I swear, he's like a Stella in the middle of whitelighting, fucking brilliant. 


    1. Jade
    2. Beni


      He is honestly my hero at this point. 

  8. #VapeNayshYall

    1. Beni


      See Hebee knows what's good. Lmao. 

      Because you didn't do that because you know I'd give you beans... :P 

    2. Hebee


      I wouldn't ban someone for that permanently. I thought it was pretty absurd TBH.

      At least after the lore wipe your character can be in Chernarus on a mission to rip the fattest vape

    3. Beni


      I make you the promise Hebee, I will do that. 

  9. What a fucking hero. Yeah I remember that report, mate you broke rules and got banned, deal with it. Keep in mind I was permanently banned for representing Vape Nation.... I didn't cry over it. Mate, I've been banned for a lot less than what you did, with harsher punishments. It could've been worse.
  10. Happy Birthday cunt, have a good bro 

    1. Stagsview


      parrots or i will flame you.

  11. *As Jason sits in his home, he looks over at Cuddles who is talking to one of the youngers. He would then walk over to the generator and pull the cord turn it on, and then plug in his speaker system he found in the local music store. He would then put on a old Grime CD and turn it to track 5. Track 5 is an old school tune called " Look what the cat dragged in ". As this plays he takes a seat at the desk and looks at his radio that's on the table and picks it up and tunes it into a random open frequency, and then press the PTT, You may hear the music being played in the background* " Wotcha boys, I'll make this quick... * Jason would pick up a roll up and put it in his mouth and spark it, as Cuddles changes the song to Track 8 * " I need something moved.... For those of you that ain't from England, I need something delivered... I would do it myself but, that's way to bait for me to do at this point. I would get one of my younger's to do it, but they're to bait and will get to hyped and probably start lettin' shots off at every single person they see still... I ain't talkin' no Drugs or Weapons either... It's something a little more, detailed than that. I ain't gonna say exactly what I need moved until I know the people who're moving said item....I don't need no dickheads on this job, I need man that know their shit, and will fuck up any fuckers that come their way... That's what I need..... *The song would change to Track 9* Any crews out their that are serious, and know their way around a fight... Let me know, All replies taking the piss will not be addressed, this is strictly business, not a few cunts chattin' wet over the radio... You'll be paid... I need this done. *The radio would fall silent*
    • Beni
    • Voodoo

    Happy Birthday mate 

  12. I ain't gonna lie, this heat is killing me. I don't have any summer shit, just loads of Jackets and tracksuits and fuckin' Jeans... Smh. Bring back winter. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. TheProxJack


      You're seeing snapchat stories of all your pals outside in jogging bottom shorts n shit and you're sitting at home in a full Nike tracksuit and beanie hat sweating 

    3. Beni


      I swear down I met with all my lot at college, they're there repping polo's and shirts and I'm there Blacked out Northy jumper n fuckin' jeans n 110's lmao 

    4. TheProxJack


      Sorry I do not own a pair of grey nike shorts and an Armani white t-shirt