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  1. I'm Back Baby

    Evening Tom.
  2. This is the best post I've ever seen... Seriously give this guy mentor. But dude, wrong place lmao.
  3. Why Severograd?

    Because of the pub, it's a hotspot.
  4. Chernarus' Got Talent

    Not going to lie... This requires a lot... A LOT more planning.
  5. DayZRP's Got Talent - Competition

    Can I be Simon Cowell?
  6. Buck McCready

    Ehh well my name's William McCready, I'm the proud owner of what once was the best shinin' business in the good ol' US of A. I first started Shinin' in 1962 and I've been doin' it ever since. Shinin' goes all the way back to 1910 when my father first started shinin'. While shinin' I had met my wife dow' at the bar, 'er name was Doreen and by god she was a god damn angel man... I tell ya what if I didn't meet 'er I wouldn't of had my boys Ricky and Joseph. Once they were able to get shinin' I made em shine. I wanted them to follow in my footsteps as the most professional shiner. I tell ya what, the shinin' business was gettin' rough out here in the states, the local office had been crackin' down on us ever since good ol' Billy good rest his soul was caught shinin' and locked up. Now I can't even take a god damn shit without the police comin' over. I think it was because of they money that we've made over the years you know... I saved all the money I made from shinin' because well, I lived out in the country. All I needed was my cigarettes and my dog food. My sons took care of the rest of the business. We heard a lil whisper tha' there was a liquor festival goin' on somewhere in Russia. Now I knew for a fact that the Russians love their drink. I knew I could make a lot of motherfuckin' money off of this. So I got the family together and we headed out to Russia together. Before we set off, I shipped out a tone of Shine to Russia because well, that much alcohol can't be moved on the plane. We set off to the airport and attempted to board, but the goddamn leftist scum security wouldn't let me take my shotgun, and wouldn't let my boy take their rifles either. I'm a god damn american and I have a right too carry this on the plane damn, so we had to skip that flight and get a second one to a neighbouring country, Chernarus... So here we are... At the airport in Chernarus... *William picks up his guitar and begins to sing* Livin' outside the law Ain't runnin' scared Ain't runnin' at all Livin' outside the law No one knows if I'm livin' at all Livin' outside the law Make my own rules I am the law Livin' outside the law Gonna ride like the wind Gonna ride 'til the day I fail
  7. He seems like my old science teacher. I think your character would eventually go crazy after a while @Ghoozovich, I'd like to meet him though. 8.5/10
  8. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Now this is something I didn't know at all... I don't watch a lot of TV. If this isn't a coincidence I'd recommended changing up the entire thing, well that's just me. I don't like anything that's based off of TV shows. For example groups based off of The Walking Dead and stuff like that... I don't know, if this is just a coincidence then fair enough, if it isn't then it's kind of ruined the whole idea for me to be honest.
  9. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Yeah I understand that mate, I don't know, it might be just because I'm tired but the blurred out bit makes it look a bit seems a bit, well hard to read. Yeah I get ya. But I'd change it to be fair mate, Look forward to seeing what you lot bring to the table anyways
  10. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Okay, Firstly. I can for one say the group has a lot of traction, I haven't even read a quarter of the content of the page but yet I was drawn in just by the graphics. The fact that you've said this group does not have any traction but yet not given your reasoning for it makes your statement irrelevant to be honest. Literally if you're going to say something don't beat around the bush and be blunt and say it, like how do you expect a group to change if you don't give them criticism and give them advice on how to fix their faults? Traction pretty much means being brought in I think? Either way like I was brought in by the graphics to be honest. Fuck knows about the lore because I haven't read it... I'm waiting for this elaborating to be honest, who knows I might agree. Fuck knows really It looks good to be fair lads and lasses, maybe change the sub headings a little bit because some of em are a little hard to read to be honest, I would read the lore and stuff like that but well, it's 10 to 4 in the morning and I can't be assed. Looks good though, best of luck.
  11. Passphrase

    I'll just pop this here for next time.
  12. New Update

    Now this is an update that I wanted to see...
  13. In Viridian - Media

    This will never be The Coon and friends. You're more... Butters tbh. Media is tight tho boys.
  14. A Warm Thank You

    Bit of a bump of a thread but whatever, only just seen this Not going to lie, this is one of the only things on the forums I'm glad to read. I'm glad you're having a good time lad.