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  1. Beni

    GMAK Staff Application

    He couldn't get beans if he posted there could he bud?
  2. Beni

    Merciless- (Recruitment Open)

    Just a graphics idea, The logo looks quality. Try putting a drop shadow and stroke around the subheadings, like what you've done with the main logo. It'll look a lot better lads. Maybe a smaller stroke? Experiment with it a little. Best of luck.
  3. Beni

    Celebrity Characters

    *Get's a retweet of someone with 65K followers* I mean.... I guess you could RP as yourself if you're famous? I don't know that's a weird one.
  4. Beni

    Blocked means blocked

    There's only one person on my block list. It's the person who I hate the most, but I still see their name pop up ever now and then. I think Blocking should be literally like, they should be gone. You don't see their name anywhere apart from like, typed or @'d. +1
  • Beni

    Disband the DayZRP Council

    I can see this starting Drama. Taking bets now boys. 2:1 on the thread being closed before 11PM today. 24:1 on The Council actually being shut down because of this thread.
  • Beni

    Disband the DayZRP Council

    What the fuck is The Council?
  • Beni

    Twitch TOS

    Lmao, just do what PSISyndicate did and KOS someone because he got offended over an " offensive word ", then proceed to make a video on your ban whilst wearing a Pepe shirt. Irony at it's best. Also I'm just saying NO ONE will stop saying words because you're a streamer. Imagine being a homophobic racist and not saying those types of words. We all know what I'm talking about.
  • Beni

    Initiating on area 51

    Can't wait to see the 1K people that're stupid enough to attempt to trespass on government property get shot the fuck up. " They can't stop of all us " But my mounted MG42 can.
  • Beni

    Would you rather?

    Depends what I'm doing, for fast shit like snowboarding then GoPro, for anything else normal. Would you rather have no arms or no legs?
  • Beni

    Child RP

    I also own a teddy bear myself. Love him.
  • Beni

    Would you rather?

    Don't know if there is a thread for this, if there is I can't find it. The game is simple. You answer the would you rather question and then add another for the next person to answer, so let's begin. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
  • Beni

    Child RP

    Just a quick one, If anyone is actually getting sexually harassed OOC, please let me know and I'll sort it for you.
  • Beni

    Child RP

    Right I'm going to play Minecraft (Well tekkit but still), I beg someone @'s me if there's Drama because I wanna watch. But yeah, Child RP if you can pull it off correctly and it's belivable and realistic, it's fine with me.
  • Beni

    Child RP

    The only ERP I want to be apart of is the Kabanino Porno Report. If you know then you know. Never heard of this story but if Zorull is speaking the truth, he's right. Can't be spreading stuff about like that. Shit ruins credibility. If there's consent on both sides, don't get me wrong it's still fucking weird but well, both sides were okay with it I guess?
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