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  1. Beni

    What's the funniest RP experience you've had.

    The Kabanino sex tape report was probably the funniest fucking thing that I've seen OOC and IC.
  2. Beni

    Assassin's Creed Unity Free Until 25th of April

    Brb bout to set fucking BigBen on fire won't be long.
  3. Beni

    What are your religious views DayZRP?

    I am a Chungus, born and raised. Along with @Grimnir and @Doc Holiday and @Solo
  4. Beni

    Roleplay and you

    I'm sorry, what? Civilised? Everyone is a gangster on RP servers on GTAV?
  5. Beni

    Roleplay and you

    Like I said... Take a leaf out of your own book.
  6. Beni

    Roleplay and you

    Always nice to know that Scar takes all feedback into consideration.
  7. Beni

    Roleplay and you

    " Oh look at me guys, I roleplay better than everyone! My character is so interesting " Sorry but mate you can't preach " make something interesting " when your character page is 10 sentences long. Your story is pretty much " Hated my dad, loved my mum. Had to run away from safe places cos we kept fighting people because we're hard as fuck. Then we wound up in Chernarus.". Take a leaf out of your own book.
  8. Beni

    Group requirements revised

    I don't like that in the slightest. Like what if a group has no leader? It's ran more like a council? We can't do that now? Like say when I had The Hounds up, I was playing a 15 year old kid. I wasn't the leader IC for that reason. I had the thread though. Please re-consider this.
  9. Beni

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    The Kozlov's after a day of RP on the " Who's RP did you enjoy today "
  10. Beni

    Brothers, I'm back [The Kozlov Freq]

    *Benedikt sits in the passenger seat of the car along with Skylar who's driving and picks up his radio and presses the PTT button presses the PTT button* " Dobry Den Bratri... I'm back. Myself and Skylar were in Novigrad getting the house in order for when the world goes back to normal. I got bored and decided to come back down to eradicate the Takistani's and Russians that have infested out country like the vermin they are. I'll see you soon. *The radio would fall silent*
  11. Beni

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    You sure we really want this back together for the second coming? -snip-
  12. Beni

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    @DeeBlack You know what, Put me on the roster already.
  13. Beni

    Real life picture Thread

    @Solo Strawberry Miranda
  14. Beni

    To the Dead Batteries

    *Benny looks at the building* " Looks like I missed a Fire Sale... Fuck "
  15. I see a lot of people calling each other out on this thread. Fucking call me out and watch me Chokeslam your nan through her coffee table whilst finessing her old age pension. You know, I used to argue all the time on the forums. Give a shit about stuff that didn't benefit me in the slightest. Sit there, refeshing my page waiting until someone replied so I could flame them and get points. After being permed twice, you just don't give a fuck in the end. Like, 95% of people in this community you won't see in your lifetime, they're just internet figures. Like seriously what are you lot actually getting out of sitting on an internet forum debating stuff all day which will not change anything? A couple of beans. It ain't worth it mate. Trust me. Take it from a lad who got 50% of his beans from pointed posts. If something is worth debating and something might actually get done, by all means fucking you fight for it, but I'm telling you now all this thread will do is point a few people and get closed. Trust me. Just leave it now lads yeah? Like it ain't worth it. You'll all be made an example out of in the end, just like i did.
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