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  1. I need a Steam ID reset: 76561198080404143 // Gina: SteamID updated
  2. How do I connect my steam profile to my DayZRP profile? Btw I already have my Steam ID. Edit: How do I know if my DayZRP account is already connected with my Steam account
  3. I need a standalone GUID reset please. //Terra: GUID reset. Re-enter
  4. Well I have seen a few people with a different skin and they still had it. Actually don't worry I figured it out.
  5. I have checked multiple times and I can't seem to find the mask or the thing around his head (unless that is apart of the mask) that is shown on the image of this character.
  6. I like it but if you could maybe make those texture bits a little harder to see. That would be great but good job.
  7. I was wondering if someone could maybe add a texture my clan logo to make it more realistic (eg. Like the NRF logo or the R.S.M logo) That would be really good if someone could please do that for me. If you decide to do it pm the image to me. Click this for the image
  8. This was happening to me but I just restarted and it stopped but when I restarted it again it was happening again.
  9. If not are you planning on adding it? If yes it does not work for me so can you tell me how to do it?
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